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It’s coming WHEN?

future tech June 7, 2005 posted by

World’s fastest inkjet printer?

The Brother Industries high speed inkjet printer in prototype form. Codenamed Cobra, this little puppy can spit out any size of print output at around 170 pages per minute. OK, you want me to back up and repeat that? Any size of printed inkjet paper output at 170 pages every sixty seconds. Demonstrated for the first time ever last week at a Brother press seminar. How are they doing it?  Well….

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future tech June 2, 2005 posted by

On the biotech border.

The folk at Swiss biotech research company Cytos appear to be very busy indeed. Judging by the list of their recent trials. 2005, May 18:  Alzheimer’s 2005, May 14 : Vaccine to treat nicotine addiction 2005, May 11: Obesity vaccine Cytos Biotechnology AG is a public Swiss biotechnology company engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of a new class of biopharmaceutical products – the Immunodrugs. Immunodrugs are intended for use in treatment and prevention of common chronic diseases which…

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cool tech May 26, 2005 posted by

100% Flat-Free ?

The Amerityre ‘no air’ polyurethane tyre. Forget the Tweel, this looks like it could be cheaper, more robust and quicker to market. Only as a spare tyre at the moment, though.  The advantages of the “zero pressure” tire are as follows: Reliability: Solid polyurethane elastomer construction does not require high pressure to carry vehicle load, and provides the consumer with an “always ready” solution in the event of regular tire failure. Durability: Polyurethane elastomer material performance meets or exceeds performance…

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future tech May 24, 2005 posted by

Broadband TV.

Broadband TV (aka IPTV) and Video on Demand came a hefty step closer yesterday when Pace announced the launch of the 490 MIPs IP215, the world’s first hardware H.264 set top box. What’s it mean? That set top boxes are now powerful enough to decode super compressed video sent down standard Internet broadband pipes. Decent quality pictures using minimal bandwidth! Watch this space, peeps!  

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future tech May 12, 2005 posted by

Fat pipes?

Broadband in Gas? Yowsers! Wireless transmission of ultra-wideband signals using existing gas pipelines. Delivering a Terabit of television, telephone, blogs and chat rooms down a gas pipe strikes us as being rather logical in an off piste kind of way.   Nethercomm’s technology requires no modification to existing natural gas distribution infrastructures and can carry enormous amounts of data by simply making use of the entire spectrum buried within the existing natural gas pipelines. The technology delivers connectivity over the last mile of broadband networks without interference or…

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future tech May 5, 2005 posted by

PHEV car.

The PHEV (pneumatic hybrid electric vehicle) car runs on air. Compressed air. And batteries. Pretty clever, pretty Korean. More here.   If a car uses compressed air engine it can reduce about 20% of the total cost of production because it doesn’t have cooling system, fuel tank, sparking plug and silencer etc….The exhausted gas from the cars has a bad effect to environment but compressed air engine doesn’t exhaust noxious gas, therefore this engine can solve the problems of environmental…

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future tech May 5, 2005 posted by

Mind over matters.

Apparently the boffins have started to learn how to read our thoughts. Not nervous me, oh no. I’ll just keep changing my mind constantly. That’ll fool ‘em, the idiots.  Scientists from Japan and the United States have figured out how to read a person’s mind by remotely measuring brain activity, extracting information of which the subject is not even aware. Science fiction? No. It’s real.

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future tech April 26, 2005 posted by


The Hugs Shirt. The Ferret prefers his hugs bear style not virtual, but the F+R Hugs Shirt is bound to enthuse legions of eager young things anxious for a textile caress. Oh yes. [via the rather delicious We Make Money….]   F+R Hugs is a wearable system that allows to feel the physical closeness of a distant loved one, bringing the pleasant sensation of a hug to body and mind. Is designed to satisfy a desire shared by many people: communicate emotions to distant people…

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future tech April 20, 2005 posted by

Holy house mouse.

The Whole House Machine. Yowsers, a machine that builds houses, doesn’t wolf whistle or wear saggy baggy craggy jeans? Whatever next?  In a sunny laboratory at the University of Southern California, a robotically controlled nozzle squeezes a ribbon of concrete onto a wooden plank. Every two minutes and 14 seconds, the nozzle completes a circuit, topping the previous ribbon with a fresh one. Thus a five-foot-long wall rises—a wall built without human intervention…If all goes as planned, Khoshnevis will use…

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future tech April 14, 2005 posted by


The Reva-NXG electric car. Launched in concept form in the UK this week. Indian tech from the Simputer people heads West. Silently. Touchscreen dashboard, 125 mile range, 75 mph max speed, 6 hour recharge. Needs a lid to keep out our rain, but doesn’t look half bad from here. [Thanks Dave!]   The car is fitted with a “wireless tablet,” an embedded appliance that integrates into a high resolution single touch-screen display system all dashboard functions such as speed, state of charge, range…

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future tech March 28, 2005 posted by

Shake a volt.

The Kinetic Energy Cell. Get ready to shake yer battery. An interesting Aussie tech which apparently may lead to batteries which generate power from vibrations, such as you’d find in a moving vehicle or even people. So in the future we could dance or jog our way to a re-charge. Picturing a commuter train carriage full of jiggling suits. Oh yes! More here.  A renewable energy device that captures vibration to produce electricity looks set to replace or compliment small conventional batteries…

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future tech March 25, 2005 posted by

Don’t mock MoCA.

MoCA. The Multimedia over Coax Alliance. Home networking done retro. Interesting.  The goal of MoCA is to create specifications and certify products that will tap into the vast amounts of unused bandwidth available on the in-home coax without the need for new connections, wiring… More than 70% of homes in the United States have coax already installed… The technology underlying MoCA provides the vital elements necessary to distribute DVD quality entertainment throughout the home – high speed (270 mbps), high…

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future tech March 21, 2005 posted by


Apparently researchers are closing in on a cure for smoking. Or rather there are a number of companies developing tools to combat the ‘disease’. From the ‘believe it when you see it dept’.  Then there’s NicVax, a drug that Florida-based Nabi Pharmaceuticals claims could be used as a nicotine vaccine. NicVax triggers the production of antibodies that bind to nicotine molecules, preventing them from reacting with receptors in the brain. NicVax, which was developed primarily with grants from the National Institute…

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cool tech March 10, 2005 posted by


The BodyBoard. Wow, the Peugeot Design Competition really throws up some funky concept vehicles, eh?  BodyBoard – the lie-down electric go-kart. The BoadyBoard rider lies head first in a harness, getting a speed sensation blast just centimeters above the tarmac. Propulsion comes via the powerful electric engines inside each wheel that are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The BodyBoard also has the lowest centre of gravity possible – it’s below the axle line. Along with the bird’s eye view and four powerful inside-the-wheel…

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cool tech March 7, 2005 posted by


RedTacton. Human Area Networks get a name and a face. And a pretty orange colour too!  RedTacton is a new Human Area Networking technology that uses the surface of the human body as a safe, high speed network transmission path. – RedTacton uses the minute electric field emitted on the surface of the human body. Technically, it is completely distinct from wireless and infrared…Touching, gripping, sitting, walking, stepping and other human movements can be the triggers for unlocking or locking,…

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