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Winter Wake Up app rouses you earlier when it has snowed [Daily Freeware]

winter wake up Winter Wake Up app rouses you earlier when it has snowed [Daily Freeware]

It never fails. You forget to check the weather, and your alarm goes off in the morning at the same time as always. Then you get up, grab a cup of coffee and look out the window to see it. Snow. Lots and lots of snow. Quickly, you throw on your clothes, pull on your boots, gloves and hat, and grab the shovel, in hopes of getting your driveway cleared before you have to leave. And even if you manage to get all of that done, you’re still late to work because of the bad roads. Wouldn’t it be great if your alarm was smart enough to wake you up early when it snows? Now it can.

Thanks to the Winter Wake Up app, you can be sure that you’re ahead of the curve when there’s snow on the ground. The app keeps an eye on your location, and checks the weather in your area. If it detects that there has been frost or snow overnight, it will wake you up a bit earlier, so you can clear your driveway and scrape off your car. You can choose just how early you want to be woken up for each of these events. And if the weather is too bad, you can choose to not be woken up at all. Though I would use that setting with caution unless you have a really cool boss. This free app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

 Winter Wake Up app rouses you earlier when it has snowed [Daily Freeware]

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