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Free Software June 6, 2002 posted by

Trash Killer

Trash Killer is a freeware space shooter game a bit like Asteroids, except with spiffy graphics. It looks nice, is a relatively small download and has a great price sticker. [via Chris Pirillo]

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Free Software May 13, 2002 posted by

Footy fever!

Well it’s almost time once again for the frenetic football thrash they call the World Cup and for those who want to get more involved this year I highly recommend Nigel Thomas’ Ltrack program. It’s a little Windows freeware package which lets you track all the goings on in a football competition, including player and team statistics, league and ladder fixtures and even referee performance. The program sports a veritable host of reporting and graphing capabilities and really is an…

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Free Software May 11, 2002 posted by


Zoom is a neat little desktop magnifier for the Windows operating system. It could be useful if you find yourself wishing you could magnify an on-screen map, graphic or other less-than-clear element. Freeware. [via MajorGeeks]

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Free Software February 26, 2002 posted by

A couple of nice little utilities for MP3 users from Mpesch3. 1by1 is a quick and dirty and very tiny (19K) playlist player. Just fire it up, point it at your directory (or even a whole disk) and it will play the MP3s. It even has an audio enhancer. ‘Triffic, this is destined to become my standard player as I’m tired of bloatware. Is this the smallest MP3 player ever? MP3DirectCut is an MP3 manipulation utility. You can use it…

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Free Software January 18, 2002 posted by

Found a nice little utility yesterday. Cures that niggling problem with the Caps Lock triggering when you’re typing. You know so youR WORDs suddenly go large. First Cap by Fabio Falsini is a great little freeware product which lets you turn Caps Lock off (and Num Lock and Insert) at will as well as other stuff. Neato.

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Free Software January 3, 2002 posted by

I remember looking at a bit of software called Sensiva a while back which let you control your computer using a nifty method of on screen commands with your right mouse button. It was very cool, but didn’t work brilliantly and seemed a little too big to hover around in memory. Now I’ve just come across this neat little alternative freeware called Stroke-it! which does it better, is smaller and doesn’t cost the $19.95 of Sensiva. It’s the first cool…

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Tue 21 Dec 2004

RagTime. Actually this looks to be an exceedingly well written piece of publishing/design software. Better still, the RagTime Solo version is […]

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Wed 11 Dec 2013

Christmas Budget Planner – take the stress out of the holiday with this handy free app [Freeware]
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Tue 03 Dec 2013

Unchecky – automatically avoid installing nasty toolbars when you install software on your computer [Freeware]
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Thu 05 Jan 2012

Steam for Android gives you the power of Steam on your phone [Daily Freeware]
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Wed 16 Feb 2005

Our favourite Linux distro, Xandros, has just announced Version 3 Open Circulation Edition. Free, as in beer, for non-commercial use. […]

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