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Free Software July 7, 2006 posted by

Gamma Bros.

Gamma Bros. Er…what to say. You got time? Lots of time? Think of a cross between Space Invaders, Asteroids and PacMan on steroids and you get the picture. Superb free retro style game, but be warned, you may lose your weekend. Play it online or via a downloadable program.  

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Free Software July 6, 2006 posted by

Vibe Streamer.

Vibe Streamer. A free MP3 streaming server which lets you access your music anywhere, anytime – as long as you’re close to a web browser. Deffo worth a look.  Your Vibe Streamer server is intended for personal use to make it possible for you to reach your own music collection from wherever you are. Vibe Streamer is not in any way part of a file sharing community or any internet radio broadcasting network. Your files are always kept private by…

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Free Software July 3, 2006 posted by

Pretty May.

Pretty May. Free personal voice assistant for Skype. Record your Skype conversations, auto-answer answering machine, forward audio files automatically via email, broadcast Skypecasts, share background music while talking and the rather nifty feature – switch sound device mid conversation (e.g. you want to move from wired headset to Bluetooth headset).  So PrettyMay has been designed to extend the functionality of Skype considerably, Features PrettyMay adds are Emailing Forwarding,Switching sound device while conversation,calling recording, Automatic answer for both Skype and so…

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Free Software June 26, 2006 posted by

Firefox backup.

MozbBackup. Backup your Firefox bookmarks, extensions, history etc. Free and pretty useful if you are a Firefox power user (although I had to say that it failed to backup my 38 + extensions, and just stalled). Nevertheless definitely worth a look.  MozBackup is a simple utility for creating backups of Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Mozilla Suite and Netscape profiles. It allows you to backup and restore bookmarks, mail, contacts, history, extensions, cache etc. It’s easy way to do Firefox…

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Free Software June 20, 2006 posted by

Of Thumbstacks and men…

Thumbstacks. Hmm…another online application, this time a Powerpoint type presentation app. OK, so it’s basic slideshow stuff, but it’s slick and fast and easy peasy to use. You’ve got to see the writing on the wall for kludgy expensive offline applications, if something as elegant and simple like this can pop up the drop of a hat. So where are we now? Online spreadsheet, word-processor, database (did we mention DabbleDB already?) and now presentation? Hmm, seems like a wrap to…

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Free Software June 16, 2006 posted by

Free Danish dialler.

SGOOPE. Yet another silly named VoIP service, but with a twist. They pay you. Oh yes, we’re back in 1999 and everything’s kooky. The idea is that you watch banner ads while you’re making your free SGOOPE to SGOOPE, or even SGOOPE to Skype or SIP calls. These ad views earn you credit which you can use to make PC to PC or PC to landline calls anywhere across the world. Maximum you can earn is 12 minutes per call and…

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Free Software June 14, 2006 posted by

Free game, free time.

Deicide. Fancy seeing what all the MMORPG – online role playing game – fuss is all about? Without paying Everquest or WoW prices? Then try this. Free public beta any time now.  Consolidate a place for our shelter and making living by farming, rise in arms for their shelter from the enemy, conquest other castles with colleagues, become one of the member of hierarchical society, working and fighting for their lords and masters, all these multiple living activities are what our…

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Free Software June 14, 2006 posted by

Thinkfree Office.

Thinkfree Office Online. The best online office on earth. It says. And it’s free. With 1GB free storage, creation of MS Office compatible docs, built in PDF and sharing an’ stuff. Ho ho!  With ThinkFree Online, you can: Schedule and track tasks for your social group, create elaborate invitations and easily post online for everyone to see, build a presentation to describe your latest project or show pictures from your latest trip with complete details of the story behind the…

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Free Software June 7, 2006 posted by

Hollywood story.

Celtx. Pre-production software for film, video, theatre and animation. Fancy yourself as a Hollywood mogul? Then this collaborative Open Source project management and script writing freeware might help. And a bit of talent maybe. Wonder if this is why Page2Stage is going Open Source too?  Can I use Celtx for free? Yes. Celtx is distributed under an open source license, so you can download it, use it, and distribute it for free. An open source software company, Greyfirst uses open…

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Free Software June 2, 2006 posted by


Netjaxer. Web 2.0 on the desktop (please don’t sue me Mr O’Reilly). Actually quite cool. A small freeware application that you download to manage all your online applications. So if you’re a user of Writely, Google Calendar, Gmail etc etc, you can use Netjaxer to create desktop icons for them, pin them to the task bar on launch etc. Very nice and definitely worth a download if you web app a lot.  Netjaxer is an easy way to integrate your favorite…

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Free Software May 31, 2006 posted by

Image Mirror. Stark, simple and effective – single image upload and storage on demand. No sign-in, passwords, accounts, money. Simply upload an image and you’ll be given a link to it to use as you wish. Done. Dusted.  Welcome to, upload an image and you will be provided a link to it. This site is ideal for forum signatures and any other image hosting needs.

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Free Software May 25, 2006 posted by

WAP Reader.

WAP Reader. Set up your very own WAP based server based IMAP4 email system. Clever and free.   imap4/pop3 support * ssl support * supports base64 and quoted-printable mail encodings * supports all charsets supported by iconv() * written with PHP * user friendly interface

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Free Software May 24, 2006 posted by


Stealther. Cute little Firefox extension that lets you switch on stealth surfing mode without permanently trashing your settings like cookies etc. Useful if you just want to hide from a suspicious site or check up on something without being tracked at that moment.  If there are times you want to surf the web without leaving a trace in your local computer, then this is the right extension for you. What it does is temporarily disable the following: – Browsing History…

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Free Software May 24, 2006 posted by

Bubble or squeak?

Business IT Online. Free online calendar, financial modelling, contact management and business document management. Small case of deja vu looming. Last time I saw free online business applications on offer was during another…ahem….online boom in the nineties. Is history repeating? Unsustainable business plans again, or is the online advertising market solid enough nowadays to support this kind of ambitious venture? I would like to think that the bad old days are behind us and we’re now sailing in smoother, more…

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