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cool tech December 20, 2004 posted by

Wireless wellness.

Well it had to come. The WiFi heart monitor. Well OK, perhaps not WiFi, but certainly wireless. Six Billion Dollar Man kind of spooky, eh? One day some male nurse in Bangalore will probably know when we’re about to keel over and kick the fish before we do.  A revolutionary Personal Health Status Monitor for early detection of life threatening cardiac rhythms is just one of the exciting new medical devices set to revolutionise health care…The device’s body-worn sensors wirelessly communicate the health…

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cool tech December 16, 2004 posted by


The Canary Wireless Digital Hotspotter. $49.95. Apparently, according to Ferrety reader Doobie-Won, this is the bees kneecaps for locating wireless signals when out and about. And who, pray, are we to argue?  The Digital Hotspotter is the first full-featured, second-generation Wi-Fi detection and analysis device. Like “first generation” analog Wi-Fi detectors, the Digital Hotspotter detects signal availability and strength. However, it is the only device of its kind that provides essential information about wireless networks, including: 

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cool tech December 16, 2004 posted by


nBot. So everyone’s making Segway type bots nowadays? Who’d a thunk it? Just check out the list of links at the bottom of the page if you don’t believe.

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cool tech December 16, 2004 posted by

The Bat.

The MLB Bat UAV. Now THIS is a seriously funky robot plane. I mean it comes complete with its own catapult launcher for goodness sake! From only $42,000.00, so maybe I’ll add it to the Xmas stocking list.  The Bat is a complete man-portable UAV system that operates autonomously and delivers high quality video imagery. A ready-to-fly aircraft with standard sensor payload and complete ground station is available starting at US$42000…The Bat has a wingspan of 5 feet, weighs only…

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cool tech December 15, 2004 posted by

Spock here…

The Wrist Watch Communicator. Mmm, this looks like a serious bit of kit. Don’t you think so? Well, we do. I mean, check it out. 3km range? Woo! A$89.00 (US$67.00)  This Model Wrist Watch Communicator has 69 channels plus all the 38 CTCSS codes, capable of ranges 1-3k. Not to be confused with some rather toy-like products being sold on the market, this device is the Real Deal…No License Required Automatic scanning / manual Selection Channel, 38 CTCSS code (important…

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cool tech December 15, 2004 posted by

Auto Alarm.

The Turbo Auto Alarm. From Joel’s Gizmodo bit-bag comes a rather cool bit of tech. Basically a bolt-in accelerometer for mobile phones which turns your handset into a rather effective car alarm. Car moves, phone jiggles, phone sends message to you. Cheap and cheerful at $79.00, eh? Especially since you can use an old unwanted handset. Recycle is good!

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cool tech December 14, 2004 posted by

Wireless Pocket Router.

The D-Link Wireless Pocket Router looks like a pretty darn neat idea. Especially for hotels. Surely if you were clever with your choice of floors and location, you could set this puppy up in your room and surf and make Skype phone calls from the breakfast or dinner table in the hotel bistro? $9.99 $99.99. Oh and it looks pocket sized too! More here.  Bring a network with you when you travel! Telecommuters and road warriors now have a mobile and portable solution for…

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cool tech December 14, 2004 posted by


The X-Key. The truth is out there. From $300.00 for 256MB.  Xkey is a “mobility appliance”: a plug & play USB device that enables employees to work securely from any PC – complete with the critical applications, corporate data and security they need for productive work…Xkey securely mobilizes up to 2GB of corporate data – ensuring employees always have their documents, presentations and spreadsheets in their pockets. Corporations can further boost employee productivity by equipping them with applications (such as…

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cool tech December 13, 2004 posted by

Power Play.

Th Power Player. A plug-in TV game with…ahem…76,000 games on-board. Yep that’s right, the world’s first 76,000–in–1. Top that Nintony!  8 bit Tv Game, Build [sic] in 76000 games in1, Game Card Usable, Battery: 4 x AA, 2 Player [Update: …and oh how reader Allen destroys my illusions. It’s a misnomer. Only 100 games. The Ferret is desolate, shattered, bereft, unconsolable. And hoodwinked to boot!]

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cool tech December 13, 2004 posted by

DS Band.

Not to be outdone by current Sony PSP PR, Nintendo has been demonstrating some of the cool wireless tech in its new DS handheld console. Check out this fab video of a group of Japanese execs very self-consciously ‘getting down’ with some wireless co-op music playing using a new program called Band Brothers. Rather cool tech. Rather naff song. For those who are about to rock, we salute you!

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cool tech December 10, 2004 posted by

Wrist Cam PDA.

The Wrist Cam PDA watch. Hah! They call it a Wrist PDA Digital Camera II. But they’re Chinese. The Ferret is going to call it a Wrist Cam PDA. Because we can and we want to. Whatever, it looks like the Chinese have discovered super miniaturisation, so hold on to yer hats folks.  Camera – Home time – Daily Alarm – Calendar – Schedule Alarm – Telephone – To Do List – Password Protection – Game · Internal Memory: 4M-bit SRAM (equivalent…

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cool tech December 9, 2004 posted by


The Glideball golf trainer. Got golf? Need practice? Carry around your own practice kit, set up and belt away, safe in the knowledge that you’re not going to kill too many small dogs and old ladies. £199.00.  Glideball is a unique new portable driving range, which will encourage a better swing through regular practice…Hitting a real golf ball every time, the ball travels up two parallel wires and returns to the astro turf hitting area instantly, eliminating the hassle of having…

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cool tech December 8, 2004 posted by

Bad luck in hindsight.

Bad luck for Reevu, creators of the world’s first cycling (and motorbike) helmet with an inbuilt rear view mirror. They’ve had to temporarily halt production because their factory source has shut down. Shame, it’s a neat idea.

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cool tech December 7, 2004 posted by

Vitual pen.

The humane Virtual Fence. £299.99. Aw, lookit his happy little face. He’s saying, “whoa, dat’s one cute poodle, d’ya think she’ll notice this dumb necktie….?”  The Virtual Fence Outdoor Containment System has three components: an emitter, a spray receiver collar and an antenna in the form of buried wire around the perimeter of your property. The emitter is plugged into a regular household outlet. As your pet approaches the buried antenna, the spray receiver collar will pick up the low frequency signal. The collar…

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cool tech December 3, 2004 posted by


  The SeaLegs. Whoa, bolt-on wheels that let you drive a boat into and out of the water without getting wet? Bonza! Oh hold on, that’s Aussie, not Kiwi. What’s the New Zealand for cool? What? Oh…onya!  Sealegs are motorised, retractable and steerable boat wheels which are fitted to a customised 5.6m Rigid Inflatable boat.The Sealegs system works by having powerful motorised wheels which give a user variable speed of 0-10KPH (forward and reverse). Sealegs allows the boat to be…

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