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Yeah, but does it move me?

but is it art? June 24, 2005 posted by

Buckin’ bronco.

The Million Dollar Bill looks like fun. Can you get arrested for trying to pay for your Skinny Latte with this? And wasn’t there a movie about….yeah well. It’s still fun. Priced at $4.99 each note, which is a bargain if you ask me. Which you didn’t.  The One Million Dollar Bill is the most authentic note on the market today! It may not be legal tender, but it’s hard to tell from looking at it. In fact, it’s even harder…

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but is it art? June 15, 2005 posted by


Boulder. $45.00. “So I said to her, I said, what you really need in this room is a boulder. A nice big grey, solid looking thing. But I could tell that she didn’t understand. She always was a bit snooty, that one.

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but is it art? June 3, 2005 posted by

Flower loo.

A happy toilet design? Do we need a happy toilet? Is it really, truly necessary to global wellbeing? Well OK, if you insist.   Brings fresh air into the smallest room! A birdy that sings with every flush and a sun that’s always shining! This flowerpot needs caring, water daily and manure at least twice a week. Grows best in full sun, but also looks perfect in the shade!

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but is it art? June 1, 2005 posted by

Dollar ring.

Yes it’s old methinks, but still fun. The Dollar Note Ring. Impress your fiancee by folding them a 20, eh?  As with all these instructions, try to start with a relatively clean, crisp bill. It will make the process easier. All folds should be sharply creased. It helps to go over the fold with a fingernail on a flat, hard surface. For your first attempt, use a 1 dollar bill, as the description is based on the features of the…

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but is it art? May 31, 2005 posted by

Xero hero.

The Xero weightlessness program. These Swedes have taken the work of these Russians, see, and given it some style. Stripped pine floorboards, chrome fittings, Flash animation and an ice hotel. But still and all, being flung about in a looping aircraft is still what it is….know what I mean?

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but is it art? May 30, 2005 posted by

Darth delight.

Darth Vader Life Size Statue. Seven foot six tall? With ‘faux leather’ pants? For £4999.95? Yowsers.  Standing at an amazing 7ft 6in tall, this 100% authentic limited edition Darth Vader statue really is the ultimate toy for the man who has everything. This is a supreme quality real life statue which comes with quilted ‘Faux Leather’ trousers and sleeves, an omnious and flaring cape, heavy duty injection moulded armour pieces including collar, shoulder guards, boots, chest piece and belt, an…

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but is it art? May 24, 2005 posted by

Dog pound.

Dog is a God. Italy, a land hitherto known mostly for its rabid pasta fetish and the crafting of very long, very straight roads, now brings the world – doggy divinity. Words fail… [Thanks Bill]  Marco Morosini has chosen to become an animal designer, creating temples for four-legged Gods: tailor made habitats created in the likeness of those of man and designed for their different attitudes and lifestyles. These habitats bark exclusivity, class, elegance and comfort.

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but is it art? May 20, 2005 posted by

Better read than red?

Mao’s Little Red Book. $24.95. My my, how times change, eh? The vilified and emotive symbol of a surreal era, now available in an easy to read Chinese/English translation. Bring on the Chow Mein, Mildred.  Mao’s favorites. Spark up fiery debates at even the dullest cocktail parties by quoting the inciting words of Mao. Printed in the ’60s in Chinese and English. 590 pg. with over 30 full-color pictures of the infamous chairman.

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but is it art? April 19, 2005 posted by


The Pimp Shopping Cart. Only in America, my friends, only in America!  The cart features: * AM/FM/Cassette Radio and speakers * Video screen w/ TV tuner * GPS Tracking * Refridgerator/warmer * 10″ Rubber wheels * Can crusher * Slide out seat * Alarm w/strobe lights * 81 Neon and L.E.D. Lights * Tent * Solar Powered battery charging system * Deep cycle battery- Optima Yellow top

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but is it art? April 18, 2005 posted by

Geeky briefs.

Computer Code Briefcase.$24.99. What better way to say that you love Keanu, than to wander around in a black plastic mac carrying one of these? Well actually there are probably lots of ways, but we won’t go there right now.  This nifty looking briefcase is solidly constructed and covered in sleek black vinyl. On the sides is printed a slew of text uuencoded in old-school monitor green. It can’t be translated, due to the silver metal fittings and trim, but…

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but is it art? April 13, 2005 posted by

Copy art.  Artists have been invited to submit work to Copy-art in any medium that will then be available online, making it possible for visitors to use these works in any possible way and without restrictions. Submitted works can be downloaded, changed, distributed, exhibited and used by all visitors for free. All submitted works will be present online in an archive, and available to the public to access. Commercial use of the works is excluded.

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but is it art? April 11, 2005 posted by

Ambient TV.

The Color Light DVD. Use this DVD to turn your television into something infinitely more useful than a reality show barf-box – a table lamp. $22.00.  But to use your TV for background lighting we have just the thing. The Color Light DVD is a disc that will transition your TV through the entire color spectrum over about a 20-minute time span. You can pause on a specific color to provide a certain kind of background light or set a…

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but is it art? March 30, 2005 posted by

Barcode Elvis.

Barcode Elvis. A flipbook of a zoom animation of Elvis dissolving into a (his?) barcode? Weirdness for $10.00 and part of a set of six character books in total. But kind of cute.

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but is it art? March 9, 2005 posted by


The Zen Screen Garden. “It is not enough just to enjoy for oneself…true enlightenment comes only to those who share”

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