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Free Software January 3, 2002 posted by

I remember looking at a bit of software called Sensiva a while back which let you control your computer using a nifty method of on screen commands with your right mouse button. It was very cool, but didn’t work brilliantly and seemed a little too big to hover around in memory. Now I’ve just come across this neat little alternative freeware called Stroke-it! which does it better, is smaller and doesn’t cost the $19.95 of Sensiva. It’s the first cool…

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NetStumbler - freeware WiFi program helps optimise…

Thu 22 Nov 2007

NetStumbler. An ugly but functional free wireless network sniffer program which gives an overview of the wireless networks in your […]

CamSpace - control your video games and…

Thu 17 Jul 2008

CamSpace is a new freeware program that lets you use your webcam as a controller. Well to be more precise […]

The Web Book - free 300 page…

Tue 06 Jul 2010

The Web Book is a free 300 page e-book which 'contains all the information you need to create a Web […]

Backup your tabs for later viewing with…

Mon 02 Jan 2012

Backup your tabs for later viewing with ZipTabs
I'm notorious for having an excessive amount of tabs open in my browser. In fact, I usually have several windows […]

GTalk Music - beam Internet radio to…

Tue 21 Aug 2007

The folks at GTalk, the IM gateway software company, have come up with a new service which lets you listen […]

HelloChinese – learn Mandarin with this fun…

Tue 05 Sep 2017

HelloChinese – learn Mandarin with this fun app
I don’t know what the future is going to bring but if William Gibson is right, it might be a […]

My Lockbox - freeware program hides and…

Tue 03 Mar 2009

My Lockbox is a freeware program which allows you to password protect and hide any folder on your Windows computer. […]

Host me torrent, Jack.…

Tue 12 Jul 2005

The Prodigem BitTorrent hosting service. Got big files? No, really really big files? Need to store and forward them somehow, easily […]

Unit Converter - nice little tool for…

Thu 07 May 2015

Unit Converter – nice little tool for converting stuff on your phone [Freeware]
Do we really need all these different measurements, weights, capacities and all? Life would be so much simpler if […]

Remove Windows Messenger.…

Wed 02 Nov 2005

Doug Knox’s free Disable/Remove Windows Messenger Utility. Er..what it says on the box. Freedom for all who so desire. This […]

Everything Search - the fastest desktop search…

Thu 26 Mar 2009

Everything Search is a superb freeware desktop search tool which combines a blindingly fast indexing engine with a super swift […]

Qlipboard - freeware lets you easily create…

Tue 11 May 2010

The web is awash with How To videos, such is our thirst for knowledge, which makes the Qlipboard freeware program […]

Mindquarry Collaboration Server - open source team…

Tue 10 Jul 2007

Mindquarry Collaboration Server is an open source team collaboration system which provides a whole bunch of useful tools like file […]

Nokia Sports Tracker - don't get lost…

Wed 17 Jun 2009

Sports Tracker is a Fitness Diary application for Nokia phones (N, E or Symbian 40) that does everything fitness fans […]

JoikuSpot Light - turn your Symbian mobile…

Mon 27 Oct 2008

JoikuSpot Light is a rather awesome freeware package that installs to your Symbian mobile phone and converts it into a […]


Tue 11 Sep 2007

Fed up with being sneered at in your local AOL chat room because you don’t know your ISP from your […]