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Reviews April 20, 2005 posted by

Ace Cad Digimemo.

The Digimemo A501 digital notepad from Ace Cad is a clever little paper to PC converter which offers a neat set of features and functionality. On the surface it looks very much like the Anoto powered Logitech io2 technology, but in fact it differs from the competition in a number of important ways. Read on to see the rest of the Ferret review…

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Reviews April 13, 2005 posted by

Skype roams home.

The new Plantronics CS60-USB is being billed as the world’s first VoIP wireless headset. Whether that’s accurate or not, the really interesting thing is that it has been designed to work with Skype as well as other Internet Phone services. So how does it perform? Read the rest of the Ferret review to find out…

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Gadgets April 5, 2005 posted by

A vee nice flash?

The Magna Vee flash attachment. The problem with most compact digital cameras is that the flash is universally awful. Enter the Zenon Magna Vee flash unit. This small £8.00 ($15.00) attachment fits onto the front of your existing digicam flash and provides a colour corrected ‘soft flash’ which can considerably improve the photographs that you take. So does it work? Read on…

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Reviews January 18, 2005 posted by

Sagem MyX-8

The Sagem MyX-8. The Ferret has been playing with one of these new phones for a while now, and thought you might like to find out what it’s like in everyday use. It’s the first so-called ‘designer’ phone from French manufacturer Sagem, and they’re clearly proud of the trendy white device they’ve produced, and not without some justification. More pics and stuff after the…why do they call it the jump anyhoo?

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Reviews May 17, 2003 posted by

Casio Exilim EX-S3 review

Regular readers will know that the Ferret has reported favourably in the past on the Exilim range of digital cameras from veteran Japanese company Casio. Well the newest addition to the family – the EX-S3 – has finally reached my hands and so here is a quick overview of the product after a few days use.

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Reviews April 6, 2003 posted by

Viewsonic Airpanel mini review

So I’ve been playing around with one of these here Airpanel devices from Viewsonic for a few days, and thought I’d share some thoughts about it. This is not a ‘real’ review, but in true Ferret style is more of a touchy feely kind of look at the product, so don’t take it as authoritative or anything will ya? :-) I opted to look at the V110 10″ model because I thought it sounded more useable than the hulking great…

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