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EA Sims Online goes free of charge – classic multiplayer game gets freeware play mode

simsonline small EA Sims Online goes free of charge   classic multiplayer game gets freeware play mode

Sims Online Free. Ooh, Electronic Arts has released a free version of the classic Sims Online game. If you’ve been living on Mars for a while, The Sims is one of the biggest game franchises on the planet, and the online version, which used to cost $9.99 a month, was notable for some pretty cool visuals and unique gameplay.

simsonline2 EA Sims Online goes free of charge   classic multiplayer game gets freeware play mode

Well the developers have now re-jigged the code, updated it all and re-released it in both free and pay to play versions. The pay per month version gives you money and more space than the free version, but the free version lets you upload your own stuff and earn money from other players in certain areas. There’s even a Facebook avatar app, an iGoogle gadget, and custom widgets for all you social network wonks to keep track of what’s going on in your city.

simsonline3 small EA Sims Online goes free of charge   classic multiplayer game gets freeware play mode

Here’s the beginner’s guide for you to ogle as you download the 1 GB plus game files. I had trouble starting up the game after download (it’s very beta and very test mode and all that), in which case go to Options after you click on the game start shortcut – make sure to choose the updated patch shortcut because the core files are constantly changing at the moment – and select ‘Fix/Repair’ or whatever it’s called to check and repair the game files. It’ll then do an update and load up.

It’s fun!

 EA-Land is a game that evolves every week. Every Wednesday we stop the game for a few hours and add new features before restarting it. There is a constant stream of features regularly added to the game – in this we differ from other games which add more features just once a year. We believe this makes the game more interesting, and it helps the community stay closer to the development team, giving the community more control on the evolution of the game. Since August 2007, we have updated the game 22 times, skipping only the Thanskgiving and year-end Holidays. So, don’t expect a static game, but an ‘evolving’ game and get involved!

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  • Um ya hey where can i downlaod it?! when i go to the site EA-Land .com and i click on downlaod it goes to can not find page!

  • Any reason why they shut down the site? Like seriously .. Cmon' i would really like to play [: hehe. Not to sound greedy or anything.I want to find out what experiences are involved with playing multiplayer in stead of single player and interacting with characters YOU make. I would like to see how it would be with other people that actually MAKE their own characters and interact with you :)! Any-idea when the website is coming back up?

    • dogsoffour

      The game got closed for good, not temporarily. Unless by some small chance they release a Sims Online 2, then never.



    • hahaha

      well darlen you wont in this lifetime…

  • Ruth

    Hey does any one know how 2 play EA sims online for free?

  • khanyi

    i want to play

  • Annoymous

    Calling for programmers/coders, This needs to be tweaked, run on a new server, kill the credit card feature, make it new, copyrights you fear? most of us dl torrentz files and use p2p programs, whats one more step? EA chucked this, Spread the word everybody, somebody's gotta hear or see this!
    By the way, wont get a response, Mailies bogus. Pass it on.. Start a revolution.

  • tracy

    if anyones got an ipod touch or iphone you can download it onto one of those two, and it only cost .99 cents its the full version and graphics are awsome

  • Sarah Smith

    I NEED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    please someone tell me how to download the sims online its urgent

  • David Pless

    dang it why didn't i find this sooner!!

  • Yeah! Back to old days! – Great! I Will give it a try!

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