1 Million Free And Legal Music Tracks (Mega Portals)

wwwaltsoundscom 400x337 Altsounds Altsounds
Community site that hosts alternative (or independent) artist content. Tracks provided free streams and/or downloads, but with a brutally up front user rating system which filters good from bad. Great place fo find new music.
indexphp 420x337 Soundlift Soundlift
Independent music portal, nice design, lots of cool music, which can be streamed or downloaded. Play full album is a nice touch. Definitely worth a visit.
wwwpurevolumecom 420x337 Purevolume Purevolume
Tens of thousand of tracks available for free download and streaming. Run by self-proclaimed indie fans to fill the hole left by mp3.com. Lovely design, great selection, awesome site all round. A fabulous resource.
netlabels 420x337 Netlabels Netlabels
Massive selection of free albums (and thousands of tracks) from various 'net labels', all gathered under the one roof courtesy of the Internet Archive. Worth a look indeed!
wwwartistopiacom 420x337 Artistopia Artistopia
Artistopia offers music artists and songwriters a platform to collaborate on musical projects with industry professionals. [Update: Not actually that impressive nowadays in terms of music content though.]
wwwgaragebandcom 420x337 Garageband Garageband
Massive selection of indie and unsigned music to play and download. You won't find major label stuff here, but there's some great music available anyway. Part of the iLike/MySpace empire.
free music 400x337 MP3.COM Free Music MP3.COM Free Music
Great grand-daddy of all music sites, subsequently ruined by CNET. But BIG NEWS folks, it's back! The site has been completely revamped and now offers real genuine stream and downloadable tracks across a wide range of genres. Mostly indie label type stuff, with the occasional major label artist thrown in as a teaser. Powered by Last.fm.
en 400x337 Jamendo Jamendo
33,000 albums for free streaming and download, across a wide range of genres. Creative Commons licenses, available in 7 languages, very cool indeed.
+free music downloads 400x337 Last FM Downloads Last FM Downloads
Last FM, as well as providing streaming music, also offer free MP3 downloads galore. A massive selection of major name tracks are on offer, so go grab some.
rcrdlblcom 420x337 rcrdlbl rcrdlbl
Site features around 25,000 free tracks for streaming and download, almost all from 'emerging artists' and suchlike. The site also features the occasional mainstream artist like Moby and Massive Attack, but pitches itself strictly as a talent spotter. Worth a look!
6clvqu 400x337 Amazon Amazon
Yep Amazon! Few people realise that Amazon has offered free MP3 downloads for a long while. Since the advent of their new iTunes rival however, they've made it harder to find the free stuff in one place, so it's buried under the deep link we supply here. Sort by Price to bring all the free stuff to the top of the pile. Great selection of free tracks.
wwwsoundclickcom 400x337 Soundclick Soundclick
We're talking 3.79 million songs, from over 400,000 artists, all available to stream or buy. There's also a huge selection of free download tracks too. Arranged tastefully in chart format. Comes with some naff pop up ads though!)
wwwmyspacecom 400x337 MySpace MySpace
No wait, come back! Really it's a NEW IMPROVED MySpace like you've never seen before. A huge selection of streaming tracks, although unfortunately no free downloads only purchase. The radio feature is cool though.


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