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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets March 22, 2005 posted by

Zero friction.

ZeroFriction Infinity mouseskates. Did you people know about this? That there are Teflon coated mice feet out there? To give super fast mouse response on super tech mousepads? Well did you? Shocked.  The unique material guarantees that the coefficient of static friction and gliding friction are almost the same,which means no abrupt change of feeling when you suddenly start to move the mouse or stop it…made with 0.5mm pure Teflon, therefore it could provide much longer life time than other mousekates on…

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Gadgets March 21, 2005 posted by

Static pen.

The Static Zapper Pen. What a shockingly good idea. $29.00.  You can detect and zap the dangerous static with this coolest pen from Japan. If you deal with computer parts, this is the pen for you. Do you get static shocks?…Yes!!…This one is for you

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Gadgets March 18, 2005 posted by

Take me to the pilot.

The Micro Road Pilot. The world’s smallest GPS road safety system. Road safety in this context means avoiding speeding tickets, of course. But you knew that didn’t you? Oh, and for all you colonist heathen, that’s a pound coin you’re looking at. Majestic isn’t it? £399.95 ($699.91).   The Micro RoadPilot doesn’t just deal with the standard speed cameras – it can help you if you break down too. Not sure where you are? The Pilot’s RescueME positioning guide shows you…

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Gadgets March 18, 2005 posted by

Ruff the robot.

iCybie. Getting more spooky, folks. Don’t let the cute little nose fool ya.  Emotions (happy, hyper, sad, sick), voice recognition, party tricks, motion sensor, walk up charger, infrared comms, edge detection, petting sensor. $239.95.  Made of 1,400 parts and over 90 feet of wire, your robotic canine friend will happily wander around your house, greet you, wag his tail and give you his paw. The ideal pet for the 21st century…With smooth and slick maneuverability, i-Cybie has 14 doggie actions all activated…

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Gadgets March 17, 2005 posted by

Sky time.

The Sky Time watch. $199.00 buys you more tech than the Moon Lander. Apparently.  We don’t call this The Smartest Watch on Earth for nothing. This computer controlled analog and digital watch tells time in four simultaneous time zones. It predicts Sun rise, Sun set, Moon rise, Moon set and Moon phase for 500 preprogramed cities or any location on earth. There are 26 unique features built into this stunning time piece. These include Alarms, Stop watch, Counter and 24…

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Gadgets March 17, 2005 posted by

Chuck n’ chat.

The Electronic Talking Dartboard. “Ouch! Stop throwing those things at me. No, I mean it. Stop. Look…” $99.95.  Take aim, throw a winner – and hear the electronic announcer shout “bulls-eye!” Soft-tip darts – with the same heft and feel as regular darts – and an abundance of advanced features make this both a safe and exciting game for your family and friends. The full, tournament-size dartboard offers 30 different games with more than 150 options. And it keeps score…

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Gadgets March 16, 2005 posted by

iBeam you gleam.

The iBeam Optical Timepiece. $99.95. It’s a watch. No it’s not, it’s a timepiece. With a magnifying glass. And LED flashlight. Oooh!!  Built into the watch’s face is an optically certified 5x magnifying lens that pops up at the touch of a button. This is especially handy when it comes to reading maps, menus, food labels, phone books… Also discreetly hidden in the watch’s casing is a high-powered LED flashlight. This light turns on and off with a touch of…

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Gadgets March 16, 2005 posted by

9999 in 1.

The 9999 in 1 games console. $10.95. The Ferret got caught out once before with one of these supposed uber games consoles (actually only had 100 games in it). Call us gullible but here’s another one. Now c’mon, why do you folks keep reading our drivel, it’s quite clear that we’re dumb as a rock!  9999 Computer Games and Calculator. Features tons of games: super brick games, shooting brick games, bowling games, boxing games, car racing games, pinball games, space invaders games, shooting…

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Gadgets March 16, 2005 posted by

Ring, ding, wake.

The Payphone Alarm Clock Bank. Shame this isn’t a real payphone too. That would be super silly…neat. $45.00.  The hour and minute hands glow in the dark for easy readability at night. The alarm feature sounds like the ringing of a telephone with some background music. When the On / Off switch is pressed an operator will say “Good Morning! In order to speak 3 minutes more, please deposit twenty-five cents.”

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Gadgets March 15, 2005 posted by

Pilots rule.

The Slide Rule Watch. I’m sorry, but to do this properly they really ought to have made it steam driven too. But hey, it’s a start. $250.00.  This watch from Torgoen will allow you to step back in time a little bit. Featuring a circular slide rule that can solve time, distance and speed equations, it can also perform a wide variety of calculations. These include currency conversions, multiplication and division and any conversion of a linear nature such as…

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Gadgets March 15, 2005 posted by

Charge card.

The FreeCharge Portable Marine Power Pack. The clever folk at Freeplay have developed a step charger for boats and cars an’ stuff. Hook it up to yer iPod and hop, dance, power, listen all night long.  Powered by human energy through step action and able to jump start a boat or automobile battery, and power a wide array of instruments and accessories, it is the definitive backup power device for any emergency situation.

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Gadgets March 15, 2005 posted by

Slot happy.

May we gently suggest that you forego the traditional annual pilgrimage to Nevada this year and stay home with the family and your 19 inch Mega Million Slot machine instead? You’ll probably save much more than $330.00.  Identical sounds and lights of real machines. Pull the handle to spin the reels. Automatic jackpot releases all the coins.

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Gadgets March 14, 2005 posted by

Al fresco deluxe.

Take one European Solar Oven (Specially designed mirrors collect solar energy and concentrate it…enough to boil, stew, grill, or bake most foods in one to two hours) a Picnic Table in a box (portable solid ash table set and nylon umbrella that unfolds from its own integrated 12” x 48” case…less than two minutes of setup), throw in a Rolling Cooler with Radio (has multiple insulated sections, durable wheels, and a built-in AM/FM radio, all of which you can pull behind you…

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Gadgets March 14, 2005 posted by

Sonic Devestator.

The Sonic Devestator. $300.00 assembled. Scary sausages.  This handheld space age weapon of the future is powered by (2) 9 volt batteries conatined [sic] within the handle. It is capable of emitting intense ultrasonic blasts from its output transducer…It is effective for approximately 20ft but some people are even effected at distances as great as 50ft… A good example of the type of irritation it produces is to say its like somebody scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard but at 130…

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Gadgets March 11, 2005 posted by


The Magnatune TunePlug. Neat idea indeed, John. Flash memory drive + 10 MP3 albums on board. [Thanks RC]  Magnatune TunePlug is an MP3 collection of 10 complete rock albums on a reusable USB 2.0 Flash Drive. The MP3 music tracks can be played and transferred to any computer or portable player. The TunePlug can be reused to transport or store files on Windows, Mac or Linux computer.

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