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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets April 6, 2005 posted by

Cell Sensor EMF finder.

The Cell Sensor EMF Detector is not, contrary to rumour, designed to indicate when the European Monetary Fund is running low on convertible currencies. It is instead, dear readers, for identifying just how much of a nasty old electro-magnetic field is bathing your ear lobe and other bodily parts at any moment of the day or night. Sleep well. $39.99.  Recently, many studies have delivered warnings about long-term exposure to cell phone radiation and certain electromagnetic fields. But since these…

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Gadgets April 6, 2005 posted by

Edge yer bets!

The Eco Edge is a wildlife and weather forecasting instrument. That’s right, for $129.99 you can now predict when it’s going to rain cats and dogs. Pardon? Oh. Sorry. Apparently animal forecasting can only predict the level of animal activity, not when they’ll be falling from the sky in a steady torrent. Shame, but still, probably jolly useful for when you want to go out and kill something harmless, eh?  However, the most impressive feature is the Eco Edge’s built-in…

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Gadgets April 6, 2005 posted by

Crazy golf.

The USB Golf Launchpad. £199.95 says I can swing a cat better in my living room than you can. And break the light fittings to boot. Me and Tiger in perfect harmony!  Utilizing a flexible tether (which permits the ball to spin) and a precisely calibrated pivot, Golf Launchpad’s ball is designed to impart the same forces to the club as a free ball. This means that you feel and hear the thwack of your irons and the ping of…

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Gadgets April 6, 2005 posted by

Mono mouse.

The Mono Mouse. What a simply super duper idea. An electronic text magnifier that works via your TV. £99.00 ($198.00) [Via the Beeb]  The MonoMouse – A Revolutionary Device that Restores the Ability to Read. Easy to Use – Just plug the MonoMouse into your existing TV, no complicated wires or tuning involved! Extremely Comfortable to Use – Ideal for reading your favorite newspaper or book. Just scroll over text and begin READING! Magnification – 15x on a 14″ TV or…

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Gadgets April 5, 2005 posted by

A vee nice flash?

The Magna Vee flash attachment. The problem with most compact digital cameras is that the flash is universally awful. Enter the Zenon Magna Vee flash unit. This small £8.00 ($15.00) attachment fits onto the front of your existing digicam flash and provides a colour corrected ‘soft flash’ which can considerably improve the photographs that you take. So does it work? Read on…

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Gadgets April 4, 2005 posted by

Tiny vending valet.

The Compact Vending Machine. Set up a nice little part time vending business in your cubicle and stick it to the man. Or just drink it all yourself and smirk unbearably, why doncha? $149.95. built with a lockable compartment uses clean, quiet, environmentally friendly peltier effect electronics to keep beverages cold holds up to 11 beverage cans (12-oz) or 4 pet bottles (17-oz) 10 tokens are included for use in the coin slots designed with led lights to indicate whether…

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Gadgets April 4, 2005 posted by

Night hawk.

The Bushnell Night Hawk. There’s a bucket load of night vision gidgets on the market, but this is the first one which looks…well…funky. $229.95.  The Night Hawk is a digital compact hand-held night vision viewing system. Night time images are magnfied two times (2x) and displayed on a 1.8″ LCD viewing screen! A unique swivel viewer allows simple, easy operation and viewing. The Night Hawk has a rechargeable 2-hour battery life.

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Gadgets April 4, 2005 posted by

Tape timer.

The Kikkerland Tape Timer. An aluminium kitchen timer that’s elegant, simple and oh so effective. Nice design, eh?

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Gadgets April 1, 2005 posted by

Talking bone.

The Talking Bone. $14.99. Give your mutt a present that says ‘ouch, I love ya’ every time he plays with it. And those 10 second messages are guaranteed to puzzle too….  Your dog loves to hear the sound of his master’s voice. So give him a toy that will tell him what he loves to hear, even if you’re not at home! The Talking Bone is a soft chew toy that contains a voice module. You can record your own changeable message. When…

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Gadgets April 1, 2005 posted by

Holy cash cow…

The Batman Voice Recognition Security Safe. Holy caped crusader merchandising. £19.99.  It’s so important to keep all of your secret documents and artifacts safe and secure. With the voice activated safe that can be programmed to open with your own voice this ensures all your property is safe; can be used to store your secret Gothem gadgets; includes 10 different Batman phrases…

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Gadgets March 31, 2005 posted by

Solar so goodness.

The SolarVerter solar powered flashlight. Light and day. $24.95.   The windowsill is the place to store your flashlight. During the day, the sun’s rays recharge the NiCd batteries for up to 3 hours of flashlight use. Environmentally friendly since it uses renewable energy. Ideal for mounting on a bicycle (mounting bracket included), traveling and camping. Two switches – white light in front and 3 blinking red LED warning lights at rear.

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Gadgets March 31, 2005 posted by

Digital Sand Clock.

The Electronic Sand Timer. Weird huh? Who would have figured that you would want to combine the ancient art of sand with the modern art of LCD? And just to keep things cosy, it’s a travel alarm clock and night light too? Woot! $19.95.  It’s hard to believe…the peacefulness of a hourglass successfully combined with something digital? Excalibur now offers a unique and handsome timepiece sure to attract some attention at any event where time is on display. Think the…

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Gadgets March 30, 2005 posted by

CD Toaster.

For one delicious moment I had visions of this RCA Toaster CD player being a recorder too, spitting out ‘burnt’ CDs on cue. But then I calmed down and read the blurb. Sigh. Such is the state of this Ferret’s sad imagination. $129.00.  Nostalgic ‘Toaster’ style CD-Player with Digital Radio features: Digital Clock (LCD) with Sleep function AM/FM PLL Digital Radio Full function CD-Player (vertical slot disc) Special CD functions (repeat, program) LCD Backlit display (for tuning and radio) Built-in Speaker

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Gadgets March 29, 2005 posted by

Tix LED clock.

The Tix LED Clock. Yep, another timepiece designed to prove that the rest of us are really really stupid puny humans. Pah, so how long ‘till lunch sucka? $59.99.  Millions of patterns are possible with the futuristic-looking Tix clock, yet the clock is extremely simple to read once you grasp the basic concept. The four seperate fields act like the four digits of a digital clock. The value of each digit is simply the number of illuminated squares in each field. So any given time of the day may have…

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Gadgets March 29, 2005 posted by

Solar Bag.

The Solar Bag for all your travelling wilburys gizmos. Price $200.00. Lots and lots of street cred in your local health food store, ‘K?  This Solar Style bag provides an unlimited power source that can be used indoors and outdoors at the same time. When you need more power plug into the sun with clean green energy. You can listen to your favorite music when traveling, when bike riding, camping etc. save lots of unnecessary expenses when using the suns’ energy….

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