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Too good to forget!

Bookmark This! April 14, 2005 posted by

Go figure.

Auction Figure. eBay done simple. But properly. Very nice and definitely worth a bookmark.   Find typos, filter junk, save money!

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Online breathalyzer.

The Online Breathalyzer. First, locate your computer…   Enter in a type of drink and the number of those drinks consumed, then press “Add”. If your drink isn’t listed, you can manually enter the alcohol level and size of glass (metric converter) instead of choosing a drink from the list. Continue with each type of drink you consumed throughout the night. If you make a mistake, press “Clear all drinks” and start over.

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GPRS love.

This GPRS list is rather useful. GPRS data settings for major phone providers around the world. Definitely worth a bookmark.

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Bizarre stuff.

Bizarre Stuff. Roll up, roll up, get yer dancing raisins here Just one of the strange but true science type things on this site. Worth a look for a bit of harmless fun.

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E-text. Selection of public domain text and PDF books available for download. Not huge, but worth a look.

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TV time. Yet another broadband television portal. Just the links though, no player. But a nice simple interface. Worth a look.

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Shell suits.

Shell Extension City. A bunch of free tools, guides an’ stuff for PCs. Like, for example, this Game XP prog to improve the performance of your Windows PC gaming. Definitely worth a bookmark.

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The Designer’s Toolbox provides a superb set of tools for anyone who needs to design stuff. Like CD cases, web sites, banner ads. All sorts of tools. Even contains a small set of legal templates (need adjusting obviously) covering website user agreement, copyright etc.

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Virtual pet page.

The Virtual Pet HomePage. Unfortunately doesn’t appear to be updated that often, but good place to jump start your knowledge of metal dogs, keychain buddies and the like.  Some areas of our site appeal to children, other areas appeal to industry professionals. We cover keychain virtual pets, robotic virtual pets, plush virtual pets, collectable card virtual pets, online virtual pets, wireless / cell phone virtual pets, CD rom virtual pets, online virtual pets and even more formats.

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oGame A free online space based strategic simulation game. All you need is a web browser. And lots of time and patience. Did I mention time and patience already?  As an intergalactic emperor you have the possibility to strengthen your influence throughout the galaxies by numerous strategies. Beginning your rulership at your homeworld you begin to build an economic and military infrastructure with your ressources. Researching new techniques and upgrading your buildings and researches gives you access to superior technologies…

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Toys, toys, toys…

If you’re into old toys, the Timewarp Goys Tallery Toys Gallery is probably the place to start. Especially if you’re a wannabe collector.  Partial list – some of the neat 50s 60s 70s Vintage Toys we have sold in the past & always looking for! Click underlined items to see photo. To buy these items: Check Inventory links below for availability!

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Shameless nosh.

Shameless Oh my. Restaurant employees ‘dish the dirt’ on places they have worked. Vicious, illuminating and slightly addictive. Originally New York city only, but now seems to be roaming further afield. Ouch!

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