1 Million Free And Legal Music Tracks (Review Sites)

greatsongsfreecom 420x337 Great Songs Free Great Songs Free
Some excellent tunes from indie artists for free and legal download. [Be prepared to navigate around a large amount of Google adverts in order to get access to the tunes, but nice selection nevertheless. Red].
wwwunsignedbandwebcom 400x337 unsignedbandweb.com unsignedbandweb.com
A music community site featuring artists from all genres and nations. Hifi and Lofi streams and downloads from a very large number of genres.
www75orlesscom 420x337 75orless.com 75orless.com
New music reviews in 75 words of less. Mostly indie rock but hip hop and electronic are also common.
betterpropagandacom 420x337 betterPropaganda.com betterPropaganda.com
This is a good indie music review site. They have well-written reviews and interviews with various artists. There is a free mp3 download for just about every band that they profile. Oh, and the music they choose is, IMHO, very good.
wwwpitchforkmediacom 420x337 pitchforkmedia.com pitchforkmedia.com
Not brilliant. Site mostly full of reviews. Looks good and may be useful to find new stuff, but the downloads are kind of poor and placements are paid ads.
wwwgaragebandcom 420x337 garageband.com garageband.com
Again focus is on being a peer review site, which makes it more difficult to find tracks to download, as you're reliant on the views of a community to 'bubble' stuff to the surface of the charts. 'Update:' OK, on review I'm probably being a little unfair here. There's certainly a goodly selection of music (100,000 tracks) to stream and download, and the quality is definitely better than random download sites. Well worth a visit! Also see above!
wwwwarrorg 420x337 warr.org warr.org
Wilson and Alroy's Record Reviews. Don't let the site's simple appearance fool you. This site is a wealth of thousands of album reviews encompassing popular music from today back to the 1950s. Wilson & Alroy, a pair of self proclaimed "rock 'n' roll super dweebs" go into a huge amount of depth and precision in picking apart some of the best (and worst) albums, and best of all, back up their opinions. An excellent and engrossing site.
www3hivecom 420x337 3hive.com 3hive.com
Six different authors scour the web for the best free and legal music and write a brief review. A new band is posted every day. [Update: Nice design, nice selection of songs, blog format. Well worth a look! Red.]


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