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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets May 18, 2005 posted by

Smart Park.

The Smart Park system. Moving the parking meter inside the vehicle. Sounds good to me.   Smart Park is an In Vehicle Parking Meter (IVPM) device resembling a pocket calculator with a slot for a smart card. The smart card activates Smart Park. SP’s LCD acts both as a user interface for easy motorist operation and as a display for parking enforcement. Motorist selections are keyed into SP’s small keyboard. SP stores the municipal parking parameters, calculates the parking fee,…

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Gadgets May 18, 2005 posted by

Fly by.

The TrafficScope Micro 200. If I was 10,000 feet in the air on a dodgy approach in a sudden downpour, I’d want one of these puppies plugged in next to me. Oh yes I would. Of course if I was flying something too that would help. $299.00.  While no collision avoidance device takes the place of proper traffic scanning procedures, Micro is an invaluable tool to alert you to traffic you may not have known was there. You can’t see…

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Gadgets May 18, 2005 posted by

Wag a Flag.

Wag-A-Flag. $19.98.  Take advantage of this revolutionary way to show your American pride. WAG-A-FLAG is a one-of-a-kind suspended animation display. With a twist of your wrist, spin the WAG-A-FLAG and instantly see the U.S. Flag and a patriotic message appear in thin air. At the same time, it will play patriotic songs such as the Star Spangled Banner. With its bright red, white, and blue lighted display and upbeat music, WAG-A-FLAG adds excitement to any event.

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Gadgets May 17, 2005 posted by

Football playa.

The world’s first Football MP3 Player? The M890–34 offers USB 2.0, voice recording, lyric display and can last for 12 hours on just one AAA battery. Which is more than can be said for Manchester United players, eh? Price? Around £800 million. Oh you mean the MP3 thingy? Sorry, no idea.  

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Gadgets May 17, 2005 posted by

Phone Skype.

The BeyondTel PhoneSkype SK-04. Next generation USB Internet phone. I’m a Major Global Telecom Executive. I stopped sleeping well at nights a while ago. The headaches are also getting worse. Around $26.00 FOB China. Full dialling keypad  Loud ring on call Non-echo speakerphone Headset socket

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Gadgets May 17, 2005 posted by


The i-Bod Tanning Airbrush. Tanfastic vision of stripey people the world over comparing botched body art. It’s rechargeable, but should be solar powered really, shouldn’t it? £39.99 ($62.88).  Get a gorgeous tan in the comfort of your own home with the fantastic I-Bod Airbrush Tanning System. It’s the easiest way to apply sunless tanning solutions to your body. The IBod tanning system, sprays out a fine mist that dries completely in 5-10 minutes. Rechargable battery for cord free convenience allows I-Bod to be…

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Gadgets May 16, 2005 posted by

Wi blue heaven.

The Suncore BlueWiFly combo. Bluetooth and 802.11g WiFi in one small USB dongle. This is yer thinking man’s wireless, dude. Priced at around $89.00.  The multi-purpose design provides an instant internet connection superbly via high speed of 54Mbps 11g Wireless LAN while you still work on with other Bluetooth enabled devices within the personal area network. The explicit design features a well-managed antenna isolation to allow Bluetooth & WLAN co-existences; and work concurrently without any interferences. Simple & easy “Auto-Run” installation…

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Gadgets May 16, 2005 posted by

Aibo dogs it.

AIBO does Daft Punk for some reason. Otherwise known as the world’s first AIBO dance contest. Weird marketing submerges the world like a bad hair-do.  Daft Punk’s new album ‘Human After All’ is a masterpiece of mind-blowing techno dance and pop-funk. Now it’s time for you to get in on the action! We’ve just launched the world’s first AIBO dance contest with great prizes including a trip for two to the 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan, an AIBO ERS-7…

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Gadgets May 16, 2005 posted by

Staple fare.

Consign whole galaxies to random annihilation with the Hitchhiker’s Guide Vogon Stapler. $50.00.  This film accurate, highly detailed item is hand painted resin. Direct from film prop Limited to 1000 pieces Signed by Film Makers

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Gadgets May 13, 2005 posted by

Dream Genie.

The Road Genie. Ferget all those fancy GPS doo-dads, just ask this puppy fer info on the nearest McDonalds and it’ll spew speak it right back at yer. The two of you will probably then spark up an incredible relationship, which will last until one or other has to leave for college in Utah. $39.90.  The Road Genie is the first of its kind electronic travel guide that responds to your voice!…The Road Genie uses advanced computer mapping to cover…

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Gadgets May 13, 2005 posted by

Motionless Mona.

The Motion Sickness Relief Band. No, not the Bee Gees. Although for $109.95 it might as well be.   * Patented FDA-cleared technology provides relief from motion sickness. * Simple, non-invasive, reusable and drug-free — no side effects. * Band sends a gentle pulse of electricity. * Appears to interfere with nausea messages between the stomach and brain.

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Gadgets May 13, 2005 posted by

Monkey see, monkey blow.

The Blow Monkey Nail Dryer. Like, yeah. It’s kinda, well, cuteafunkydolicious, isn’t it? Isn’t it? £4.95. [via ShinyShiny]  If you’re tired of flapping your hands about like you’ve got some kind of nervous tic in an attempt to dry your nail varnish, this is for you. The Blow Monkey is nothing to do with the pretentious late 80s band – it’s a handy little device that not only speeds your way to pristine nails, but brightens up your day with…

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Gadgets May 12, 2005 posted by

Tooth Masseuse.

The Tooth Masseuse wafer. $39.95. A tooth massager. For relieving the pain of childbirth. Oh wait, maybe that’s an epidural.  The ToothMasseuse eliminates or greatly reduces the pain associated with orthodontic treatments. A 15 minute massage immediately following an orthodontic adjustment will help reduce the pain even before it begins, as well as reduce the treatment time and improve the results!…Simple to operate, just place the mouthpiece over the “high” or “low” terminal, turn it on and gently bite down on…

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Gadgets May 12, 2005 posted by

AC deucy USB.

The AC to USB Adapter. Thing is sometimes you need a USB power-up and you don’t have the original adapter. Well now you do. Flat or round pin. $18.00.   AC to USB Adapter (1000mA). Transform AC power to USB power, best for changing high capacity devices with USB cable.

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Gadgets May 12, 2005 posted by

PP9 LED redux

Hmm…looks like someone has improved on the old PakLite 9V LED flashlight concept. Ah me, the nature of life and competition now ships with six bulbs and a swivel head. Around $25.00. Oh and you need more bright lights? Well here you go.

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