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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets February 10, 2005 posted by

Touch n’show!

The Internet Touchpad. Show the geek in your life just how much they really touch you this Valentines, and with gestures. Ahem. $21.95.  Latest generation design requires no pressure to point and select – just move your finger and tap. Patented Glidepoint Gesture technology allows users to program their own personal gestures to open documents, start applications or accomplish just about any other task on a PC that typically requires multiple keystrokes 3 programmable “Hot” buttons allow for programming shortcuts- access…

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Gadgets February 10, 2005 posted by

ET, chrome phone.

The Crosley Dreyfuss 500 chrome phone. Retro rad. $59.95.   First introduced in 1949, this ever-popular desk style set was initially featured in basic “Bell Black.” Reintroduced in 1954, in a variety of shades, this classic gained widespread popularity as it became a decorative household item. Rugged and functional, the Desk Phone was, and remains, the most commonly used phone in the United States. And while Crosley’s Desk Phone has the nostalgic rotary dial, it actually functions with push button…

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Gadgets February 9, 2005 posted by

Dock n’Talk.

The Phone Labs Dock-N-Talk. Multifunctionize your mobile phone. Supports over 400 handsets, and you can even add a Bluetooth module. Oh so super neato.  The patent-pending Dock-N-Talk allows you to dock your cell phone and use your normal corded or cordless phones to make and receive your cell phone calls. Effectively turns your wireless service into “wired” service while docked. The Dock-N-Talk can be used in your home, office, dorm room, weekend home, boat, RV or any other location where…

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Gadgets February 9, 2005 posted by

Convergent compass.

# The 3–in-1 Digital Compass. $49.95. Aha, convergence comes at last to the compass world.  Know direction, time and temperature with the press of a button. Large LCD with rotating directional dial keeps you right on course. Lanyard for hiking and windshield attachment for the car. Two AAA batteries not included.

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Gadgets February 9, 2005 posted by

Duck and dive.

The Motion Sensing Message Player. Shhh…don’t move, I don’t think it saw us. £14.95.  The Motion Sensing Message Player can be used to record important messages or jokes or even as a security device. Leave a message just before you go out and when some one comes in the message will play automatically, use it to remind yourself of somthing [sic]important, you will be reminded just before you leave…The inbuilt sensor detects movement and plays the message, that you have…

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Gadgets February 8, 2005 posted by

End zone clock.

The Norfield Time Zone Clock. $29.99. Er..wasn’t this type of thing thousands of dollars a while back?  When you absolutely have to know the time in London, Zurich, or Montreal it’s easily available at your fingertips with the Norfield Time Zone Clock. This clock easily tells you what time it is in 30 time zones, and the digital readout takes the guess work out of your time conversion. It also comes with two alarms so you can use it to…

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Gadgets February 8, 2005 posted by

Underwater ware.

 The Floating FM Radio with Underwater Speaker. “Liang.” “Yes boss?” “We need to design a radio.” “Yes boss.” “But not just any radio.” “No boss?” “No, one with an underwater speaker.” “Yes boss.” “Er boss…?” “Yes, Liang.” “Shall I get you your tablets now?” “Thank you Liang.”

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Gadgets February 8, 2005 posted by

Tens of uses.

The Tens Home Clinic. £29.99.  T.E.N.S. will give soothing relief from rheumatic, joint, muscle and back pain, to name but a few. It eliminates pain by transmitting small electrical signals to the nerve endings, producing Endorphins – the body’s own natural pain killers. One 20 minute treatment will give up to 24 hours of drug free pain relief. The unit comes complete with 4 large self-adhesive (reusable) pads for different areas of the body

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Gadgets February 7, 2005 posted by

LED Bin clok.

The LED Binary Clock. Dude, you’ve got to be one hour short of a weekend if you enjoy making it hard to check the time. Wasting time, wasting time? Sheesh! From $19.99.  Displays Time In True Binary As Well As Powers Of Two Binary Mode! Woohoo! It’s easy for any self-respecting geek to figure out how to read this clock in a few minutes. Check out the image below for the details. Still don’t get it? Then you probably shouldn’t…

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Gadgets February 7, 2005 posted by

Pocket owee.

The Pocket Dentist.  $6.98. Considering that the world and his grandpa are somewhat leery of dentists, which bright spark marketing whizz thought that carrying around a 6–in-1 torture tool would make things better? Did you see the shape of that pick?  This neat little smile enhancer tucks in purse, pocket, or keychain. Compact tool looks like a mini pocket knife, but opens to reveal a tiny magnifying mirror, between-teeth pick, scaler, interdental brush, plastic toothpick, and a small tongue scraper.

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ferret exclusive February 4, 2005 posted by

Flash drive.

The Firefly eMail Bar. You love convergence don’t you? Go on admit it. Well here’s a doozy. A combo email enabled (send/receive) flash memory drive in capacities from 16MB to 1GB. With…wait for it…an inbuilt LED flashlight (separate battery power). Yep, straight up, now you can download your email, print it off, and read it in your tent in the dark. Now how clever’s that?  E-mail send/receive function “Watchdog” security system Protect cap to let user never worry lost the…

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Gadgets February 4, 2005 posted by

Play it, like, now.

The PlayitNow personal digital music recorder. Well here’s an interesting one. A $29.99 kid’s digital audio recorder with on-board games. So, a mainstream toy company is now encouraging our children to copy streaming audio for their personal listening pleasure? Does the RIAA know? Sure it’s only 30 mins worth, but a precedent is a precedent, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Yo, so what ya gonna say when these little angels grow up and want to BitTorrent your backside, eh? Sorry, we were only kidding…

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Gadgets February 3, 2005 posted by

Hand on heart.

The Heart Rate Monitor Glove. In one of those peculiarly recursive facts of life, this little gizmo also includes an alarm which lets you know when your heart rate is above or below your target rate. No prizes for setting the target to zero and testing whether you still hear it go off, OK? $129.95.  Uncomfortable chest belt heart rate monitors are now a thing of the past! Providing continuous heart rate measurements, the Exercise Monitor slips onto your hand and…

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Gadgets February 3, 2005 posted by

Brain alert.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock. Hmm…as if it wasn’t enough to be woken at dawn by the clamour of a bedside alarm, we now have the fiendish puzzle clock. Wanna switch off the alarm? Gotta do the puzzle first! So, how long before this particular birthday present ends up sailing through the nearest window then? A$49.95.  This “eye opener” of a gadget is an alarm clock come 4-piece jigsaw puzzle in one. When it’s time to leave your incredibly cosy bed each…

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Gadgets February 2, 2005 posted by

Tinker bell.

The Two Way Talking Doorbell. Save yer legs, Auntie, we’ll get it! £21.99.  This clever device allows you to speak to anyone who rings your doorbell without leaving your chair. The telephone receiver can be placed anywhere in your home, upstairs or down. A great way to screen out nuisance callers, and ideal security for the old and infirm. Comes complete with 25 ft of line and LED power light, no wiring or electrician needed. Runs for up to 12…

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