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Gadgets September 16, 2005 posted by

Saitek heads up.

The Saitek A-350 Wireless Headphones. They’re black, they’re stylishly different and they’re totally, absolutely without any form of wired, cabled or tethered encumbrance. They even have neody…neodyl…neolody…cool in-ear speakers. £79.99 (which probably equates to about $99.00 in the US, pah!).   * Soft-molded over-ear style for comfort and stability * Reliable wireless solution provides up to10m range * Lightweight Neodymium speaker drivers * Ultra-lightweight rechargeable LiPol battery gives 6 hours play (for both headphones and transmitter) * Compatible with any 3.5mm…

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Gadgets September 16, 2005 posted by

The Skype Hulger Handset.

The Skype Hulger P*Phone Handset. £50.00 gets you a funky Skype compatible VoIP handset with Y cable for mic and audibles, in any colour you like as long as it’s red, black, pink or white. Also usable with cell phones, of course. Back chat retro.  When one combines the HULGER Y*CABLE with the HULGER P*PHONE, it becomes a voice over IP-Phone. Just plug it into the ‘mic’ & ‘headphone’ ports & you are ready to take calls the good, old-fashioned way….

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Gadgets September 16, 2005 posted by

Shoeshine robot.

The Shoeshine Robot. Drop your 1,000 Won ($0.10) into the slot, insert your shoes into receptacle, say a little prayer and two minutes later your black or brown fancies should emerge sparklingly clean and fresh. And hopefully not bright red with cute white laces.  

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Gadgets September 16, 2005 posted by

The camera never lies?

Watch out for a flood of no-label Chinese digital cameras to hit the shelves over the coming months. They’ll look the part, sound fancy, come with the right ticks in the specification boxes, but probably will not be that…ahem…great. Just a little warning. The CVS-599D digital camera pictured above, for example, promises 10 megapixel (read closer and it’s 5 mp interpolated), 8 x optical zoom (equivalent to 40 – 350mm but what price the optics, eh?), SD slot, 30 fps video, audio recording…

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Gadgets September 15, 2005 posted by

The Karputer.

The Karputer. Dude. It’s a komputer. That fits in a kar. Complete with a motorised 7” USB touchscreen, 2 second PlayNOW boot BIOS (which lets you play DVDs etc without having to load Windows), 1GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, DVD/CDRW and Windows XP professional. Let’s hope you don’t get the blue screen of death at 90 mph eh? £2,030.00 gets you the Ultimedia model, which comes complete with GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, multimedia and office functions and the swank screen.  If all you want…

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Gadgets September 15, 2005 posted by

Talking labels.

Talking Labels. Designed for medicinal purposes, but shirley there must be other uses? £6.99 for 60 second of label chat.  Talking Labels attach to standard packaging and allow you to record and store a voice message, which can then be played back at any time with the push of a button….The re-recordable voice message could include the name of the patient, a description of the medication, dosage instructions and any important warning notes. A clear audible message will allow the…

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Gadgets September 14, 2005 posted by

Double Vision.

The Double Vision DV Pro HeadCam. Tape or hard disk storage, 2 – 46 hour hour recording (4 to 6 hour battery), yours for a mere £2,499.00. Supercalafragalisticexpialidoshus. [Thanks Liz]  The digital video recorder (DVR) used for the DV Pro system is the world’s first hand-held video recorder and contains the most sophisticated and advanced digital technology currently available. It is designed for demanding professions and fits into a unit not much larger than a mobile phone. The hard disk can be…

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Gadgets September 13, 2005 posted by

Google Illuminator Umbrella.

The Google Illuminator Umbrella. An LED shafted umbrella to help you find your way through the thunderstorms of life’s challenges and surprises. Oh the poetry of it… $32.75.  This handsome black nylon model sports a Google logo, has a 48” arc, reliable fiberglass ribs, an illuminated shaft, and that all-important LED light display in two speeds, steady or blinking. There’s an easy on-off switch and a comfortable carrying loop on the handle, too.

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Gadgets September 13, 2005 posted by

Baby Bottom Fan.

The Baby Bottom Fan. Because a dry bottie is a healthy bottie. And the Ferret most definitely salutes the integrated anti-microbial fragrance dispenser. Big time.  Use at every diaper change ! Eliminate wetness – the number one cause of diaper rash. Foamed sponge fan blades are absolutely safe for touch…Anti-microbial fragrance(such as lavender) protects your baby from skin ailments and it also sooths your baby from any agony. Contains soothing essences of lavender, sweet smells to bring sweet dreams. It is very…

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Gadgets September 13, 2005 posted by

Progressive scan box.

The Progressive Scan Component Box. €54.90. Watch high resolution progressive scan images on your VGA monitor or projector. Supports consoles an’ stuff. Cool…  The Component VGA box offers the ultimate picture quality on your VGA monitor or VGA projector. The first adapter to truly support progressive scan modes such as 480p, 540p, 576p (50Hz) and 720p it is the perfect accessory for high-resolution playback of DVD, HDTV, XBox, Gamecube and latest PS2 models.

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Gadgets September 12, 2005 posted by


The e-Acu Pen. Non invasive acupuncture therapy without needles. Next week, creating the perfect apple pie without apples. Yummy. £24.00.  Acupuncture stimulation in a clean and painless way. No needles or piercing of the skin required. Based on traditional Chinese medicine. Locates acupuncture points for stimulation with audible signal. Adjustable intensity and duration of treatments. Helps with the control of many ailments. Full instructions and diagrams included.

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Gadgets September 12, 2005 posted by

Earlarm II.

The Earlarm II is a personal alarm clock. Set it, stick it in your ear and…Price? Who cares?  Earlarm is the world’s first ear-holding timer alarming device. Its compact and light design aIIows you carry it wherever you are and whatever you do, during housekeeping,traveling, going to and coming home from office, studying, and so forth. You can set timing of alarm up to 7 hours and 50 minutes by 5 minute increment with 6 minute’s key and SO minute’s…

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Gadgets September 12, 2005 posted by

Enema toilet.

The Lotus ATS-909 Smart Toilet is the world’s first…ahem…enema dispensing loo seat. Complete with dryer, deoderizer, heated seat and remote control. Oh, and did we mention it’s a 20 minute DIY install? They’re also apparently available for sale in Flushing, New York…[OK, quit while you’re ahead – Ed]. $499.00.  Water stream with adjustable pressure and temperature washes the anal area, making the cleaning thorough and comfortable. This is a new level of personal hygiene. Good for everybody, especially those who suffer from…

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Gadgets September 9, 2005 posted by

The Digi Bell clock.

The Karlsson Digi Bell Alarm Clock. A timepiece so cool it’s made my nose bleed. £30.00.  Innovative alarm clock designed for Karlsson by Elke van Raamsdonk .Chrome steel silver unit with red lcd display and alarm.

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Gadgets September 9, 2005 posted by

The uConnect.

The uConnect VoIP socket plugs into a USB port and lets you make Internet phone calls (including Skype) using any standard DECT or wired landline phone. Pretty cool stuff, or am I missing something here? Around £39.99/$59.99.  Bringing endless opportunites to the choice of hardware for use with VoIP, cordless and DECT phones can be connected for wireless VoIP calls. The uConnect works perfectly with all Skype’s services; Skype users can hook any regular phone to it and experience amazing call management.

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