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Locking cigarette case.

lockingcigarettecase small Locking cigarette case.

The Locking Cigarette Case. Look, forget about gum, patches, hypnotism and the like, what you really really need in order to give up the dreaded weed is a locking cigarette case which only opens on set timed intervals. At last, an excuse to enslave yourself to the machine. I, for one, welcome our new cigarette hating overlords. $35.00.

 Locking cigarette case.

Red – who has written posts on The Red Ferret Journal.

  • Tony

    What a waste of $35. A pack of smokes locked to someone josing for a ciggarett will just make them buy a new pack. Or bum one from someone else. Take it from me, it took me forever to quit.

  • anon

    Yeah…smoking is for the weak. Like buddy says above, they would just jones out and fiend for another on…harassing their friends or cheating by taking more than one out at a time…
    Glad I never got hooked on that nicotine thing….

  • smoke some DRUGS instead.

  • Barbara Schick

    I’d like to know where to buy the locking cigarette case….Thanks,

  • Red

    Hi Barbara, I’m afraid that I’m not sure. I suggest that you go to the site in the link and ask there. I see that the product has disappeared now, so maybe you need to email to find out more (hopefully they have someone there who can speak English!). Cheers.

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  • Joe

    If enybody knows where to buy this locking cigarette case it would really be apprecieted.
    As from the enswer from red, go play with youself you jerk. By the way this is my idea from 20 yrs ago.

  • martia29

    i tried many things to quit smoking and found the Locking Cigarette Case helped me.
    i bought it on this site:
    just mail them in english and you'll receive a quick answer + they ship fast.
    hope that helps.

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