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Senz Stealth Umbrella is going under the radar of wind and rain

Senz Stealth Umbrella Senz Stealth Umbrella is going under the radar of wind and rain
Have you ever faced a day that was so full of rain and wind that it turned your umbrella inside out? Not only is that instance embarrassing but also terrifying, as you just know that one of those little end points is going to poke you in the eye. Even the most expensive umbrella in the world is subject to this issue, but there are those out there that believe they are made of tougher stuff.

The Senz Stealth Umbrella has taken the shape of a stealth bomber to make sure that wind will glide over it, rather than trying to turn it up. It has a very odd shape, and hopefully won’t be used within close proximity of other people, otherwise you’ll be nudging every person within a 2 foot radius when you turn. In addition to being able to take on anywhere from 40-70 MPH gales, it has rounded ends on the struts so you won’t have to jab yourself with the ends that poke out anymore. You’ll have the option of the compact size, which is $62, or the full length which runs around $78 if you’re interested. The only foreseeable issue is that the winds are supposed to be coming head-on for this to be effective, which means it might not be so grand if the direction of a blast of wind changes.

 Senz Stealth Umbrella is going under the radar of wind and rain

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