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Free Software June 29, 2007 posted by

Fuller Screen – turn Firefox into a Powerpoint clone

The Fuller Screen Firefox extension gives you a total scroll, status and nav bar free browser screen for those who desperately need all the monitor real estate they can grab. It also provides a slide show feature which, if you are willing to mess about with CSS and HTML a fair bit, will give you basic Powerpoint type functionality from within the browser. Quite clever really.  This extension enhances the Full Screen mode into a really full screen mode, hiding…

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Bookmark This! June 27, 2007 posted by

Online Games Toolbar – your life wasted…forever

The Online Games Toolbar is a browser add-on for Firefox and IE which gives you a full menu listing of just about every major games service on the Web. Quick games, classic games, Flash, Java, you name it, you’ll find it from here in a couple of clicks. The one thing it desperately needs, however, is some sort of Top 20 chart to help you choose out of the thousands of games out there. Most of the stuff is free,…

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Free Software June 26, 2007 posted by

AceMoney Lite – free software tracks where the money’s at

AceMoney Lite is a free ‘personal finance manager’. Of course that doesn’t mean that a nice looking chap with sensible shoes will turn up on your doorstep once you download the program, but it does suggest that you will be able to organise, budget and track your household expenses in any of 14 languages. And good luck with that, eh?  AceMoney Lite is a freeware personal finance manager. It has all the features of its big brother except multiple accounts management….

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cool tech June 21, 2007 posted by

iTunes Sync and pPod – a little bit of Apple turnover

Want to replicate the whole iPod experience without actually having to own one? Then download and install pPod as the music player on your Pocket PC phone, and use the free iTunes Sync to sync up your iTunes account to the memory card of the phone via a memory card reader. Voila – playlists, funkadelic player interfaces and everythang! And all for free (except the charges for the iTunes catalogue of course). There’s also a free Mac sync proggie called SyncTunes which is worth remembering….

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Bizarre June 20, 2007 posted by

Turn your Pocket PC into a Tricorder – it’s life Jim…

The Tricorder program for Pocket PCs. Walk up to unsuspecting colleagues at work, point your phone at them and giggle as strange Star Trek type noises play and witty lines such as ‘carbon based entity’ appear on your screen. Look summer’s coming OK, no-one wants to seriously spend time working when the sun’s out. Oh and if you really want to go the whole hog, download the free Yoda Ringtone Pack (‘mmm…message from the Dark Side there is…’) and Original Tricorder Media Player Skin as well….

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Free Software June 13, 2007 posted by

Free BBC comedies download – laugh with Auntie for ‘nowt

The folk at are offering a promotional free of charge Best of BBC Comedy audio download for your further listening pleasure. It contains an hour’s worth of audio clips from programmes such as Blackadder, The Goon Show, Fawlty Towers and Monty Python. OK, so it’s audio and not video and there’s a registration requirement, but hey, it’s free right?  Here’s your opportunity to enjoy the brilliance of the BBC’s comedy library for nothing. YES you heard right, absolutely FREE!!! There are all the…

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Bookmark This! June 12, 2007 posted by

Vamp Media Center – organise your multimedia for free

Vamp Media Center is a freeware ‘peer to peer multimedia playground’,  program which turns out to be a pretty extensive media organiser. You can play, arrange, mix and share your media with friends and family, as well as create calendars, screensavers, music/video greetings, wallpapers and photo albums. The interface is just a tad old fashioned, but it’s actually not a bad program generally, in a sort of 1990s multimedia explosion kind of way. Check it out.  VAMP is a free, non-commercial…

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Free Software June 11, 2007 posted by

TinyCD – the smallest Windows CD player in existence?

TinyCD. Billed as the smallest Windows CD player in existence. You think?  This is intended to be a highly simple, no-frills CD player. If you want a more sophisticated one, there are plenty out there that will mow the lawn, walk the dog, play chess, and trade stock on the Nasdaq and the NYSE. But if you want a simple, easy-to-use player, this is for you. To play a CD, open the program, put in a CD, and hit the…

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Free Software June 8, 2007 posted by

Slide 2 Unlock – iPhone your boring phone

Slide 2 Unlock. Why should these Apple chappies have all the touch screen finger sliding fun with their brand new iPhone thingy? This tiny freeware program will give your Pocket PC a ‘slide to unlock’ interface that Mr Jobs hisself would envy. Just slide…and use. Slide….and use. See, how simple is that? There is however, no guarantees that this will make you look any cooler down the local bar, or help you locate a pizza parlour in downtown Cupertino.  …

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Bookmark This! June 8, 2007 posted by

WeFi – make friends and connect

WeFi is a WiFi sharing community. Download the software and get connected to others in your sharing, caring community, map hotspots and otherwise cavort on the net waves. It’s in a closed beta at the moment, which means pretty small coverage, but who knows, one day…?  WeFi makes WiFi easy. Our software makes it easy for you to find and connect to WiFi networks. With WeFi, each user contributes to the rest of the community by using the client and…

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Free Software June 7, 2007 posted by

Total Video Converter – convert videos for free, we dare you

Total Video Converter is a free [apologies, not free!] video conversion program rather like Super. It also contains a Photo Slideshow function which will convert your fave images into a slideshow with music, transitions and all the glitz. Haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on our list of things to do before we reach puberty.  Total Video Converter is a total solution for video conversion which supports reading, playing lots of video and audio formats and converting them to popular…

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Free Software June 4, 2007 posted by

Yod’M 3D – cube based desktop manager for Windows

Yod’m 3D is a Windows desktop manager which sports one of those swivel cube interfaces so beloved of…well…interface designers. It probably has no real advantage over just switching desktops using a task bar icon, but there’s no question that it looks cooler all round. One for intrepid interface adventurers?  Yod’m 3D is a virtual desktop manager with the fashionable effect : the cube Tags: yod’m, 3d+windows+interface

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Bookmark This! May 25, 2007 posted by

The Live CD List – Linux in all its different instant flavours

Nick Brand’s LiveCD List is an absolutely humungous online list of all the different flavours of Live Linux (i.e. Linux which you can boot directly from a CD). There’s a wealth of information here as well. Reviews, downloads, Wikipedia entries on each type and a voting system. It’s a fabulous resource and a must visit if you’ve ever thought about dabbling with Linux on that old machine lying in the corner. Bookmark it. Tags: livecd, linux

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cool tech May 23, 2007 posted by

Scratch – a kind of lego assembly kit for code

Scratch is an interactive programming project that lets you create animated items and share them with others. The editor is a downloadable program, so it’s not completely online, but there’s a pretty strong community aspect to the website anyway. It has the feel of an educational experiment about it, but will probably keep an 8 year old happy for a while, once they understand the interface. Worth a look.  Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to…

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