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Free Software April 5, 2007 posted by

UndercoverXP – free CD and DVD cover maker

UndercoverXP is free CD and DVD cover maker. It also does inlays and CD labels, although it looks as though you have to do most of the image manipulation before you import the image into the program. It’s not bad in fact, and worth a download if you’re in the need for such a beastie, especially since it’s available in a pretty impressive 24 languages.  UndercoverXP is a free program to easily print CD and DVD covers. It supports JPEG,…

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Free Software April 4, 2007 posted by

3CX Phone System – free PBX phone software

The folk at 3CX have decided to give away 100,000 copies of their 3CX Phone System for Windows product. It’s basically a computer based IP PBX system which provides a SIP VoIP system for your office. You need any more acronyms contact them directly, we’re done here.  Get free IP PBX / SIP server software and set-up a professional phone system that allows you to create extensions, transfer calls, and extend low cost VOIP services to all users. Best of all…

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Free Software April 3, 2007 posted by

Steem Engine – free Atari emulator for Windows and Linux

Steem Engine is a free Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux. Got any old Atari games lying around you want to rediscover? [Via Metafilter]   Steem is a Freeware Atari STE emulator for Windows and Linux. It is being updated regularly and runs almost every ST program ever made without any problems. Steem is designed to be easy to use and has many unique features. Whether you want to run great old games, use MIDI apps just like you…

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Bookmark This! April 2, 2007 posted by

HTTP Tunnel – break out of that firewall prison

HTTP-Tunnel is a free tool designed to let you surf and use your Internet applications even if you are sitting behind a restrictive firewall at work, school or wherever. It’s one of those utilities that could come in useful if you suddenly find yourself working for Fascist Corp. Inc.  Stuck behind a firewall? Don’t Want To Be Monitored? Use HTTP-Tunnel! HTTP-Tunnel acts as a socks server, allowing you to use your Internet applications safely despite restrictive firewalls and/or you not…

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Free Software March 28, 2007 posted by

200 free PC games – download and enjoy

Can’t find anything interesting to play on your computer? How about checking out this neat list of over 200 free games for the PC? Not just boring old Windows card games either. Nice.  Who says you have to pay to get good games? Here’s a list of over 200 free PC games for your enjoyment! Many work on Linux and OS X, too. Tags: freeware, pc+games, games

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Free Software March 23, 2007 posted by

Thunderbird – an email client triumph

So I’ve just taken the plunge and installed the Open Source Thunderbird email client as a replacement for my Outlook Express program. Before you snigger, I’ve stayed with OE for this long because I have a whole email process built up around it. Over 12,000 messages, stored in a huge number of folders and sub-folders, all linked together to improve my working day. So why the move? Because I was hit by a virus the other day (and no I…

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Free Software March 22, 2007 posted by

Emoze – the free email BlackBerry killer?

Emoze is a new free email and PIM push service that works on just about any Microsoft or Symbian powered smartphone or PDA. The key fact is that unlike other mobile email programs, this one supports push, in other words you don’t have to log in, the software sends your messages to you as they arrive at the server. What’s more they claim to outstrip BlackBerrys for speed of delivery. And did we mention that it’s free? Which makes it…

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Free Software March 20, 2007 posted by

OnShare – yet another IM and file sharing

OnShare is another in the growing line of file sharing and chat applications. It seems to have all the right ingredients, although again a lack of support for Mac which makes it not as useful as it could be. Worth a look.  OnShare’s pioneering technology lets you reach into your friends’ computer, grab whatever you want and use it just as if it were on your own computer. And, if you have more than one computer, you can easily share…

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Free Software March 12, 2007 posted by

SysMetrix – super cool dashboard tool

SysMetrix is one gorgeous freeware tool from Nicholas Decker which offers a desktop clock, system info and totally useful dashboard widget all rolled into one. it’s skinnable, and can monitor and report on ‘hundreds of statistics’. Oh yes.  SysMetrix is a skinnable clock and metering application. Its purpose is to provide system metrics in a variety of interesting, useful, and cool ways. It can monitor and report on the hundreds of statistics… Tags: desktop+widget, pc+clock, dashboard, freeware

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Free Software March 9, 2007 posted by

CampCaster – open source radio station software

CampCaster. Fancy setting up your own radio station? A real radio station, not Internet? Then you might want to take a look at this bit of Open Source software which gives you all the live and automated broadcast features you might need to make it all sing.  Campcaster is an open source radio management application for use by both small and large radio stations (yes, real radio stations, not internet radio) to schedule radio shows. It provides both live studio…

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cool tech March 9, 2007 posted by

OpenCourseWare – education for free

OpenCourseWare is collaborative effort between 100 or more educational bodies which aims to share educational materials under an open (i.e. free of charge and restriction) licence. That’s pretty cool.  An OpenCourseWare is a free and open digital publication of high quality university-level teaching materials – including syllabi, lecture notes, assignments, and exams – organized as courses. OpenCourseWare (OCW) initiatives typically do not provide a degree, credit or certification, or access to instructors. The materials are made available under open licenses,…

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Free Software March 7, 2007 posted by

TypeFaster typing tutor – zip, ding, rattle rattle

So you’re fed up with hunting and pecking on your keyboard like some bedraggled pigeon, but you’re too cheap to splash out on the rather excellent Mavis Beacon? Well try the TypeFaster Typing Tutor and see how you go. It’s free, it’s Open Source, it’s multi-user and supports various languages even.  This free typing tutor teaches you how to touch-type. Once you can touch-type you will not need to look at the keyboard to find the letters you want to…

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cool tech March 1, 2007 posted by

Move Tracks – create your road trip playlist using iTunes and Google Maps

Move Tracks is so clearly a ‘wow, what a cool idea’ project. Basically it’s a mashup between iTunes and Google Maps which lets you create a playlist for your journey based on the time the trip will take and the tracks you choose. Set the route, select the audio tracks and press Send, and the playlist will be created and installed in iTunes ready for synching. Still a bit rough and ready, but definitely a ‘cool app’ in every sense of the word. You’ll…

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Bookmark This! February 23, 2007 posted by

Digital Book Index – 90,000 free and low cost e-books

The Digital Book Index is a storehouse of over 90,000 free and low cost e-books for browsing and download. The ‘Browse by Subjects’ feature is the awesomest best way to access it all. And no, you won’t find the latest Harry Potter here, but you will find lots of really cool stuff (like 3500 children’s books and stories). Check out the free uBook PC e-book reader as well. [Via Metafilter]  Digital Book Index provides links to more than 130,000 title…

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