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Mmm…wonder if it works?

hmm..interesting November 28, 2005 posted by

Call Recorder.

Call Recorder. This new remote service lets you record your cellphone or landline telephone calls without having to invest in any hardware. Should we file this under ‘slightly spooky-ware’? 250 minutes of recording time for $99.99.  When the system is active, each call is channeled through a recording switch before it is picked up by the receiving party. The Card does not in any way connect to the phone, nor does it replace existing phone service. This advance in telecommunication…

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hardware November 25, 2005 posted by

The Smart NC.

The Smart NC. Plug this clever little puppy into the standard motherboard IDE socket in your PC and it’ll boot up yer machine for you without a hard drive. Twenty second boot, broadband aware and a kiosk mode. Very clever, very Japanese language only though at the moment. $122.00. Oh, and there’s a notebook version too.  # You just install in PC self boot. # HDD unnecessary. Diskless PC it makes easy actualization. # Installation is simple. Because it is IDE…

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cool tech November 17, 2005 posted by

Language learning gets the groove.

Earworms. The musical brain trainer. Did you know that music helps you remember stuff? No, neither did I, but it actually sounds quite logical. Just think of those times when you’ve tried to get a catchy tune out of your head. Well these people have developed a language training course based around music, and according to their blurb – ‘pupils using this technique regularly achieve average marks of over 90 % compared to less than 50 % with conventional book based learning.’…

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hmm..interesting October 26, 2005 posted by

Studio in a Box.

Studio in a Box. Kind of…got a room? Wanna build a recording studio? Well here ya go then, just don’t moan when your mother wants her kitchen back. Around $530.00.  Each package includes Image Tools to control comb filtering arising from strong reflections, Spatial Tools to increase the diffusion in small rooms, and Bass Tools to minimize low frequency room modes and speaker boundary interference

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hmm..interesting October 21, 2005 posted by

Ballistic Wear.

The Bullet Proof Denim Jacket. You have to understand boys and girls, it’s not that we condone violence and sanction overt covertness, it’s just that…well it’s a bit strange to think that there are probably ordinary folk walking around wearing things like this right at this very instant. Actually at £581.63 a pop [argh – Ed] perhaps not.  This is a regular Levis Strauss type denim jacket with a level IIIA bullet-proof lining cleverly sewn into the inside. Perfect for…

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hmm..interesting October 21, 2005 posted by

Rent a robot.

Rent a Robot. Maybe one day we’ll all rent robots to guard our property – and ourselves? – but they’ll probably have to look a bit, well funkier, than this SECOM Robot X, eh? And cheaper than $2500 a month too. Unless they sweep the yard, clean the bathroom, walk the dog and mind the kids while we’re out bowling like properly irresponsible parents.  The robot’s key features are as follows: (1) It can travel at 10 km/h, a speed…

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hmm..interesting October 17, 2005 posted by


So CNN has just advertised for a Blog Producer? the times are a-changin’.  Producer will cover web-logs (blogs), pod-casts, and other internet-based forms of new media. The web producer will locate, research, and report on blogs and web sites that include news, politics, policy, commentary, and other information of value to our viewers.

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Free Software October 5, 2005 posted by

Gooey mail?

Goowy (re – for rich experience) gets the Ferret award for this month’s most inventive…ahem…name. Apparently it’s an online email (100MB), calendaring and contact manager service. For free. Mmm…not sure that the world needs yet another one of these shared life things. Or if it does, it really should be as uber cool as Ning, methinks. And yes, I hate myself for loving the Ning concept, because it’s going to become just so darned trendy! Shame on you Marc Andreessen….

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hmm..interesting October 4, 2005 posted by


Peerflix. Netflix via your peers and not the net. No, hold on. Netflix with the Net, but also the…. No, wait. List the DVDs you own and the ones you want. Others do the same. Then you swap when you want. Or something. And the Peerflix people charge you $0.99c a trade. So there. Happy?   We are a peer-to-peer trading network for DVDs. It’s the new way to get the most out of the DVDs you own by trading those…

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hmm..interesting September 29, 2005 posted by

Shopfar. Receive free iTunes songs by shopping at an affiliate store. iTunes as the next Air Miles? Discuss. International versions here.  Shopfar is an online shopping portal with hundreds of online shopping sites to choose from. Unlike any other site, Shopfar rewards you with free music downloads (in the form of iTunes song codes) when you shop at its affiliated shopping sites.

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hmm..interesting September 27, 2005 posted by

The Tilting Vehicle.

The Tilting Vehicle. Inventor Phillip James believes he has come up with a supremely safe, ecological and easy to control commuter vehicle. Don’t know about all that, but it does look like fun. More photos here.

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hmm..interesting September 15, 2005 posted by

Google blog search.

..the interesting thing about the new Google Blog Search service is that you can subscribe to feeds of search results, which means that you can effectively track blog conversations on a particular subject very easily. I don’t know exactly why just yet, but this definitely strikes me as A Very Useful Thing.

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