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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets June 14, 2005 posted by

Disc it.

Disc-It! $4.95. This cool little gidggadg for storing CD/DVD discs could change your life, foster universal harmony and produce a new era of prosperity, friendship and understanding across the world. Or just de-clutter your messy desktop. Your call, Mrs Miggins.  DISC-IT! will safely hold up to 8 of your favorite discs at a time, each separated and protected from the other by the integral stacking ring built around the center of all discs. The unique patented design requires zero concentration and can…

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Gadgets June 13, 2005 posted by


The R/C Golf Ball. Well, a radio controlled golf ball is certainly one way of demonstrating your handicap, know what I mean? £14.99 ($24.23).  The ball has a little spinning gyro in it, and when you activate it from the remote it spins off in random directions. The acceleration varies depending on the ground, and due to its small size it obviously works best on smoother surfaces such as green and tees. All you have to do is make sure you’ve…

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Gadgets June 13, 2005 posted by

Mugs away.

Geek credentials come in all shapes and sizes. Like the pen protector, duct taped glasses and USB utensil. So introducing….the Mug Boss. Pony up the $4.99 you sad sad mortals. Remember though, only drink if you clearly see liquid.  Slap a Mug Boss around your least favorite mug and it’s now a mega-strong receptacle for all your desk gear. Made with the same tough construction and materials as its larger contractor-grade cousin the Bucket Boss, the brawny Mug Boss is ready to be…

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Gadgets June 10, 2005 posted by

Explain away.

The Explanar Golf Training System. $999.00 including stance mat, instructional DVD and lace up Tiger Woods lumbar corset. OK, so we’re lying about the corset…  The Explanar turns golf swing theory into feelings, allowing the golfer to focus on executing the shot more effectively…The Explanar is also an ideal golf fitness machine. The Power Roller and the Explanar hoop work to educate the golfing muscles, strengthening both arms and back muscles as well as increasing flexibility. Weekly training and/or tuition…

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Gadgets June 10, 2005 posted by

Phono CD recorder.

Let’s imagine for one brief but glorious moment that you have the world’s largest collection of Grateful Dead bootleg LPs. But you need them converted to CD fast, before the tax man strips you of your Ben & Jerry shareholding. You have a choice. Load PC with $10.95 worth of RipVinyl, fiddle around with cables, tubes, pieces of pink gauze cloth and paper glue. Or plunk down $499.00 for an all in one Phono CD Recorder? Hmm…shush a minute, give us…

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Gadgets June 10, 2005 posted by

Rolling ball clock.

The Rolling Ball Clock. Just in case you thought that gadgets were a modern invention, check this repro 1808 clock from Sir William Congreve. Every one originally took a year to make. Probably would have sold better if he’d called it the iClock. $5,625.00 to you madam.  In 1808, Sir William Congreve created a patent on this unique clock which works by having a rolling ball slide down and rock the movement into perfect time. There is a 15 second escapement on…

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Gadgets June 9, 2005 posted by

Image optimizer.

The Cinemateq Picture Optimizer and Video Switcher. So…ah…just how image conscious are you then? €1,900.00 worth?  Bring cinema quality to your home cinema – the cinemateq picture optimizer products integrate perfectly into any home cinema system and ensure a pure cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home. Reductions to the quality caused by the video signal such as lines, image flickering, “image artefacts”, edges and fringes or contrast-, brightness- and colour-defects are a thing of the past.

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Gadgets June 9, 2005 posted by

Crank calls.

The Eton Hand Crank Radio and Cell Phone Charger. Well actually it’s a radio, charger and LED flashlight. Er..and siren. And weather warning receiver. But that’s it. Honest. $49.95.  This hand-crank radio ensures you’ll never be caught without three important foul-weather emergency tools: AM/FM/weather band radio, a flashlight, and a cell phone charger. Cranking the handle recharges the internal NiMH battery for radio use and light—and cell phones can be recharged simultaneously with the included set of five adapters.

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Gadgets June 9, 2005 posted by

The age of empire.

Dude, if you’re going to invest in a decent CD/DVD rack, make it worthwhile eh? The Empire holds 122 discs and lights up. Yes yes, you’re welcome, just remember that we work jolly hard to bring you this stuff.  CD rack for 122 units (50 CDs can be placed in the structure of the facade through the use of the swivel doors and the rest can be stored in the drawer in the pedestal.)…Seven halogen spotlights give the building a lively…

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Gadgets June 9, 2005 posted by

Joe’s BBQ.

Oddly enough, Joe’s BBQ Smoker appears to be German. Very German. From €1250.00.  Joe´s Barbeque Smoker werden vor dem Lackieren in eigener Anlage sandgestrahlt, um alle Verunreinigungen zu entfernen und eine optimale Farbhaftung zu gewährleisten.

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Gadgets June 9, 2005 posted by


Japanese Insect Cage Galleries. £9.99 for some cutesy twilight chirrups. Now that’s progress!  Each cage has a tiny little insect in it (not a real one, of course), and when you turn on the mini light, it’s bathed in an evening glow and begins to chirrup exactly like the insect would in the wild. Kick off your shoes, turn down the lights and turn up the heating, and you could be lying under the stars on a hot summer night…

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Gadgets June 8, 2005 posted by

Talk to your email.

The DV8 Voice Email Recorder. $110.00.  Plug it in to your PC and It’s ready to go. DV8 is the perfect Plug and Play Voice Email System! A system that can save you time typing out emails and meetings minutes. Easily record, transfer and keep meeting and class archives in your computer for future reference….Can’t be there?. Say it, Transfer it to your computer and Send it! It’s that simple! Universal, easy to use, DV8 Datexx Software allows you to…

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Gadgets June 8, 2005 posted by

Choc chip tech.

The Panasonic BH941P Ice Cream Maker. Technology and cordless convenience for ice-cream fetishists. Now you don’t have to pre-freeze the bucket, and in fact it looks like you make the stuff inside the freezer itself. Yummy, cool…[ahem – Ed]. £34.99.  With advanced microprocessor technology, our Ice Cream Maker creates smooth and creamy ice cream right in your freezer. The microprocessor automatically monitors the consistency of the ice cream as it hardens, mixing it when needed. It does all the work…

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Gadgets June 7, 2005 posted by

Lipstick MP3.

The Lipstick MP3 player. Voice recorder, FM radio, playback speed control and plug and play. But what you really want to know is that it’s shaped like a lipstick holder? Don’t you?

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Gadgets June 6, 2005 posted by

Foot rest.

The Osim Foot Revitalizer 2. The portable tootsie parlour. A$379.00 says you really really desperately need your toes twoggled. Now if only you could hook it up to an iPod and toe tap to the rhythm…   Deep and powerful percussion action provides deep massage at the curve of the soles. The large buttons let you adjust and control the intensity of the massage with the tapping with your toe. The incredibly lightweight design does not compromise on the power it delivers. The sleek portable design allows…

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