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cool tech February 11, 2005 posted by

Back to the future.

Firestreamer-DV. $46.00. Needs an in/out Firewire connection which of course we in Europe are rather short of on our camcorders. Sheesh!  The Firestreamer software makes your DV recorder appear as a regular tape drive to other applications running on your computer, so that you can use the powerful Windows Backup Utility (NTBackup) to reliably back up and restore your files and folders to and from videotape. You can store up to 15 Gigabytes of data to a Mini-DV cassette, or…

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cool tech February 10, 2005 posted by

Pulse power.

The VNS Therapy System. For long term treatment of chronic epileptic seizures. [Via the rather scary Medgadget].  VNS Therapy delivers stimulation via a device implanted just under the skin in the left chest area. The pacemaker-like device sends mild, intermittent electrical impulses through a lead to the left vagus nerve, which then sends signals to the brain. Each device is programmed for the individual patient, and the patient or a caregiver has the ability to initiate or abort stimulation with…

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cool tech February 8, 2005 posted by


Mercora IMRadio. P2P radio. Share, find and listen.  Mercora P2P Radio is a software application that uses peer-to-peer technologies to create the largest legal online radio network. Mercora lets you legally share your music with others on the Internet while conforming to webcasting laws specified in the DMCA. Read more about it on our product pages. Mercora is pronounced Mer-co-ra and rhymes with “flora.”…Think of the Mercora network as a giant webcasting radio station with lots of channels offering an…

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cool tech February 7, 2005 posted by


RiderCam. Camcorder + rollercoaster = instant DVD of your horrified facial contortions. Rewind, review, re-scream.   RIDERCAM is not only a camera on your coaster! The RIDERCAM experience starts while you are waiting in line…After boarding RIDERCAM immediately begins recording the adventure. Every moment is being captured, from the beginning of the lift hill to breaking at the end. Right after exiting the car the passenger arrives in the RIDERCAM shop where flat screens display short clips of the previous…

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cool tech February 4, 2005 posted by

Txt my voip.

SMS to Skype. Well it’s really cutting edge, that’s fer sure, and pretty darn cool too actually. [Thanks Emily]  SMS to Skype is a free service from Connectotel allowing GSM mobile phone users to send Skype instant messages to any Skype user. SMS to Skype is based on M-Mail, Connectotel’s free SMS to e-mail service, established in 1999.

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cool tech February 3, 2005 posted by

Veypor trail.

The boffins at Veypor have teamed up with the toffins at Motion Research and produced a motorbike Heads Up Display (HUD) which not only tells you the basic things in life, like how fast you’re going and what your revs are, but also meaningful soul challenging stuff like gear shift points, lap times and torque vs rpm. Hmm…the moped needs an update.  It takes a long time (3-5 seconds) for a rider to take their eyes off the road, focus on their instruments, then…

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cool tech February 3, 2005 posted by

Play it again, Man!

KPlaylist. A rather cool and free way of setting up your own global music jukebox, using just some string, glue and a PHP/MySQL host server. Upload your fave tunes, mix well and serve up your music wherever you and a web browser be. Neatness!  

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cool tech February 2, 2005 posted by

Bell me.

The Bellster Network Phone Sharing Service. Phone for free, as long as you are prepared to be part of the chain. Democratic call-plan power in action?  Call ordinary phones all over the world for free; you just have to share your phone, too. With Bellster, you can call other people even if they don’t have a computer. Bellster lets you call any phone number in the world by sending the call over the Internet to a shared phone line near the person…

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cool tech February 1, 2005 posted by

Hey fatty boom boom.

The Deluxe Greasecar Conversion Kit. Your car may end up smelling like the local fast food caff, but you’ll be extremely smug in a ‘I’m a real ecological warrior’ kinda way. So go for it! $795.00   The Greasecar Vegetable Oil Conversion System is an auxiliary fuel modification system that allows diesel vehicles to run on vegetable oil in any climate. By using waste vegetable oils as fuel, Greasecar customers reduce toxic emissions, recycle an over-abundant waste product, and dramatically reduce…

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cool tech January 28, 2005 posted by

Get yer skates on!

Custom Ice Rinks. Really really cool tech!  How many times have you looked out at your yard after a sub zero cold snap and wished that you could have a quick game of pick up on your frozen pool liner? Or even dreamed of having just ten more feet beside your pool for you and the kids to have the ability to make your own rink. Well now you can stop dreaming! With the Custom Ice Pool Rink, you can have your…

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cool tech January 26, 2005 posted by


Navmo. The Ferret is in dire need of a decent navigational aid for mobile phones. One that’s simple, doesn’t cost the earth and works as advertised. Could this be it?  Accurate, animated tracking of users – without GPS! Client-rendered display carefully tailored for small screens, based on the tracked position. Interactive, zoomable display of users’ location and route, rotated to their current face-forward heading. Quick route lookup – location, destination and route in less than 60 seconds. Route download to…

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cool tech January 21, 2005 posted by


Feedbeep. Send any RSS feed to your phone via SMS. Swish!  FeedBeep is the final link between you and the wealth of information published on the internet. Hundreds of thousands of data feeds are available in RSS format, and now you can receive alerts about events worldwide — as they happen — right on your SMS-capable phone. Alerts can be set to go to your mobile device or our web messaging system based on your keywords or any time new…

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cool tech January 20, 2005 posted by

Copy cat.

The DX-2 Disc Publisher. Start your own record label for $2995.00.  Microboards DX-2 features either two 52X CD or two 16X DVD (32X CD) recorders combined with our World Famous Print Factory print engine. The easy-to-use, yet powerful recording software enables users to burn and print seperate jobs to each drive or a single job to all drives. The DX-2 prints at up to 4800 dpi with ultra-fast CD or DVD recording…The DX-2 print engine connects to your PC via USB…

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