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Do it yourself, dude!

diy January 27, 2005 posted by

Gumball rally.

The Gumball PC. The Mac mini? Pah!  The total build time for this project was just under two weeks, at about 1-2 hours per evening. This includes down time waiting for paint to dry, hanging out at the local watering hole with friends, playing on the weekends and the five weeks (the entire month of November) when suddenly I no longer had “too much time on my hands” due to downsizing at that four-letter place, work.

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diy January 26, 2005 posted by


OK, so plugging a mobile phone innards into a 1950s rotary landline phone is fun. Now can we have our lava lamp back, please mister?  Why wouldn’t it be cool to see a rotary phone, ringing, with no wires attached? It might mess with your brain a bit. Turns out I am very glad there is no such thing as a cellular rotary phone – the dialing takes forever! And here in Colorado – on a 10-digit dialing system – you…

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diy January 25, 2005 posted by

Homebrew DS power.

How to make your own Nintendo DS USB power cable.  !!! WARNING !!! Attempt the following AT YOUR OWN RISK! If you don’t have a strong understand on electronics and wiring, I strongly advise not attempting this on your own. Messing with electronics can mess up you system, as well as possible [sic] yourself, if you are not careful.

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diy January 24, 2005 posted by

Make sweet music.

The DIY Yampp (yet another mp3 player). Dude, know that iPod mini you’ve got down on your birthday list? Why not scrub it and make your own MP3 player instead? You know you’ll feel better for it. You can get the parts here. Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, try this? Or for the truly masochistic…  Well, so it’s another MP-3 Player. So what ? It seems that today, about second site on the ‘net has a description of how…

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