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hardware February 25, 2005 posted by

Waste not…

Sharp Kitchen Composters. Oh yes please. Please. And nappies too please, kind sirs?  The NP-40/20CX series of composters can break down almost all organic kitchen waste in a single day, dramatically reducing the disposal volume and, at the same time, practically eliminating odors generated during processing. This energy-efficient system employs a blend of microbes that work at ordinary room temperatures and do not require a heater to raise the temperature of the waste. The Composting Bio Mix carrier has a…

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hardware February 25, 2005 posted by

X Files.

X-Keys. Easier data input via an add-on macro keypad for your PC. £79.95. Fingerlicious, but a tad expensive?  Reduce the number of key strokes you would normally use through the programmable 16 key keypad:- e.g. assign common strings of keystrokes, commonly used addresses or footers and launch applications…The programmable 16 key keypad can hold strings of button presses of up to 900 characters long. Mouse and game pad functions may also be assigned to the pad. The 16 keys give you…

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hardware February 16, 2005 posted by

Sockit to ’em.

The Socket SDIO 56K modem card. For Pocket PCs. S’it really. $119.00.  Socket Introduces World’s First V.92 SDIO 56K Modem for Pocket PCs…transforms a Pocket PC with an SDIO slot into a portable data communications tool, enabling Pocket PC users to access the Internet with any available analog phone line.

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hardware February 7, 2005 posted by

Ski daddle.

The Smig 2000. Hmm…Smig 2000? Sounds like a Dr Evil machine worth …one …billion …dollars! Actually it’s a downhill ski and snowboarding machine from sunny Poland. And no, we don’t know why Polish snow appears to be green! [Thanks Kevin]   The training and rehabilitation device SMIG 2000 is a motorised downhill ski-slope. The skier remains in the same place, and the slope moves at a controlled speed and steepness, which makes an impression of skiing in virtually real conditions. Additionally, the motorised…

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hardware February 4, 2005 posted by

VR vroom.

The new Vortek VR arcade machine. PC based, boom mounted virtual reality headset booth with networking built in. You will not believe just how dorky people look when they’re playing this thing. Dance Revolution? Pah! [Thanks Kevin at The Stinger Report]

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hardware February 4, 2005 posted by

Switch and wait.

The Military Switch. $13.99. There is a school of thought which says that you’re not a real man until you pop open the red cover and flick that world saving switch with tense gruff macho. Well it worked for Sean Connery. And the Ferret is gullible enough to believe anything, as y’all know by now.  The military-look of this mod switch tells your LAN party opponents what you already know. You mean business. These switches offer an updated look to your PC, while offering…

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hardware February 3, 2005 posted by

Player piano.

The new $199.99 Casio LK-90TV appears to be the state of the art in home keyboard funskiness, although we’re not sure if it’ll teach you how to lipsynch badly on a late night chat show. Features include 100 in-built songs which you can playalongawith using light-up keys, 65 karaoke ‘classics’ and USB, TV, MIDI and Smartmedia ports.   A key Lighting System, an Advanced 3- Step Lesson System and a scoring system make practise more enjoyable and useful. With the capabilities of connecting to…

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hardware February 3, 2005 posted by

Open and shut case?

The GM200 Biometric Briefcase. With optional handle. Not Handel dufus, handle. For carrying your precious drugs, handguns and spare passports apparently. Or truncheon if’n you’re here in the UK? $399.95.   BioSâf GM200 eliminates the need for keeping track of keys or remembering a combination, password, or PIN. It can only be opened when an authorized user is present, since there are no keys or combinations to be copied or stolen, or locks that can be picked. State of the…

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hardware January 27, 2005 posted by


The Pug Vault. RAID data mirroring, Web interface admin, remote access file sharing, Mac, PC and Linux compatible. $699.00. Sounds like a product.  The Pug Vault is a server appliance that allows you to share files across a network. The difference between Pug Vault and other devices is that Pug uses the power of RAID technology to continually keep a secondary copy of your data. Through RAID technology, your data is copied to both your hard drive and raid drive simultaneously….

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Gadgets January 27, 2005 posted by

Talk to the digit, the face ain’t…

The Talking Timer. The world’s first deliberately annoying gadget? $19.99.  The trouble with ordinary clocks and timers is that unless they’re in your line of sight, you never know how much time is left before the alarm rings. But that’s not so with the Talking Timer, a revolutionary device that announces how much time is left, eliminating the need to visually check for yourself. Using a pleasant, human voice, the talking timer announces the remaining time every hour, every ten…

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hardware January 25, 2005 posted by

Return of the Clones.

  The HDV-8500 Duplicator/Player. The photo may be teeny, but the functionality of this puppy is anything but. As well as being a standard DVD/VCD/MP3 and audio CD player, it will also duplicate/copy your CDs/DVDs and offers a one button 7–in-1 memory card copier too, and all without a PC. Not sure whether it’ll let you backup those copy protected movies though…

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hardware January 21, 2005 posted by

Track trasher.

The Data Destroyer Office Pro.  $199.00. Phew, for a moment there, the Ferret thought this was called the Office Destroyer Data Pro. But we digress. Oh and there’s probably no truth in the rumours that the company recently demonstrated the unit by loading up batches of the latest Avril Lavigne album.  Businesses can now destroy the information on up to 50 discarded CDs and/or DVDs by pressing a single button with Data Destroyer Office PRO… The unit applies thousands of tiny imprints to…

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