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Bookmark This! March 21, 2005 posted by

Shell suits.

Shell Extension City. A bunch of free tools, guides an’ stuff for PCs. Like, for example, this Game XP prog to improve the performance of your Windows PC gaming. Definitely worth a bookmark.

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Free Software March 16, 2005 posted by

Easy Bee.

The Easy Bee. Create your own web pages out of extracts taken from others. Kind of like an automated screen scraper? Free and premium versions available.  The Easy Bee is a software product for Windows that allows everyone to easily automate tedious Web navigation tasks and build aggregated pages with always up-to-date Web extracts. Would you call them Web macros, Web agents or Internet macros?…Get rid of ads, pop-up windows, menus, and focus on relevant information such as graphics, texts,…

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Free Software March 14, 2005 posted by


Mapit! A Firefox extension. Highlight a phone number on a web page and get a map and driving instructions of how to get there instantly using Google maps. Kind of useful. If you live in the US. And are near a PC. Personally I’d prefer if it ran mobile on Minimo. [Thanks Erick]

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Free Software March 14, 2005 posted by

Root it out.

RootkitRevealer. Root Kit = nasty kind of  malware. RootkitRevealer = detector. Definitely worth remembering.  The term rootkit is used to describe the mechanisms and techniques whereby malware, including viruses, spyware, and trojans, attempt to hide their presence from spyware blockers, antivirus, and system management utilities…RootkitRevealer is an advanced root kit detection utility. It runs on Windows NT 4 and higher and its output lists Registry and file system API discrepancies that may indicate the presence of a user-mode or kernel-mode…

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Free Software March 11, 2005 posted by


BurnCDCC. Nice little freeware utility for burning ISO files to CD. Saves powering up big clunky progs like Nero.  This utility is used to burn an ISO file to a CD/DVD disc. Many new systems come with a limited CD/DVD software package which lacks the ability to burn .ISO files.

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cool tech March 10, 2005 posted by


The TrafficCam proglet for Symbian Series 60 phones. More a proof of concept than a proper ‘product’, but super cool anyway. Although you need Python installed on the phone, which is not so great if you don’t know where to get it from (hint!).

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oGame A free online space based strategic simulation game. All you need is a web browser. And lots of time and patience. Did I mention time and patience already?  As an intergalactic emperor you have the possibility to strengthen your influence throughout the galaxies by numerous strategies. Beginning your rulership at your homeworld you begin to build an economic and military infrastructure with your ressources. Researching new techniques and upgrading your buildings and researches gives you access to superior technologies…

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Free Software March 8, 2005 posted by

Whither GPS…?

GPSS. Robin Lovelock’s free for non-profit software for GPS tracking. Looks rather cool actually. With mapping for 151 countries and voice guidance in 12 languages. Street level maps for all of the USA too!  Run GPSS on your PC and it will give impressive in-car navigation and remote tracking demonstrations. Run on a Laptop with a GPS, and this same GPS Software will work for real.

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cool tech March 4, 2005 posted by

Song recognition.

The Tyberis Music Database. Freeware program which can monitor and recognise songs on the radio. So say you’re a small band (or label) and you want to see how many times your track is being played on the local radio, hey maybe to prove you’re owed some of those elusive royalties, eh? Well you fire up this puppy, grab a fragment of your track as a signature and set the program to scan an FM radio source for your tune….

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Free Software March 3, 2005 posted by


DNKA. Allows you to set up Google Desktop Search as a multi-user, multi-computer service. Very Kleva! Free for personal use, $39.00 otherwise. Install it on your PC’s at work and home and your laptop and search/view/download on any from the others. Install it on a workgroup file server and use it to index/search/view the contents. Use it for a distributing files, like a P2P search service.

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Free Software March 1, 2005 posted by

Web speed.

SiteSpeed.  SiteSpeed is a PHP script for your website. It will measure the speed of your website and displays the results in 7 comprehensive graphs. How long do your visitors have to wait? Is your webserver becoming slower? Are your pages too big? Is your website fast even for remote visitors? Install SiteSpeed and find out.

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cool tech February 28, 2005 posted by

Sun Clock.

Sun Clock. I’ve been looking for a cool free ‘follow the sun’ clock for ages. And lo, here it are. Super excellent. [Thanks James!]  # Satellite imagery plus 3D terrain data create a colourful representation of the physical geography of the planet. # The world map is centred on your chosen location. # The map uses the familiar Mercator projection. # The city database contains more than 2,700 entries. # The cities light up as they move into the earth’s…

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Free Software February 25, 2005 posted by

Kerio Personal Firewall.

Kerio Personal Firewall4. Free, elegant, works. [Thanks David].  Kerio Personal Firewall protects desktop and notebook computers from hackers, spies, identity thieves and trojan horse applications. KPF is a PC firewall that inspects all inbound and outbound network communication on the computer to ensure that only legitimate traffic is permitted. KPF is free for home use.

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cool tech February 23, 2005 posted by


TV.exe. Tacky interface? Check. Non intrusive? Check. Cool free global broadband television program? Check.  Television is no longer restricted by boundaries anymore. You can download this free software which enables you to access more than three hundred live channels all over the world. You can search for and find your favorite TV stations. You can search for a channel from the given categories or from the regional list. Channels related to sports, news, music, educational and many more can be…

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Free Software February 18, 2005 posted by


MoonEdit. Ooh…  Cooperative multi-user text editing over the internet. Every co-author can edit the shared document at any time, from any place, and at the same time! There’s no need to send files via FTP or to compare documents when multiple users need to make changes to it independently…Remote text editing without latency. “ME” uses local prediction code – the same technology used in modern video games! You can use a dedicated standalone server to share a whole directory of…

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