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cool tech January 16, 2006 posted by


iGlance. Super super cool open source IM tech which combines instant push-to-talk with permanent buddy presence via webcam to give a sort of ‘over the fence’ instant messaging. No more relying on a measly icon to notify you when your buddy’s online, just check to see if their face is in the video window. If so, click to talk. Not only that, but you get desktop sharing too. Eat that Skype! [Thanks Tom!]  With iGlance, you can continue using the same…

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i-text. Sign up, download the software to your Java enabled mobile phone and get free SMS text messages in return for viewing an advert or two. Sound fair? Perfect for hungry students in love.  While you top up, the application shows you a list of advertisers that want to tell you something, and the number of free text messages they are offering you in exchange for viewing their message….We will never send you an advertisement unless you are topping up….

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Google plays DJ!

Gook Box. So this is a clever app that lets you save and play your music using your Google email/Gmail account. Lovely idea isn’t it? Free download. Hmm…wonder how long this trend for pastel colour design and cutesy product names is gonna last?  The first musicail application. Plays and stores music in your google mail account. You now dont need to duplicate or recreate your music collection when you relocate or travel. When you are almost online most of your time…

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Free Software January 9, 2006 posted by

Skype united?

WebDialogs Unyte. Skype add-on adds on add-on add-ons. Oh OK, so it’s a cool plug-in which provides collaborative working via desktop, document and application sharing. Remember this is Skype we’re talking about, not some obtuse geek VNC hack. Pretty neat tech if it works as advertised. Free for beta.

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Free Software January 5, 2006 posted by

Free Skype recorder.

PowerGramo lets you record your Skype calls. Incoming, outgoing, sidetalking, the lot. All encrypted. There’s a free version and also a Pro for $19.95.  PowerGramo is a powerful realtime recording solution for Skype. You can record and replay any Skype call easily and simply. Record incoming calls, outgoing calls or both. Save your recorded calls securely Share your calls with friends Get started in less than 3 minutes! Totally free for download Best of all, all recordings are securely encrypted….

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Free Software January 2, 2006 posted by

ScanR scanner.

ScanR. Turn your camera phone into a scanner, copier or fax. Take photo of document or whiteboard, MMS it to ScanR, receive back a cleaned up PDF ready for action. In free beta at the moment (US only). Hmm….interesting but dangerous….?  Here are some of the ways people use scanR: 1. Keep digital copies of checks they write 2. Email signed expense reports 3. Send notes to meeting attendees 4. Fax a contract while on the road 5. Save whiteboard…

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