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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets February 28, 2005 posted by

An iMac partay.

The Eyegrabber for iMac. Because, like, Apple users are way too cool to sling their Ray Bans onto some filthy desk. $12.95.  The EyeGrabber is an accessory for your G4 iMac that holds a pair of glasses. It slips easilly on the top clear lip of the screen and keeps your glasses safely off of your work surface. Most glasses fit but we can’t guarantee that they will. Oh, and check out the SpyEye while you’re there.  We like to…

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Gadgets February 25, 2005 posted by

Here kitty, kitty…

The Infrared Cat Door. $94.99. Old pet tech updated for the new millennia? Or something. Cat hackers unite, you have nothing to lose except your free lunches.  Your cat’s collar key transmits a digital coded infrared signal, which is decoded when the key comes within range of your pet door (approximately 6 inches), permitting only pets with keys of the same code to enter the house. The door re-latches automatically after the length of time you determine. Additional keys are available…

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Gadgets February 25, 2005 posted by

Chatty pix.

The Talking Picture Frame. £20.00. Yes the Ferret knows that this is easy tech now. But we still like ‘em. Because they’re…well…cute. And wholesome. And very very Julie Andrews. So there.  This gorgeous little travel alarm clock unfolds to reveal a talking picture photo frame. Simply insert a snapshot of anyone that you’d like to see in the morning and they can record a 10-second message that will greet you as your wake-up alarm – awh! Makes a wonderful present…

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Gadgets February 25, 2005 posted by

Lyin’ tries.

The Shock Lie Detector. £19.99. Pain is clearly very 21st century. How else to explain all these rather strange devices? Tsk, getting old. Whiskers starting to crinkle.  The best lie detector of the century!! If you lie you are in for a shock – literally!! Strap your victim in and follow the set up procedure, then start the questioning. If they tell a lie the machine will zap them with a well deserved shock!! They may be able to get…

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Gadgets February 24, 2005 posted by

Tootsie shock.

The Miracle Foot Acupuncture. $99.95. Shock your way to health and happiness without sticking yer fingers in a socket. So…er…what’s a sole intensity then?  The Electrical-Wave Relaxation Foot Massager utilizes electric shocks to promote and restore blood circulation and pain relief. After a few weeks, you’ll feel the difference throughout your entire body. It has a comprehensive control board with an LED (light-emitting diode) electric wave gauge, time displayer, body intensity displayer, and sole intensity displayer. It also has an…

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Gadgets February 24, 2005 posted by

Helpful LED.

The CELF-HELP. $29.95. Dual fun. Careful you don’t wind up with a sore arm, though eh? Arf!  The compact CELF-HELP Light is powered by simply using the winding handle to recharge the internal power cell. The LED light combinations allow you to switch on two, four, all five, or just the red light for eye-friendly night viewing. It will last up to 30 minutes with just 1 minute of winding time…It also has the added benefit of being able to recharge a…

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Gadgets February 24, 2005 posted by

On, off.

The Binary Watch. £49.95 ($87.41). Now don’t go telling me all that geek machine code nonsense. Tell me about cool black cars and polo necked chauffeurs.  Ostensibly, a watch is for telling the time. But if that’s all it was for, no one would pay thousands of pounds for a Rolex. Choosing a watch has far more to do with how it looks than knowing what time it is; just look at all the watches around with only four numerals,…

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Gadgets February 23, 2005 posted by

No more tears.

The Waterless Pet Bath. $39.99. Make peace with your pooch.  The Waterless Pet Bath Brush resolves stubborn tangles with its sturdy plastic bristles while at the same time using Air Energizing Technology to clear away pet odors and dander…The Waterless Pet Bath Brush silently bathes your pet in just five minutes with trillions of super-oxygenated molecules and negative ions every second. These molecules and ions break down odors and capture the particles that cause them, leaving fresh oxygen behind.

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Gadgets February 23, 2005 posted by

Auto tune, auto listen.

Wireless Auto-Tune Speakers. $150.00 buys you speakers without wires. Without signal drift. Straight up, no kidding.  Our 900 MHz wireless speakers have up to a 150-foot signal range, so you can easily listen to music, movies or TV shows anywhere around your home or office. Set up impromptu parties on the patio. Listen in the kitchen or bedroom—all without moving your stereo system or TV or running speaker wires. Auto-tune technology automatically locks into the correct signal—there’s no tuning ever…Simply…

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Gadgets February 23, 2005 posted by

Trunk bikes.

The Motocompo Trunk Bike. Forget about the weird little motorized gizgogs and check out the surreal advertising. What is that place, a woodland fast food grotto? With a phone on a tree? Beam me up, Scottie.

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Gadgets February 22, 2005 posted by

Watch and listen.

The Casio Wrist Audio Player. $376.00. Limp wrist, Limp Biskit.  Wearable MP3 format file player Built-in 32MB MMC Approximate Play time: 33 min (High quality); 44 min (Medium quality); 66 min (Low quality) Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

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Gadgets February 22, 2005 posted by

Retro raison.

The Retro Clock Radio Telephone. If you’ve got to go retro, do it properly we say. Or in Bakelite. $79.00.  This neat clock radio telephone features 4 Hand Analog Clock AM/FM Radio with Phone! Buttons: Radio On/Off, AM/FM Band, Tuning, Volume, Alarm On/Off, Snooze/Dial light, Receiver volume Hi/Lo, Ringer volume Hi/Lo, Tone/Pulse, Flash/Redial.

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Gadgets February 22, 2005 posted by


AM/FM Binoculars. These partic-ular binoc-ulars are extracuric-ular all round. £19.99.  Ideal for sports enthusiasts everywhere, these small but powerful binoculars also house a detachable sacnning AM/FM radio allowing the user to listen to scores & commentary both locally and nationally whilst keeping a close eye on the action. Cool gadget!

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Gadgets February 21, 2005 posted by

Rock n’ Soul.

The iRocks MP Car IR-1100. FM radio, cigar socket adapter, player charger, USB MP3 player. Plug into your car lighter socket, slot in your USB MP3 player and rockz and rollz. Or waltz. Or wateva, dude!  the input receiving radio (the FM radio) with in car audio the transmission! When only radio frequency it fixes, there is a possibility of listening to high-pitched tone question music. The use }mp{3 / }cdp{/ PDA / cassette reel mouth back various sounder is…

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Gadgets February 21, 2005 posted by

Spy Bug.

Spy Bug. Just another way for you and your family to grow ever closer together. £12.00. “I’m telling you Martha, you’ve got to discipline the sneaky little brat, or there’s no telling what he’ll….hey, what’s this stuck to the underside of the bed….did you….?”  Simply pop this super-duper spy bug on any surface and you can listen in to people’s conversations from another room in your house. The antenna transmits to the clip on receiver unit, through walls, for a distance of up…

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