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Free Software February 9, 2006 posted by


StoreGrid. Peer 2 Peer backup software, using ‘robust’ encryption and ‘trusted peers’. Doesn’t look too bad actually, although the free version doesn’t have remote backup capabilities which is a shame.  StoreGrid’ P2P deployment capability is based on the concept of trusted peers in an intranet whose desktop space can be utilized in a peer-to-peer fashion. Another important feature of StoreGrid is the ease with which end users can configure backups and restore them, when required, without the help of system…

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Free Software February 8, 2006 posted by

Torrential TV.

TVTAD. The TvTorrents Auto Downloader does what it says on the tin. OK, it doesn’t have a tin, but if it did. Set it up with programs you desperately want to watch from around the world, and it will happily check out the Torrents and automatically download when your choice arrives. You’ll need to supply your own RSS feeds though, note! Nevertheless, pretty excellent and pretty free.  TVTAD is an RSS feed reader with support for unlimited feeds. It will automatically…

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Free Software February 6, 2006 posted by

The Hibernator.

The Hibernator. Freeware screensaver which promises to fix all those naff power management problems with Windows – and particularly Media Center – that plague us mortals. The cool thing is that you can set it to run a script on wake up, like for instance recording a program on resume. Which seems kind of useful, eh?   “The Hibernator” is installed as a screensaver. Its’ purpose, when activated, is to monitor CPU, Disk and Network activity for a user set…

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Free Software February 3, 2006 posted by


The iOpus Private Internet Gateway (iPig). At last, something with an i in it that’s got absolutely nothing to do with an iPod. Honestly. Nope, instead think WiFi and security encryption software. For free. No snoopers snooping your snoops, dog.  Unlike other technologies, iPig works with any kind of Internet connection (Wifi, WLAN, 802.11 a/b/g, wired ethernet) and requires NO configuration of any kind. You just start your favorite web browser, email client or chat software and switch the iPig…

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Free Software February 2, 2006 posted by

Free NAS.

Free NAS. Yep, free Network-Attached Storage software. Courtesy of the wonderful Open Source movement. Under 16MB, perfect for installation on your Compact Flash, hard drive or USB flash drive.  FreeNAS is a small (less than 16Mo) Operating System based on FreeBSD 6 that provide Free Network-Attached Storage services (CIFS, FTP and NFS).

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Free Software January 31, 2006 posted by

Windows OS X.

Dude, when you’re done hacking your Windows XP so it can happily boot on that new Apple Intel machine, why not do yourself a favour and drop the sweet FlyakiteOSX skin on top of it to complete the illusion. OK, so that’s an Apple, running Windows, dressed up in Mac OS X clothes? I may need to lie down for a short while.

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Bookmark This! January 30, 2006 posted by

Photo Galleries.

I’ve been searching for a simple easy, fast and good looking image gallery product for ages, and suddenly two alternatives have popped up out of nowhere. The first is the Simpleviewer/Porta combo, which you host yourself on your own web server. You can either use Porta on its own (it’s mind bogglingly simple to set up and use), or add in Simpleviewer for some sophisticated Flash effects. I personally prefer the plain vanilla gallery since it won’t break any browsers, and I still…

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Free Software January 27, 2006 posted by

Google AdWords Editor.

Those of you in marketing might be interested in the new beta of Google’s AdWords Editor. Work offline, do bulk changes and manage your advertising account, all from the comfort of your own tax exile. Splendid stuff. And free.  AdWords Editor is Google’s free, downloadable account management application for your computer. Now you can download your AdWords account to your computer, make your changes, then upload your revised campaigns. Benefits and features include:

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Free Software January 24, 2006 posted by

How to convert and transfer video to portable media players.

So you’ve just received a brand new bright shiny plastic media player, right? But horror of horrors, you discover too late that it won’t play the video clips that come from your digital camera because they’re in the QPEL (quarter pixel) and GMC format. What to do? You’re also desperate to learn how to transfer your DVD movies onto the player without wasting a fortune in time or money? Fear not, brave soldiers of the gidget, we at Fair Use Ferret Central…

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Free Software January 23, 2006 posted by

Portable applications.

It looks as though the U3 portable software applications bandwagon is starting to gain traction. Not only is there now a U3 Software Central site showcasing all the best in commercial applications and games you can transport from PC to PC on those itty bitty flash drives, but there’s also a new site called which has some cool freeware stuff like Portable AbiWord, Portable Open Office and Portable Thunderbird. Watch this space, it could get interesting!

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Bookmark This! January 20, 2006 posted by

Stream that radio, Jack!

XstreamRadio. An uber cool idea – a free net radio player which includes a recorder. So not only can you listen to the 1000 or more pre-programmed international radio stations but record tracks in MP3 on demand. Love this net thang sometimes, do I.  XstreamRadio is one of the most extensive radio players of this moment. Besides listening to your favorite radio stations it also allows you to record music. This player contains more than 1.000 international pre-programmed radio stations,…

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Free Software January 20, 2006 posted by

Enemy Nations.

Enemy Nations. Billed as ‘the best game you’ve never played’ and a cross between Sim City, Civilisation and Age of Empires. There, is thine appetite whetted? Then hie thee to the free download page and check it out (via BitTorrent only). Enjoy!   Enemy Nations is quite simply the most sophisticated, most challenging, and most interesting real-time strategy game ever published….But not your everyday real-time game. It provides a level of sophisticated economic and military modeling not found in any…

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Free Software January 19, 2006 posted by

Free thin clients.

The folk at 2x Software Ltd have decided to give away 1 million free thin clients. OK, so what they’re actually saying is that 200,000 lucky downloaders can get hold of a 5 user version of their ThinClientServer software for zilch. Sounds like a good deal, especially if you’ve got any dog eared computers lying around you want to resurrect. Take a look-see, why doncha?  2X ThinClientServer deploys a small footprint Linux-based OS to old PCs, new low cost PCs and to…

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Free Software January 17, 2006 posted by

Kodak Photo Voice.

Kodak Photo Voice. New Skype plug-in from the photographic megacorp. Download, install and use it to chat to friends and relatives as you share your photos with them. Hopefully it doesn’t just work with Kodak images either. Something free from Kodak? Must be dreamin’.  Kodak Photo Voice gives you the power to talk with friends and family as you share your photos online. It’s like a telephone and slide show combined, but it’s all in your computer. And it’s all…

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Free Software January 17, 2006 posted by

Peer pressure.

Peer2Mail. Got a web mail account? With lots of space? Then you might like this free little application which lets you use the spare space to store your files. Apparently works with them all, Yahoo!, Gmail, etc. Not sure about Hotmail though. Still, definitely worth a look-see.   P2M splits the file you want to share/store zips and encrypts it. P2M then sends the file segments one by one to your account. Once P2M uploaded all file segments, you can…

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