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cool tech March 10, 2005 posted by


The BodyBoard. Wow, the Peugeot Design Competition really throws up some funky concept vehicles, eh?  BodyBoard – the lie-down electric go-kart. The BoadyBoard rider lies head first in a harness, getting a speed sensation blast just centimeters above the tarmac. Propulsion comes via the powerful electric engines inside each wheel that are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The BodyBoard also has the lowest centre of gravity possible – it’s below the axle line. Along with the bird’s eye view and four powerful inside-the-wheel…

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The TrafficCam proglet for Symbian Series 60 phones. More a proof of concept than a proper ‘product’, but super cool anyway. Although you need Python installed on the phone, which is not so great if you don’t know where to get it from (hint!).

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cool tech March 9, 2005 posted by

Wherefore art thou?

The GPSWherifone. Limited function mobile phone and GPS locator in one small package. Hugely popular with paranoid parents and loathed by suffocated siblings? Your call. No price announced as yet.  The slim, small and lightweight cell phone features incoming and outgoing calling, five programmable buttons for one touch dialing, a built-in two-way speakerphone, and a headset jack and a backlit LCD display for use with numeric paging. The absence of a traditional dial pad helps parents and caregivers manage the expense of…

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The Facetmobile FMX-4. Cruising speed 90mph, range 300 miles (at 15mpg), ceiling 11,000ft, runway 1000ft. Price – approx luxury car. Is this the future of personal flight?  These flight test results, as well as results of more aggressive high angle of attack investigations conducted with the ¼ scale radio-controlled model indicate that the FMX-4 is highly spin resistant and will not be prone to the typical stall/spin accident seen with conventional airplanes.

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cool tech March 7, 2005 posted by

Klever shopping.

You know what’s really clever about the Klever Kart? It’s a great way to get men to take more interest (read – spend more money) in supermarkets. Sheesh, give me a funky gadget to play around with while I’m walking around MegaFoods, and I’m yours foreva baby. I mean who wouldn’t want to read the current Middle East news when they’re trying to decide which chocolate sponge cake to buy?  Klever Marketing has developed and markets a proprietary, wireless, in-store…

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SMS for voice?

T2Me. It’s a kind of push-to-talk voice chat software for mobile phones using GPRS. I’d say it looks like excellent tech except for the fact that there’s no pricing for it at the moment, which is important isn’t it? Anyway 2 cool things – one, it’s free for now and two, you can use it from a desktop PC too.  T2Me is a Push-to-Talk system which converts your existing cellular phone into a virtual Walkie-Talkie; it lets you exchange voice messages with other T2Me users anywhere in…

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RedTacton. Human Area Networks get a name and a face. And a pretty orange colour too!  RedTacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. – RedTacton uses the minute electric field emitted on the surface of the human body. Technically, it is completely distinct from wireless and infrared…Touching, gripping, sitting, walking, stepping and other human movements can be the triggers for unlocking or locking,…

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cool tech March 4, 2005 posted by

Song recognition.

The Tyberis Music Database. Freeware program which can monitor and recognise songs on the radio. So say you’re a small band (or label) and you want to see how many times your track is being played on the local radio, hey maybe to prove you’re owed some of those elusive royalties, eh? Well you fire up this puppy, grab a fragment of your track as a signature and set the program to scan an FM radio source for your tune….

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cool tech March 4, 2005 posted by

The Switchboard.

Cringely mentions The Switchboard this week, and it’s interesting indeed. A free web based Java voice chat service. Register once and it’s accessible from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got yer headphones and mic. No software download, no hassle. P2P technology apparently and includes nifty stuff like voice mail and email notifications.  Our plan is to create the easiest to use, free, browser to browser internet phone. How is the switchboard different from other internet phones? * it…

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cool tech February 28, 2005 posted by

Vista View.

The Kowa Vista View. Ferget about those clunky telescopes on the pier, this 10.4” LCD beauty is what ya really need. Until some yob yanks it off the pedestal and makes off into the night of course. And for a mere $22,240.00 too. Bargin. [Thanks Kevin].  Ideal for tourist sights. Differing from the conventional coin-operated observation binoculars which allow only one person at a time to look through the binoculars, the Vista View enables a couple or a family to…

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cool tech February 28, 2005 posted by

Sun Clock.

Sun Clock. I’ve been looking for a cool free ‘follow the sun’ clock for ages. And lo, here it are. Super excellent. [Thanks James!]  # Satellite imagery plus 3D terrain data create a colourful representation of the physical geography of the planet. # The world map is centred on your chosen location. # The map uses the familiar Mercator projection. # The city database contains more than 2,700 entries. # The cities light up as they move into the earth’s…

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Bookmark This! February 24, 2005 posted by

Film Trust.

Film Trust. Collaborative, social networked movie recommendations/ratings on tap. Not exactly new, but maybe worth a look see?  FilmTrust is designed to take advantage of your social connections to improve the way you look at movies. You can see personalized movie ratings, reviews sorted so you see the most relevant ones first, and you can help influence what your friends see

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cool tech February 23, 2005 posted by


TV.exe. Tacky interface? Check. Non intrusive? Check. Cool free global broadband television program? Check.  Television is no longer restricted by boundaries anymore. You can download this free software which enables you to access more than three hundred live channels all over the world. You can search for and find your favorite TV stations. You can search for a channel from the given categories or from the regional list. Channels related to sports, news, music, educational and many more can be…

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cool tech February 22, 2005 posted by


Radianse Alerts. RFID tags to stop you losing patients? Of course.  Patient Wandering – when a high-risk patient wearing a Radianse active-RFID location tag moves outside preset boundaries, the Radianse IPS recognizes this context as “Patient Wandering” and alerts clinicians about the patient’s location, enabling them to escort the patient to safety

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