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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets June 20, 2005 posted by

Da bendy bike.

The Uri Geller Bend It-Bag It Bike. Two weird things here. One, Uri Geller is still alive? Two, he’s selling bicycles now? Sheesh! £299.95 including groovy helmet.  The Uri Geller Bend it-Bag it Bike is built in one of the best cycle factories in the world to the very highest engineering standards.The complete package is delivered to your door ready to unfold and ride…

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Gadgets June 20, 2005 posted by

Jingle jangle.

Jingle Ring. $29.95. Hey, if you can swap out your mobile handset ringtone at the drop of a hat, why not your landline phone, eh? You can even create your own home phone tone. How’s that for 21st century telecommunications wizardry? Oh and English Butler sounds intriguing.  This electronic telephone ringer allows you to replace the sound of that annoying ring! Its new microchip technology lets you choose one of eight exciting pre-recorded jingles:…You can also record your voice or favorite music….

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Gadgets June 17, 2005 posted by

Google sounds.

The massively trendy Google USB Icon Vase Speaker. $30.75. We’re talking Google here, OK? Combined with USB. And uber fashionable surround tech. And an orange LED power button. I, for one, welcome all merchandise from our new Search Engine Overlords.  Many computer speakers have a rather grim look and too many wires, so consider this sound alternative: a single 2-way surround sound speaker with innovative audio lens technology, a tweeter tuned for clarity. The speaker is powered by a single…

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Gadgets June 17, 2005 posted by

Human Transport Scooter.

The Human Transport Scooter. $399.95. The electric scooter that thinks it’s a Segway. But without the Kamen hype. Or technology. Or trendy factor. Or desirability. Or indeed price.  Designed for use by police departments in Taiwan, the Human Transport Scooter has a 300-watt motor and can reach speeds of 30 mph with no trouble. The front wheel rotates almost 360 degrees, so there’s no need to switch into reverse; and it is made extra safe with the tiny fourth wheel in the back, so…

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Gadgets June 17, 2005 posted by


The Utili-Key. £9.99 ($16.15). Six tools in a little key shaped keyring attachment. And look, it’s Swiss made. That means it keeps perfect time. Um…or not.  Not only is the Utili-Key the size of a key, it also looks like a key, and yet opens up to reveal six excellent little tools – all the ones you wish you had with you when you’re out and about, but never do. There’s a Phillips screwdriver (and boy, up until now we’ve…

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Gadgets June 17, 2005 posted by

Star Wars Chess.

The Star Wars Chess Set. £29.95 ($52.41). Beam me up and make it so. Is that right? Doesn’t sound right. Anyone know what trendy, slightly cynical soundbite goes with this product? Anyone?  Each hand-sculpted and finished chess piece in this set represents a character from the legendary Star Wars saga, and as befits, the black pieces are all characters from the dark side and vice versa. Yoda and the Emperor battle it out as the rival Kings, while Han Solo…

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Gadgets June 16, 2005 posted by

Fit for life?

The Electronic Fitness Tracker. $79.95. All in one combo live-longer-be stronger machine. FM radio, three colour power buttons (whoooo!), pedometer, calorie counter, stopwatch and heart rate monitor. Tune the radio to a ClearChannel station and feel the energy seep out from the tips of your fashion trainer bootwear within seconds. Astonishing tech.  This all-in-one device gives you the feedback you need to get the most out of your workout….Turn up your favorite radio station to motivate you as you run, walk or…

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Gadgets June 16, 2005 posted by

Fridge fantasy.

The Deluxe Mini Fridge. Chrome handle, 20 liter capacity, 44F – 140F degrees chill/heat range, LCD readout and whisper quiet. What’s not to like? $119.99 for discerning fridge lovers everywhere.  This heavily portable, 20 liter capacity, mini fridge features a digital LCD display with the current inside temperature so you can rest assured your bottle of Bawls is cold.

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Gadgets June 16, 2005 posted by

Just Light that!

Just Light That. Selling the light fantastic. Electro-luminescent products galore, ranging from light up pet accessories, to sandals, watches and sunglasses. And from where else but Las Vegas too. Nice one Jarrid! Oh and check out the Lightspace pressure sensitive LED tiles for a funky floor effect.  We specialize in high end lighted products, and we are a factory direct distributor for Atomic electro-luminescent products, including watches, sunglasses, sandals, pet products, and other lighted fashion accessories. Our electro-luminescent products have various designs…

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Gadgets June 15, 2005 posted by

Hot and sassy.

The 16oz Heated Mug with Temp Gauge. $35.00. Because, according to the Speciality Coffee Association of America,  ‘the optimal water temperature for coffee is 92 – 96C (197.6 – 204.8F) for 90% of the contact time.’  The comfort grip handle stays cool during use. “Sip” top twist closes when not in use. The mug alerts you when ideal temperature is reached and has a warning alarm to prevent overheating, Easy to read back lit display for night viewing, Sized to…

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Gadgets June 15, 2005 posted by

Hum drum.

What is it about drummers that brings out the worst out in their neighbours? Is it their appalling dress sense? Lack of table manners? Rather warped sense of humour? Whatever it is, you can be sure that this five piece Ion Audio MIDI drum kit with 233 sampled sounds and  ‘Dynamic Articulation’ won’t help. Nor will it sort out the bass player. $299.95.   Ion’s exclusive ‘Dynamic Articulation’ feature enables a drum sound to change its tonal content as it’s played harder for…

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Gadgets June 14, 2005 posted by

Mouse majestic.

The Executive Leather MouseStation. $49.99. Mouse pad, calculator, world clock, leather LCD [Er…I think you’ll find that’s leather and an LCD – Ed], gel wrist rest, temperature display. You may never need to leave your desk again.

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Gadgets June 14, 2005 posted by

The 911 Light.

The 911 Light. $99.95. Triggered by your emergency phone call, this puppy lets the whole neighbourhood know that you’re in deep do-do, and hopefully will direct the emergency services to you faster than a speeding ticket in January. Just remember to change the batteries, eh?  Automatically activated when you dial 911, its wireless 315MHz transmitter, which is connected to your phone, activates a powerful red Xenon strobe light on the exterior of your house. It instantly identifies your home as…

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Gadgets June 14, 2005 posted by

Pet with the program, dude.

The Programmable Pet Dish. $54.99. Oh yes, not only will your beloved pet adore the sound of your voice calling him from a small blue bit of plastic near the fridge, but he will simply go wild over the fact that the dish holds a half a cup of moist or dry gack. Honestly.  Since the feeder will provide four different feedings, you can schedule your pet’s meals in advance, whether your pet eats four times a day or once…

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Gadgets June 14, 2005 posted by

Disc it.

Disc-It! $4.95. This cool little gidggadg for storing CD/DVD discs could change your life, foster universal harmony and produce a new era of prosperity, friendship and understanding across the world. Or just de-clutter your messy desktop. Your call, Mrs Miggins.  DISC-IT! will safely hold up to 8 of your favorite discs at a time, each separated and protected from the other by the integral stacking ring built around the center of all discs. The unique patented design requires zero concentration and can…

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