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So maybe it’s pointless, but at least it’s happy!

Fun & Games January 26, 2005 posted by

Retro telly Tetris.

  Two Player Tetris. Plug it into yer telly, and rock. Or drop. Whatever the correct term may be. A$79.95.  There’s probably only one thing better than being able to play Tetris on a big screen TV at home…and that’s being able to play it with or against someone else. Go head to head with your chosen foe – find out who has the best Tetris technique, before awarding the crown of tournament master. The box says world’s most addictive game…

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Fun & Games January 21, 2005 posted by

Pucker up.

Remote Hot Lips. £14.99. There’s got to be some way to get maximum value from this toy on Valentine’s Day, but darned if we can come up with it. *Sigh*. Getting too old!  Press the remote’s button to set the lips off emitting one of 6 different smooching sounds from up to 20metres away! Embarrass your friends, and family! Or even use to make a hint to a want-to-love one :) Kissing sounds range from a quick peck to a big slobber! Just place…

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Fun & Games January 19, 2005 posted by

Talking Daleks.

Talking Daleks. Seek, Locate, ANNIHILATE! Aw c’mon, you’ve just gotta love that BBC special effects toilet plunger weapon, no? £24.99.  The Daleks first appeared in 1963 on BBC TV’s “Dr Who”. The nation trembled in terror! These are replicas of the “real thing” from the cult BBC TV series. Available models are the Command Dalek in Black and Battle Dalek in Silver… All Daleks also have the following features: Glide along on wheels, movable turret/head and three movable weapons.

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Fun & Games January 19, 2005 posted by

Tally ho!

The Mushaburui Stand-alone Flight Sim Cockpit.  Ah the joys of soaring through the living room. $99.95.  Finally, a cockpit system that combines durability, comfort and adjustability. The Stand alone Flight Sim Cockpit positions your Stick and throttle right where they belong for hours of comfortable play.

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Fun & Games January 18, 2005 posted by

Stepping out of line.

LandRollers. With a name like a Japanese off-road vehicle these are apparently ‘the first major innovations in skating since Rollerblade popularized inline skates more than 25 years ago.’ Actually if you watch the videos they do look very cool. Even the corpulent and terminally lazy Ferret is tempted. Especially by the air-filled tyre, rough terrain option. $249.00 a pair.   LandRoller is truly a revolutionary skate that offers a smoother ride, improved stability, better braking, easier learning, off-road capability and dramatic styling…LandRollers have two large wheels…

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Fun & Games January 10, 2005 posted by

Bang Pistols.

Bang Pistols. Things to leave at home when flying. #3 in an occasional series. £1.49 a pack.  The delightfully silly pistol-shaped party poppers are for people who take partying seriously. Simply inflate the pistols (you get two in a pack), squeeze, and out shoots a spray of party streamers. Considerably more fun than your normal poppers.

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Fun & Games January 7, 2005 posted by

Tag, you’re it.

The Desktop Rover Laser Tag Tank. £44.99. The Ferret’s suggestion? Bundle up and return that smiley face cooking apron that Aunt Flo bought you from Ikea and go out and get this instead. You know it’ll be more fun. Really.  Every Desktop Rover is also equipped with an infrared “Laser Tag” game. Up to 4 Rovers can compete at once. Each remote control has a “reload trigger”. After 6 shots, you’ll need to reload by pulling back on the middle pull…

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but is it art? January 7, 2005 posted by

What’s that smell?

Sushi Pillows. Hey, I soya one of those in the shops…time for bed chop, chop…salmon sling me a pillowcase, please…[OK, that’s enough – Ed]. From around $23.00.  Finally you may now purchase a giant sushi in the form of a soft and comfortable pillow! Our pillows are each hand made and come in a variety of styles some include – California Roll, Avocado Roll, and Salmon Roll (with more types on the way!).

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Fun & Games January 6, 2005 posted by

Kanji Kool.

The Japanese Name Translation site. Your name. In Japanese. On a scroll. Or T-Shirt (if you’ve got a common name). From $5.00.  Welcome to, the only place you can have your full name automatically translated into Japanese katakana symbols for free! If you are thinking of getting a kanji tattoo, kanji car decal or just cool desktop wallpaper, be sure to check out our kanji name image downloads. Looking for a unique gift? Our Japanese calligraphy scrolls make wonderful…

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Fun & Games December 24, 2004 posted by

Pucker up.

Remote control hockey game. $29.88. Looks like fun for a rainy Sunday afternoon.  Promises a slamming good time on any smooth floor or tabletop. It’s incredible fast-action entertainment when players square off, aiming, shooting, defending their goal and battling for control of the puck using their remote controlled players. Players and puck are designed for speed on any flat surface.

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Fun & Games December 24, 2004 posted by

Weather stick.

The Vermont Weather Stick. High tech weather stations? Bah humbug!  Here’s a fun, low-tech way to predict the weather. It seems too simple to be true, but our old-time Weather Stick is actually a remarkably effective natural barometer. It responds to subtle atmospheric changes by bending upward in fair weather, and down when inclement weather is near.

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Fun & Games December 23, 2004 posted by


The T-Board Surf & Swim bodysurfing gizmo looks like fun. $35.00. Now all we need is some good ole London surf and we’re set.  SPEED. Wider hydroplaning surface under your hands for maximum speed! CONTROL. Holding and steering system with both hands means total control!

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Fun & Games December 22, 2004 posted by

Pro thumb.

The Pro Thumb Wrestling Ring. $7.95.  The Thumb Wrestling Ring is made of high quality plastic and flexible ropes along with real elastic turnbuckles. The ring’s holes are designed for all sizes of thumb as well as a high impact, shock resistant handle. An Official Rulebook is included with the Thumb Wrestling Ring. Sections include “How To Win,” “How To Lose,” as well as sections on the time honored traditions of Cheating, Whining and Betting.

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Fun & Games December 17, 2004 posted by

Caching chexx.

Super Chexx Dome Hockey game. $2909.99. Solved, what to do with Aunt Flo’s recent bingo winnings. [Insert topical hockey violence joke here!]  The Super Chexx has a one piece welded cabinet with a heavy-duty dome enclosure, unbreakable shafts and reinforced players. Features flourescent lighting, electronic scoring with a running time clock and full sound effects. Can also be set for free play…This game is ready for home or commercial use including a coin mechanism that can be converted to free…

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