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eBook Glue lets you turn your blog into an eBook for free

ebookglue eBook Glue lets you turn your blog into an eBook for free

If you want to exercise your brain a little, try working out why there would be a demand to convert a digital online version of a book – commonly called a blog – into an offline digital version which you can only read on a specific device – commonly called an eBook Reader. Once you’ve done that come back to us for part two of the quiz.

In the meantime, we’re going to introduce EBook Glue, a free online service which converts anybody’s blog, or more specifically the RSS feed of their blog, into a ePub or .mobi eBook, which can be loaded and read on any eBook reader, including Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

ebookglue2 eBook Glue lets you turn your blog into an eBook for free

The process is easy as chips. Just grab the web address of your blog’s RSS feed (which you can usually find by clicking on the little icon in the browser address bar)

rss eBook Glue lets you turn your blog into an eBook for free

Once you’ve got the address, pop it into the Share box on the site, and within a few minutes you’ll be given a download link to grab your choice of eBook format. We discovered that it won’t re-purpose all your posts, which is probably a good thing with our 20,000 posts over the past 13 years, but it does deliver the latest couple of hundred or so.

We can’t think of many great reasons to do this, apart from showing your cookery blog to your tech challenged grandmother on your Kindle, but there must be more ideas out there. Worth a look.

Nigel is the managing editor of the Red Ferret, as well as a freelance columnist for the Sunday Times newspaper in London. Loves tech and fancies himself as a bit of a futurist, but then don’t we all?

Nigel – who has written posts on The Red Ferret Journal.

  • AC01

    I've been wanting something like this for quite awhile. Two small issues. First, it makes the ebook in order of newest post first. Wish it could sort oldest first, so you could start a blog from the "beginning." Second, it only does the most recent posts. Wish there was an option to do "all posts." Any one know of a tool like that, to turn a blog into an ebook that reads from the blogs beginning, and includes all posts? This is so close, but those two things make it not quite the thing.

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