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Things that go ‘boo’ in the night!

Gadgets March 8, 2005 posted by

Underwater tank.

The Underwater Tank. Why not spend some time really getting to know your fish with this aquarium and underwater periscope combo? The best fun you can have without going Glug! £29.99 ($48.49).  The scope works like a reverse periscope – a system of lenses and mirrors give you the feeling that you are observing from inside a mini submersible. Pointing deep into the tank, the periscope lets you inspect your fish at their own level, and a fish feeder has…

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Gadgets March 8, 2005 posted by

The big picture.

Dude. Don’t pfaff about with those teeny tiny desktop digital picture frames. Get yourself a man sized 19” Bigeframe and do things properly. Like they do in Texas. $899.00 with remote control.  It will look great on any wall. All models set less than 2 inches from back to front and are made for hanging on a wall. A Bigeframe will accept any Compact Flash memory card and show the .jpg pictures or Mpeg movies you have taken! With this large…

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Gadgets March 7, 2005 posted by

Jack be nimble.

The Nimble VR. Ditch the boring headset for Skype calls and plug this purty lookin’ speaker/mic combo into your computer instead. It’ll do wonders for your self-confidence, trust me. $80.00.  Crystal-Clear Sound Quality with Echo-Canceling & Full-Duplex Technologies User-Friendly Controls and Installation; just Plug It in and It Works! Flexible Connectivity with Cell Phone Cool Blue Panel Lights Up with the Conversation

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Gadgets March 7, 2005 posted by

Bluetooth cassette.

The Abe Bluetooth Cassette Adapter. Too funky. And before you say it, yes my car does still have a cassette slot in it.  Now you can listen to your favorite MP3 tunes through any ordinary cassette tape recorder. The Abe BT 80C Bluetooth Stereo Cassette wirelessly connects Bluetooth-enabled music players or PC to your car or home stereo tape recorder. Just put the Bluetooth Stereo Cassette into any cassette tape recorder, pair and connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled audio devices…

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Gadgets March 7, 2005 posted by

Pet foodie.

The Small Pet Feeders. Is it a small pet feeder, or small pet fee…aw never mind. Anyway, yet another way to let you avoid your pet as much as you like. Coming soon, a baby and toddler version. $199.99.  The Autopetfeeder is a low-maintenance pet feeder that automatically dispenses your pet’s favorite dry food! Just fill the see-through container with pet food, and the Autopetfeeder will release a pre-determined amount of food at any time of day you choose. Designed…

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Gadgets March 4, 2005 posted by


Brrr…it’s snowing here in…er…snowy London, so a good time to introduce the SSX Snowboarder. It’s a controller with the game built in. Just plug in to your TV and swwoooosh! Or something. £44.99 ($72.75).  This superb piece of kit rips the usual game console from you hands and puts you on the board itself, controlling the action on screen with realistic snowboard control. Your moves on the board control the action with four adrenalin-pumping games: Show Off, Time Challenge, Pipedream…

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Gadgets March 4, 2005 posted by


The Surpriser. Shocking idea really. £9.95.  The supriser great fun any place in the house. Example place in bathroom, someone walks in flip`s on the light. The surpriser get`s ready, the unsuspecting victim goes about his business, ten seconds later the supriser strikes with howling laughter,Gotcha

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Gadgets March 4, 2005 posted by

Tweetie tat.

The Tweetie Bird clock, radio, telephone. Aaarrrgh! $89.00.  NEW animated talking TWEETY BIRD Clock, Radio, and Telephone all in one. You’ll get a good chuckle when the phone rings and Tweety blinks his eyes as he sings and talks.

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Gadgets March 3, 2005 posted by

Powerboard 2.

The Powerboard 2. With wireless remote control. £139.00 buys you some broken bones and an indescribable feeling of unbalanced terror? No? Oh sorry.  So now with the fantastic powerboard 2, that is once of course you’ve mastered how to balance on it, you can litterally jump on board and by using the hand held remote control scoot to intense speeds of firstly 0-9mph in intense seconds, then speeds of upto 15mph, with integrated braking system so you can stop safely!

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Gadgets March 3, 2005 posted by

Motor cone.

The Motorized Ice Cream Cone. Because slurping is for the birds. Good grief, have we truly come to this? $8.99.  Takes a licking, keeps cone from dripping! This ingenius patented gadget (US Patent # 5,971,829) automatically turns your ice cream while you lick. No more manually rotating the cone! No drips, no mess! Great for pudding and other desserts. Detachable and dishwasher safe cup.

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Gadgets March 3, 2005 posted by

Wirefree, voice caster.

The Wirefree Intercom. Designed to save your voice by providing instant portable intercom service throughout your massive mansion. $149.95.  The Wireless Intercom requires no connection to wall power and acts as a two-way, digital, wireless voice communication system. With ultra-clear sound quality, this system is simple to set up, and features multi channels with unlimited unit expansion. Its “paging” function allows you to broadcast to all the stations in the location, and then speak to the responding station privately, with…

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Gadgets March 2, 2005 posted by

Sleepy heads.

The Ameriphone Wake Assure Alarm Clock. Sleepy head? Really really sleepy? Then you really really need an alarm clock with a loud buzzer, bed shaker and flashing lamp feature. Or save the cash and find a light sleeping sadist of a partner? $79.00.  With its loud buzzer, flashing lamp and strong bed shaker, the Wake Assure will wake up even the deepest sleeper • The super bright 2″ display makes it easy to read the time – day or night • Loud…

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Gadgets March 2, 2005 posted by


The Crosley Stack-o-Matic. Isn’t it kind of weird to pay $179.00 for a device you couldn’t *give* away 10 years ago? And let’s not talk about how autochangers really cherish your precious vinyl platters, eh?   Considered a luxury by their parents, but a staple for 50s era teens, the record changer quickly became a part of every American home. This classic beauty features the traditional vinyl cabinet with authentic accent work—including the mesh chrome grillwork. Turntable holds up to eight 7”, 10”…

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Gadgets March 2, 2005 posted by

Paint power.

The Paintball Splat Gun. Warning: this is not yer granny’s favourite indoor parlour game, OK? £12.95.   This sleek 11″ (28cm) silver gun fires small paintballs accurately over a long range; we estimated at least 50 metres (the minimum recommended shooting distance is 5 metres). The balls are fired by a high-powered spring mechanism as no batteries or CO2 are required, unlike some similar models…The paint is bio-degradable and water based so it washes off. Protective goggles and a wipeable…

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Gadgets March 1, 2005 posted by

Bed lamb.

The Massaging Bed Rest with Heat. Spend more time in bed and relieve your lumbar. Before it relieves you. $125.00.  Relieve the day’s tension with a soothing, heated massage right from the comfort of your bed. Choose high or low speed or an innovative pulsating program to invigorate sore muscles. Add concentrated heat for gentle relief to your lumbar region and lower back. Flexible LED reading lamp bends into any position to properly light up reading materials or any project.

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