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Info: Nigel is the managing editor of the Red Ferret, as well as a freelance columnist for the Sunday Times newspaper in London. Loves tech and fancies himself as a bit of a futurist, but then don't we all?
Gadgets February 14, 2008 posted by Nigel

JC Penney Electric Throw – warm, cheap, washable…

This J.C. Penny Electric Throw is a bit of a bargain methinks at just $19.99. Available in two colours and comes complete with a fabulous $10,000 luxuriously upholstered lounge suite so you can slouch in true Oprah style.  Loom-woven acrylic/polyester heated throw features 10 heat settings. Control has 10- hour auto shut-off. 13′ extra-long cord. Whip stitch hem. 50×62″. 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. See Customer Service. Washable. Imported. Tags: jc+penny+electric+throw, gadget

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Awesome February 14, 2008 posted by Nigel

Electric Generator Fabric – power your stuff by rustling your armpits

Zhong Lin Wang and his boffin colleagues at Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a type of electricity generating fibres which produce power when rubbed together. Nope it’s not just static electricity, they’re producing proper usable juice, albeit at very low levels right now. The idea is to produce a fabric that could  power our personal gadgets as we walk around, simply through the movement of the clothing. It’s extremely early days, but who knows, one day we may all end up…

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but is it art? February 14, 2008 posted by Nigel

Triple Axle Hummer Limo – Mommy, please make them stop…

Triple Axle 8 Wheel Hummer Stretch Limo. The world’s first nightclub on wheels. Featuring 2 VIP lounges, disco floors and ceilings, gullwing doors and a Level 5 sound system (ooh that sounds loud, grandma). Just perfect for that ladies night out, as long as you’ve got a starting fee of £350.00 for the first hour. Oh and apparently it does around 5 miles to the gallon. Of Scotch. Joking!   Tags: hummer, stretch+limo, triple+axle+8+wheel+hummer+stretch+limo

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Awesome February 14, 2008 posted by Nigel

PDFMeNot – superb tool makes viewing PDF files a snap

PDFMeNot. Super cool online PDF reader which is an absolute blessing for anyone who spends a lot of time researching or just browsing the web. Viewing PDF files online is normally a real pain what with downloading, powering up Acrobat or whatever. Now you have a choice. Either use the online version to read your PDF files without hassle, or better yet use one of the free tools on offer. The best of the best is the Firefox extension which automatically and…

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Cool Web Apps & Sites February 14, 2008 posted by Nigel

Video Job Shop – video resumes and job offers wander online, hmm…

VideoJobShop. Video resumes and job offers online. Hmm…not sure what to say about this. Is video the best way to advertise for jobs or try and get one? Not sure. Most of the job offer footage is basic stock stuff from company promos, and the video resumes seem to be rather…um…awkward. For a fun few minutes though, check out the spokesperson resume videos from the Arts and Media section. This video in particular deserves to get some star treatment on YouTube. Hoot! [Thanks Alan]….

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announcement February 13, 2008 posted by Nigel

Whoa, we’ve passed our 10,000th post – and I’ve loved every single one…

So, we’ve passed the 10,000th post. Phew, sounds exhausting. I’m pretty proud of the figure, even though it’s not world shattering by some standards. It took me 8 years to get here, and compared with uber bloggers like Peter Rojas at Engadget and Joel Johnson at Boing Boing we’re very much small potato stuff. But tha knows, I were never really interested in mere hugeness, but rather fun-ness, so I’m ecstatic to have reached 10,000 without falling flat on my…

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