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You can’t have a balcony BBQ without the Handrail Grill

Bruce Balkongrill 1200x1200 You cant have a balcony BBQ without the Handrail Grill

Not everyone enjoys going to a park for a cookout. Too many people, too much noise, and dogs stealing your hamburger can be quite the deterrent. If you’d rather just enjoy the BBQ aspect of summer in peace and quiet at home, then you’ll want a grill. If you only have a balcony of space though, you’re not going to want to take up the whole walkway with a clunky metal container.

The BBQ Bruce Handrail Grill will make it so you can cook outside without taking up too much space on your terrace. It is constructed of stainless steel, and is not particularly large. Measuring in at only 16X18.5×58.5cm, you won’t be able to cook nearly as much, but if you aren’t the partying type, maybe that’s a good thing? It’ll cost around $76, and would be lovely for those that live in a crowded city area and don’t have a backyard.

 You cant have a balcony BBQ without the Handrail Grill

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  • flybinder

    The basic design, is okay, all in all. However, for the price of nearly $80.00, for nothing more than a sheet metal box”, it seems a bit pricey.
    Looking at the products site, there does appear to be a flat,fitted,lid of some sort, for this BBQ,but its design seems to be that it’s only used..when you’re not using the unit to cook.
    So, with the slit vents along the bottom edge, and with no useable lid, this thing could become a “blow torch”, under your food, very quickly!
    It needs some sort of top/lid/covering, in order to control heat and cooking speeds. Also, it has no backing plate of any kind, so the area where you might hang this thing, is going to become a “greasy mess” in no time. Doubly true, if hung on a wood rail deck, or wall mounted, as shown.
    Nor, would I ever hang this thing on the side of a building, if the place you wish to hang it is wood.
    With no way to control heat, and/or, flare ups,(because of no useable lid), and after time, the wood behind the unit becomes a greasy mess…….that’s a perfect recipe for an “instant fire”.

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