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So maybe it’s pointless, but at least it’s happy!

Fun & Games May 2, 2005 posted by


The Radica Castmaster Bass Fishin’ Game. $23.99. Ferrets don’t fish. But you knew that didn’t you? And how come it’s always poor old bass that get the raw end of the line? Why no ugly trout fishing games, or gnarly carp? Sheesh!   Reel in a legendary 25-lb. bass with the Radica Castmaster Bass Fishin’ Game. Castmaster technology detects the direction and force of your cast, which you can change by turning your wrist. Select from a variety of bait…

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Fun & Games April 28, 2005 posted by

Pinball wizard.

The Galaxy Wireless Pinball game. $59.95 buys a hang on the wall, remote control pinball machine. That’s right, on the wall. Strangeness.  Enjoy a real arcade-style game with Galaxy Pinball hanging on your wall. Features a full-function wireless RF remote that allows you to sit on a chair, bed or floor and control the flippers from up to 30 feet away! With electronic scorekeeping, Galaxy Pinball provides hours of fun for a solo player or action-packed competition against one other.

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Fun & Games April 26, 2005 posted by

F1 sofa.

The Williams F1 Force Feedback Wheel. You’ll never get to drive a real one unless your name sounds something like Alonso Enzo Marinelli, but at least you can pretend. And for just £59.99.  Experience every bump, jolt and crash with astonishing realism Control the force and adjust the Resistance Level to suit your style Three Air-Cooled Motors deliver realistic feedback Four Wheel-Mounted Paddles and Sequential Stick

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Fun & Games April 22, 2005 posted by

Stop. Spy.

The Spy Voice Trap recordable motion alarm. $11.95. Record your own scary alarm audio, stick this in victim’s dark and slightly spooky room at night. And wait. Or watch TV, whichever is more entertaining.   Use the Spy Voice Trap to scare your friends or fool them into thinking you are nearby! The Spy Voice Trap allows you to ‘record’ a message or a sound as the alarm. You can ‘place it’ anywhere as the motion sensor “sees” movement. And,…

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Fun & Games April 22, 2005 posted by

Paintball party.

Combat Ball – the paintball simulator. Like paintball but indoors. With velcro balls and suits, I think. Sounds like a riot. Looks like one too. £120.00.  Imagine the tension and excitement of a full-on game of Paintball – Now imagine being indoors! With no paint and only highly visible, reusable ammunition to tidy up after there’s almost no end to where Combatball can be played…The system is designed around the ingenious ‘V-ball’ projectile, a lightweight, large calibre sphere coated with thousands of small…

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Fun & Games April 20, 2005 posted by

The Brick.

The Brick. Er…there must be lots of things you can do with a fake brick of a rainy Wednesday afternoon in April. Lots. Yep. Lots. £9.95.  With its foam construction, even repeated head-battering will produce no lasting injuries, unless your subject has a particuarly brittle head. Throwing your Fake Brick at irritating neighbour’s windows is now a risk-free proposition, since it’ll richochet off their window, making them look a tad silly for diving for cover behind the sofa. Perfect.

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Fun & Games April 18, 2005 posted by


The Swampcat. A radio controlled six wheel amphibious paintball cannon armored tank. Yowsers. And apparently there’s a club of paintball tank players who do this stuff. Who’d a knew? one of a kind, 1:6 scale custom-built radio control model of a large six wheel drive direct-fire amphibious assault infantry vehicle. This thing shoots paintballs, makes a nice loud turbine engine sound with an onboard CD player and it will have proportional speed control. It was built to be watertight and…

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Fun & Games April 4, 2005 posted by

Darth Mask.

The Darth Mask (with voice changer). £32.99 ($53.34). Just remember, by buying one of these, you are almost certainly toying with the powers of the dark side! On your own head be it!  The Darth Vader helmet is not just ludicrously well made, but is the first of its kind that has an integrated Voice Changer and sound effects box. A microphone inside the helmet will pick up your voice and ‘Darth’ it. To be honest it doesn’t do this…

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Fun & Games April 1, 2005 posted by


The Pocket Fami. PSP? Hah! Get sum reel retro Nintendo gaming in ya hand. £54.98 with TV adapter.  Pocket Fami is the latest in handheld gaming, and plays all your favourite NES and Famicom games; an adaptor is included so playing both PAL and NTSC games is no problem! Classic NES titles include Super Mario Bros 1, 2 & 3, Double Dragon, Legend of Zelda and there are hundreds more available. Cartridges can be bought from the internet off websites…

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Fun & Games March 30, 2005 posted by

‘Arry Potter.

Kids will probably get all fired up over this Discovery Artist Pottery Wheel. Thank you, thank you, we’ll be here all month. $39.95.  Put this pottery wheel in your child’s hands and prepare to be amazed by their extensive imagination! This powerful tool allows little sculptors to create an endless array of clay masterpieces. Affordable enough for a beginner but powerful enough for the more experienced artist.

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Fun & Games March 25, 2005 posted by

Phat Phun.

The Phlat Ball. The toy with an identity crisis. Looks like fun though. £9.99 ($16.15).  Phlat Ball is half 6″ ball and half 9″ throwing disc and is taking Australia by storm. You Phlatten the ball by squeezing the top and bottom together and it sticks in place, then throw it like a disc, and it pops out into a ball, which is really quite clever. The release from disc to ball is random, so you never quite know if you’re going…

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Fun & Games March 18, 2005 posted by

Hop and hovered.

R/C Mini Hovercraft. $29.95. Looks like real mini-me funsky (although the customer ratings are a bit of a mixed bag!)   Race this miniature hovercraft across land, water and ice. It runs on any smooth, flat surface and is easy to steer through tight spots with the full-function controller, which doubles as the charging pod. The thrust fan provides lift, and two rear fans allow for smooth directional control.

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Fun & Games March 18, 2005 posted by

Plasma Saber.

The Plasma Saber. Is this the ultimate Star Wars toy? 29” long with metal handle, whooshing noises and a price tag of a mere $990.00. Watch the video. Woot!  Our Saber sound effects are the most advanced ever created. Push the activation button once and the plasma blade extends upward along with activation sound. Push again and it de-activates by retracting the Plasma along with sound. When activated it creates a low rumbling hum out of the rear of the handle. A special g-force…

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