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Billboard Water Generator – Turning air into drinkable water

Billboard Water Generator Billboard Water Generator   Turning air into drinkable water

Some places in the world don’t get nearly enough water from Mother Nature to survive, and wells don’t offer much relief if they are stagnant or polluted. Too bad we can’t just take water from the air to give these people. Oh wait. We can.

Lima, Peru gets a whopping 0.51 inches of rain annually, which isn’t nearly enough to provide the people in the area with the life-giving water they need. Fortunately, the University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC) came up with the Billboard Water Generator.

While Lima doesn’t get much rain, the humidity is about 98%, meaning there’s a lot of moisture in the air. UTEC created a billboard that uses generators to capture that moisture and run it through a reverse osmosis system to create drinkable water. Within three months, the billboard had already produced approximately 2,496.42 gallons of drinking water, equaling the water consumption of hundreds of families per month.

There’s no word on the expenses associated with the billboard water generator, but it could completely change the lives of people in the drier parts of the world, provided the humidity is high enough in those areas.

Hopefully, we’ll see more technology like this in the future.

 Billboard Water Generator   Turning air into drinkable water

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