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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets February 3, 2005 posted by

Brain alert.

The Puzzle Alarm Clock. Hmm…as if it wasn’t enough to be woken at dawn by the clamour of a bedside alarm, we now have the fiendish puzzle clock. Wanna switch off the alarm? Gotta do the puzzle first! So, how long before this particular birthday present ends up sailing through the nearest window then? A$49.95.  This “eye opener” of a gadget is an alarm clock come 4-piece jigsaw puzzle in one. When it’s time to leave your incredibly cosy bed each…

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Gadgets February 2, 2005 posted by

Tinker bell.

The Two Way Talking Doorbell. Save yer legs, Auntie, we’ll get it! £21.99.  This clever device allows you to speak to anyone who rings your doorbell without leaving your chair. The telephone receiver can be placed anywhere in your home, upstairs or down. A great way to screen out nuisance callers, and ideal security for the old and infirm. Comes complete with 25 ft of line and LED power light, no wiring or electrician needed. Runs for up to 12…

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Gadgets February 2, 2005 posted by


The Automated Twirling Spagetti Fork. $11.95. Insert clever Ravioli Forno joke here!  Twirling is a better way to eat spaghetti and the motorized fork automatically winds up the pasta on the end of the fork! Now there’s less mess, more satisfying bites and 100% twirling fun. Battery operated

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Gadgets February 2, 2005 posted by


  Swedish Army Firesteel. Apparently this is the thing to use if you want to start a fire out in the wilds. Not two damp twigs. Who’d a guessed it? $39.95.  Originally developed for the Swedish Department of Defence, this army model of the Swedish FireSteel is a flash of genius. It’s 3,000°C spark makes fire building easy in any weather or altitude. 1. Durable – lasts at least 12,000 strikes 2. Works equally well when wet

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Gadgets February 2, 2005 posted by

You go, Migo.

The Migo Smart Watch. $229.95. Remember that clever Migo software and USB key? Well they’ve ported it to a 512MB USB 2.0 memory watch now. And also to the iPod apparently.   Migo Smart Watch displays not only the time, it allows you access to your Outlook email and files wherever you go. With Migo, any computer can have the look and feel of your home or work computer, including your Internet Explorer Favorites and Wallpaper. Use Migo to send…

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Gadgets February 1, 2005 posted by


The RF Detector Pen. Freak out hotel chambermaids by wandering around the premises with this gidget while softly muttering things like ‘I’m sure they landed near here somewhere’, in a dark and mysterious tone. $49.98.  Protect yourself from hidden cameras with high-tech countersurveillance. Detect and expose phone taps and peeping cameras in dressing rooms, public bathrooms, dormitories, or offices with this discreet and effective Pen RF Detector. Designed to look like a stylish pen … it really writes! You simply press…

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Gadgets February 1, 2005 posted by

Robo Parrot.

Parrobot. The. Most. Annoying. Gadget. Evar? £24.95.  Be careful what you utter around him since he will record and repeat whatever you say while shaking its head and tail He will giggle and flap his wings when he finds something funny! Even his beak moves when talking or singing. Lift its wings and hear Parrobot giggle. Don’t smoke around him since it affects his delicate throat causing him to cough. Records up to 20 sentences or songs; each recording Approximately…

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Gadgets January 31, 2005 posted by

Time flies!

The MiG-29 Panel Clock. $179.00. Strictly for high-flyers, eh? Arf!  Some of the fastest and highest-flying Russian combat aircraft (such as MiG-25, MiG-29 and Su-27) have now been decommissioned, and we have their instrument panel clocks! Original A.F. issue, mil-spec, designed to withstand speeds of Mach 3 (1,800 mph) and altitudes of 100,000′. Built to keep time flawlessly while pulling 6 G’s! A 27-volt heater ensures operation even at -70°F! 25-jewels spread over three precision mechanical movements inside all-steel, dust/water-proof case.

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Gadgets January 31, 2005 posted by

Cough, splutter.

The USB Smokeless Car Ashtray. $19.99. It’s an ashtray. That works off USB. With a fan and filter and little red headlights. Sheesh, just give up the weed, OK?  Because this stuff is getting too weird.  A small ashtray with USB power to operate the absorbing fan/filter. Use it to cutdown on smoke and odors around your desk or take it on the road using the included Car to USB Adaptor. The ashtray section can easily removed for quick cleaning. Opening and…

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Gadgets January 31, 2005 posted by

Beer alarm.

The Beer Burglar Alarm. £6.95. Clearly desperate times are here, peeps. What are the chances that both drink and alarm go missing first time out?  The Beer Burglar Alarm is a simple but effective device, designed to protect your drink from thirsty thieves. This mini alarm attaches to a glass or bottle, and should anyone move into the 25cm (10”) ‘exclusion zone’ surrounding your beer, it will alert you instantly, allowing you to rush back and rescue it. You can choose…

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Gadgets January 31, 2005 posted by


Virtual Indoor Golf. $249.00. OK, so it’s raining. Just clear out the living room, park the family in the garage with a Thermos and sandwiches and try not to wreck the carpet. Likely?  Unlike other computer games that require you “swing” by using your mouse or keypad, Virtual Golf lets you play with your own golf clubs. It’s great for those just beginning to understand the game, as well as those who are more advanced thanks to its five different…

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Gadgets January 31, 2005 posted by

Powerless rodent!

The Battery Free Wireless Mouse. £29.99. No wires, no batteries, just an induction mouse mat. Will this tech catch on? Hmm…  The BatteryFREE Wireless Optical Mouse does not need a battery to keep powered on. It works with its ingenious Mouse Pad. The Mouse Pad will transfer constant power to the mouse and whenever the mouse is placed on the mouse pad which is plugged to the computer via a USB connector. Lift the mouse way above the mouse pad, and it receives…

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Bizarre January 28, 2005 posted by

Shoehorn tech.

The Personal Stereo Center. If unrelated features were a virus, this puppy would have a very bad rash indeed. Alarm clock which accepts MP3 music/audio input from any plug-in USB drive, iPod etc. Flashing Night light function Digital timer Digicam card reader Stereo system with inbuilt speakers and amplifier Disco effect flashing clock face pulses in time with the music…

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Gadgets January 28, 2005 posted by

Can do.

The CanMate car refrigerator and warmer. Heat or cool your bevvies on the go. $88.99.  Cooling – Keeping the temperature of canned beverage or bring it to a lower temperature.At room temperature of 30°C, the canned beverage could reach 2°C (Temperature of the cooling container reaches below ) Heating – Keeping the temperature of canned beverage at 48 ~ 53°C (Temperature of the heating container reaches 50 ~ 60°C

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Gadgets January 28, 2005 posted by

Go copy.

The GoDVD Video Enhancer. Backup your DVD movies the analogue way? $99.99.  Preserve your memories to DVD and enhance their video image at the same time with the GoDVD Video Enhancer, which easily allows you to transfer any type of VHS format as well as “protected” DVD content to DVD, Four output signal enhancement modes will stabilize video signals for crisp copies: Set your GoDVD to Normal, Enhanced, Darker or Black/White for improved image quality, and the video enhancers digital technology…

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