1 Million Free And Legal Music Tracks (Bands Offering Mp3s)

wwwwithoutaknifecom 400x337 Without a Knife Without a Knife
The music of Drew Blackard. Accoustic demos, live recordings and free streams.
mp3html 420x337 biosphere biosphere
Norway's ambient pioneer presents a vast collection of his music comissioned for art-installations etc.
wwwChaseRockcom 400x337 Free Rock Music Videos Free Rock Music Videos
Looking for the "Fight for Freedom" Music Video? Here it is! Also other Free Rock Music Videos and Mp3's
wwwwithoutaknifecom 400x337 Drew Blackard Drew Blackard
Without A Knife offers up free acoustic downloads and streams of the music of Drew Blackard.
wwwritualistikcom 400x337 Ritualistik Ritualistik
Ritualistik is a unique experimental psy trance artist from Melbourne, Australia. All songs are downloadable in high quality ogg vorbis format.
wwwdean18com 400x337 dean18 dean18
dean18 has an original sound that comes from many different musical influences from Elvis Costello to Talking Heads to Moby to the Beatles. Each song is unique but incorporates different musical textures that explore different pop styles in new ways. Different without being weird (O.K. sometimes a little weird).
lanarkcomar 420x337 Lanark Lanark
Experimental musiko. Free CC licensed music by Lanark, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
index englishhtm 420x337 Bell X 1 Bell X-1
Download Bell X-1's first album for free: instrumental music with atmospheric atmosphere, hypnotic loops, samples, aerial arpeggios and noisy guitars.
wwwthewoodsmennet 420x337 The Woodsmen The Woodsmen
Free internet music's best kept secret. All original music that defies description. Download 5 full albums for free in mp3 format from this mighty band.
wwwwckrspgtcom 420x337 Wckr Spgt Wckr Spgt
Ground-breaking Indie Legends from Southern California. Entire catalog (1982 - now) available for download. 1000s of original dada-like punk and rock songs.
wwwtomfoxnet 420x337 Tom Fox Tom Fox
Free music downloads from UK singer songwriter Tom Fox, an artist with eclectic soul, pop, rnb, disco, smooth jazz and acid jazz influences.
jeffharringtonorg 400x337 Jeff Harrington Jeff Harrington
Bizarre electronic and funky classical music by noted Brooklyn composer, Jeff Harrington. Large scale piano pieces, chamber pieces, experimental electronic, microtonal and ambient - all mp3's freely available most also with accompanying PDF scores. "Harrington is the most intriguing new figure I've discovered on the Web..." Kyle Gann, Village Voice, July 7, 1999
wwwprojectargocom 420x337 LP Project Argo LP Project Argo
LP has been pushing the envelope of forward-thinking electronic dance music since rave culture was barely beyond its infancy. Since that time, thousands of excited fans have born witness to the spectacle that is their live performance. LP represents a unique and refreshing blend of energetic progressive house, trance, and break beat.
wwwbraymusiccom 420x337 Bray Bray
Bray, an R&B artist from California, offers his entire catalog for download/streaming here.


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