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So maybe it’s pointless, but at least it’s happy!

Fun & Games December 24, 2004 posted by

Weather stick.

The Vermont Weather Stick. High tech weather stations? Bah humbug!  Here’s a fun, low-tech way to predict the weather. It seems too simple to be true, but our old-time Weather Stick is actually a remarkably effective natural barometer. It responds to subtle atmospheric changes by bending upward in fair weather, and down when inclement weather is near.

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Fun & Games December 23, 2004 posted by


The T-Board Surf & Swim bodysurfing gizmo looks like fun. $35.00. Now all we need is some good ole London surf and we’re set.  SPEED. Wider hydroplaning surface under your hands for maximum speed! CONTROL. Holding and steering system with both hands means total control!

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Fun & Games December 22, 2004 posted by

Pro thumb.

The Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring. $7.95.  The Thumb Wrestling Ring is made of high quality plastic and flexible ropes along with real elastic turnbuckles. The ring’s holes are designed for all sizes of thumb as well as a high impact, shock resistant handle. An Official Rulebook is included with the Thumb Wrestling Ring. Sections include “How To Win,” “How To Lose,” as well as sections on the time honored traditions of Cheating, Whining and Betting.

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Fun & Games December 17, 2004 posted by

Caching chexx.

Super Chexx Dome Hockey game. $2909.99. Solved, what to do with Aunt Flo’s recent bingo winnings. [Insert topical hockey violence joke here!]  The Super Chexx has a one piece welded cabinet with a heavy-duty dome enclosure, unbreakable shafts and reinforced players. Features flourescent lighting, electronic scoring with a running time clock and full sound effects. Can also be set for free play…This game is ready for home or commercial use including a coin mechanism that can be converted to free…

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Fun & Games December 17, 2004 posted by

Voice over PO.

Voice Pad. £3.99. The Ferret is truly intrigued by the possibilities of this little gidgit. Sending voice messages around from place to place at the drop of a stamp. It’s very post-modern retro-surreal Jetsons tech, isn’t it?   The voice pad is a neat little gadget that will record up to 10 seconds of high quality sound and play back at the push of a button. It is ultra thin, small and light, enabling it to be sent safely inside a…

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Fun & Games December 16, 2004 posted by


The iTop digital spinning top. $10.99.  This is no ordinary spinning top and it will twirl the old ones right out of the water! The iTop has a very cool display that “magically” shows scores, bits of words and instructions…Through the electronic display, you can see how fast the iTop is spinning, and how long you can get it to turn (the top actually keeps count of the number of rotations and displays your score on its surface!) There is…

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Fun & Games December 16, 2004 posted by


The Coughing Ashtray $9.98. Well hey, c’mon, it’s almost New Year’s Resolution time after all. Also in silver.  Hilarious gag that will have them laughing (and hopefully quitting smoking) instead of coughing! What looks like an ordinary ashtray starts hacking and coughing uncontrollably when you rest a cig in the slots, or flick ashes in the middle!

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Fun & Games December 15, 2004 posted by

Roller Coaster kit.

The Roller Coaster Tycoon Construction Set. Priced at $139.99 complete with game copy of RCT for PC. Wow, fascinating. A computer game moves into the real world. What next, a Grand Theft Auto car-jack kit?  The RollerCoaster Construction Set contains over 300 parts yet is intuitive and easy to assemble, alter and disassemble. Though creatively challenging, the large blocks of required assembly time and resultant frustration, common to many other construction sets are noticeably absent!…Our “Child-Safe” Lift Mechanism (Patent Pending) has no…

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Fun & Games December 15, 2004 posted by

Micro machines.

Shrunken Hot Rods. There’s a school of thought that says that middle aged men should definitely stay away from fatty hamburgers and teeny cars. The Ferret keeps an open mind about such things of course. Prices start at $3595.00.  These masterful machines are the epitome of cool. Imagine cruising around on your very own classic 1941 Willy’s Coupe? Parade, barbeque, pit vehicle, just think of the possibilities of fun. Handcrafted in the good old USA with customizing available…6 HP electric…

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Fun & Games December 14, 2004 posted by

Hut, hut…

The Automatic Quarterback. $69.95 buys you l33t Joe Montana skillz for all your weavin’ and receivin’.  A powerful football passer that throws a perfect spiral every time, our automatic quarterback sends a soft polyurethane foam football up to 30 yards, and adjusts between lateral passes and long, high bombs. Children can set the timer for running deep, or a friend can launch a pass with the manual trigger.

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Fun & Games December 14, 2004 posted by

The Cubes.

The Cubes. Er..the Ferret has a feeling that this 3DDilbert-type play set could be a genius idea. Re-create your own office and get fired for insubordination, why doncha? Sets priced from around $12.95 each. Oh and don’t forget the Job Title Generator!  Finally, the drudgery of corporate life has been captured in a play set for adults! Bob, Joe, Ted, and Ann spend eight hours a day, five days a week, at tiny desks in tiny cubicles in a giant room…

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Fun & Games December 9, 2004 posted by

Jet R/C.

The R/C Jet Car. $49.99. You feel the need? The need for smashed up bits of plastic at the bottom of an adjacent brick wall?  Propelled by two super-size turboprops, the JetCar accelerates like a mini dragster and then hurtles around at breathtaking speeds equivalent to about 150mph. And it’s not just about straight-line performance either. JetCar’s sophisticated aerodynamic design also lets you pull incredibly tight turns and execute 360° spins on the proverbial sixpence.

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Fun & Games December 9, 2004 posted by

The Screamer.

The Screamer toilet seat with optional accessories. Just perfect for inspiring some new…ahem…kickass solo guitar licks? $99.00. [Via Tom]

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Fun & Games December 8, 2004 posted by

Thing in a bag.

Thing in a Bag Cat Toy. $12.95. Heh! The Ferret approves!  Designed to bring out kitty’s natural stalking instinct, this bag is made from claw-and tear-resistant materials. Inside the bag are crinkly-sounding materials and a randomly-activated motor that makes the “thing” come alive! Automatically turns off after three minutes for safety and convenience.

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