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Fizzsaver – save your soda so you can savor it

fizzsaver big Fizzsaver – save your soda so you can savor it

There’s possibly nothing worse than reaching into a fridge for a nice cold glass of soda, pouring it and finding out that it’s gone totally flat on you. Then you have to hate drink it in disgust while you stare angrily at the bottle. Fizzsaver wants to save you from ever having to drink flat soda again.

Fizzsaver is a simple device that attaches directly onto your 2 liter soda bottle. It keeps the bottle in a permanent downward position and you dispense the soda through a tap. Side note, isn’t drinking out of a tap just so much better? Like ice tea from a bottle, fine. Ice tea from a tap, OMG so fancy and fun!

This isn’t actually revolutionary, storing soda pop bottles upside down once they’ve been opened is an old trick. The gas rises to the top so it won’t escape through the open lids. With the Fitz Saver, it will hold the bottle upside down for you and keep you from having to flip it over. The Fizz saver is $9.95.

 Fizzsaver – save your soda so you can savor it

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