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So maybe it’s pointless, but at least it’s happy!

Fun & Games July 25, 2005 posted by

Through the air wireless.

Catapulting Wireless Devices. Oh zeez crazzzyy Austrian kidz and zere catapultink of ze mobile phone tinks! With apologies to my fab Austrian chums deep in Vienna. Hi folks!  Thus monochrom would like to initiate a competition. We invite interested persons to design and build a catapult capable of hurling a cell phone or a PDA unit the greatest possible distance. In order to ensure that no participant has any unfair advantage, monochrom will provide a specifications list regarding materials (e.g. metal)…

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Fun & Games July 22, 2005 posted by

Ready to rumble.

The Grand Prix Rumble Wheel LCD game. A handheld LCD game with a steering wheel attached? And force feedback? For $9.95? Bizarro, but great for the kiddies we suspect.  This is a fully functioning race game with “real steering wheel action” and detailed electronic LCD viewing. Master eight unique racing tracks as you grip the wheel and whip past other racing cars to victory. But LOOK OUT. If you crash, you’ll HEAR and FEEL it. The steering wheel VIBRATES at…

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Fun & Games July 14, 2005 posted by

Wickedly brilliant.

The Evil Genius Lab Coat. $49.99. This white coat feels so geek right somehow. Perfect for parading around one’s cubicle suitably attired for a day answering inane tech support calls. You want to know how to defrag your hard disk? Certainly sir, that’ll be one BILLION dollars. Oh yes.  The lab coat is a symbol of intelligence, so why can’t any clever hacker, tinkerer, modder or all-around-smartypants have his or her own? We’ve customized ours to add an air of officiality…

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Fun & Games June 20, 2005 posted by

Star Wars Saber Game.

The Star Wars Lightsaber Battle Game. Dude, you so want to make out like the Star Wars Kid, don’t ya? Well here’s your chance. Find a TV, plug in and feel the force…of the family’s laughter. No wonder Hans did it solo! $49.99.  Slash your war through a galaxy far, far away. Grab your lightsaber and enter the exciting world of the Jedi. . . right in your living room!  Swing your powerful lightsaber…Innovative wireless technology lets your lightsaber interact with…

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Fun & Games June 6, 2005 posted by

Give a little tenderness.

The Seven Inch Award. Aww…everyone needs a little lovin’ once in a while. $12.50.  The base is 1″ high. The trophy stands 6″ off the base. You can put anything you want to up to 23 characters per line. If you are looking for different styles and sizes of trophies than what we carry or if you need more than 30 pieces please email…

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Fun & Games May 25, 2005 posted by

Banana republic.

Roll up, get yer own Inflatable Private Island ‘ere. Bargain at $299.95. Become your own tax exile and recluse at a stroke. Sun stroke.  The heavy-duty 600 denier cover resists tears, abrasions, and scuffs, and the platform’s two separate air chambers ensure reliability, stability, and comfort for an afternoon of sitting or lounging. The multi-use docking platform inflates with a standard pump (available separately below) and deflates rapidly for compact storage in the trunk of your car or a cabinet on your…

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Fun & Games May 23, 2005 posted by

Soccer football foozball table.

OK, let’s clear this out of the way once and for all. It’s football, not soccer. Your American and Australian versions are just…well…stuff. And it’s a table football table, not foozball or schmoozball or penelopecruizeball etc. Sheesh! And this one is clever trevor because you can fold it up and store it away when you’re not playing. Which is A Good Thing if you live in a teeny caravan. Or dog kennel. Or broom closet. A$779.95.  Be the envy of all…

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Fun & Games May 20, 2005 posted by

Dib dab dob.

The World’s Best Selling Cardboard Digital Radio. At a truly bargain price! Fabulous battery life! No interference!  It’s a faithful reproduction of the best-selling Evoke-1, lovingly created by our team of craftsmen in premium quality cardboard. Once you’ve followed our simple build instructions, this replica model radio will look so convincing that only an expert could tell it apart from the real thing.

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Fun & Games May 17, 2005 posted by

Bobby rox.

The Bobby Kit. $128.90. Sherlock Holmes fantasy? London fog beckoning? Then order a Bobby helmet with badge, nightstick (guys they’re called truncheons in the wild) and a genuine engraved repro whistle. I say old chap, dashed decent of you to turn up and arrest this jolly villain, what? Check out the Sherlock hat too.  The London Metropolitan Police have been wearing hard-shell police helmets like these since the 19th century. Each is fitted with an adjustable leather chinstrap, padded interior…

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Fun & Games May 10, 2005 posted by


Roadies. Remember Lemmings? Enjoy! [But do beware certain risque ladies on banner ads. Sorry]  Get the Roadies to the gig on time, avoiding the perils of bouncers, big falls and of course every Roadie’s biggest fear: musicians.

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Fun & Games May 9, 2005 posted by

X-Plane it to him over there.

The X-Plane with digital camera. Oh yes, at last you can hurry out and purchase a perambulatory high flier complete with digital camera to catch the candid overhead shots of your next door neighbours you’ve always wanted. Jail beckons, dufus. £99.99 ($161.68)  It comes with a mini digital camera that you can attach to the plane, and shoot pictures remotely from the ground as your camera flies overhead. There’s also a mini parachutist, a little bomb and a cargo pod,…

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Fun & Games May 5, 2005 posted by

Mods rock.

MetkuMod’s Modding Gallery. Think of a product. Now modify it. Rinse. Repeat. Endlessly. Then vote on the mods in Finnish and English. Just for fun. Hmm…I must get out more.

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Fun & Games May 2, 2005 posted by


The Radica Castmaster Bass Fishin’ Game. $23.99. Ferrets don’t fish. But you knew that didn’t you? And how come it’s always poor old bass that get the raw end of the line? Why no ugly trout fishing games, or gnarly carp? Sheesh!   Reel in a legendary 25-lb. bass with the Radica Castmaster Bass Fishin’ Game. Castmaster technology detects the direction and force of your cast, which you can change by turning your wrist. Select from a variety of bait…

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Fun & Games April 28, 2005 posted by

Pinball wizard.

The Galaxy Wireless Pinball game. $59.95 buys a hang on the wall, remote control pinball machine. That’s right, on the wall. Strangeness.  Enjoy a real arcade-style game with Galaxy Pinball hanging on your wall. Features a full-function wireless RF remote that allows you to sit on a chair, bed or floor and control the flippers from up to 30 feet away! With electronic scorekeeping, Galaxy Pinball provides hours of fun for a solo player or action-packed competition against one other.

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