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Right SED Fred.

sedtv small1 Right SED Fred.

Apparently the next chapter in flat screen technology is called Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Display or SED. So look out for it on a shelf sometime in the 2007s. What’s good? Well it combines the contrast, responsiveness and image sharpness of conventional CRT with the power efficiency, larger sizes and slim shape of LCD or plasma. Sigh. Start saving now. More here.

 Right SED Fred.

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  • Dysfunksional.Monkey

    Stuff it all. I’m going back to reading. Cheaper, and paper doesn’t change much.

  • Red

    Reuters, London, Date: 18/01/06. Researchers today announced that a new type of re-usable paper has been invented which will require all previous versions to be upgraded. The paper, which comes in small white packets, is claimed to have medicinal properties and is capable of curing the common cold….

  • Anonymous

    Holy flat screen, batman. 20 years of development and they aren’t even in production? Yikes. I’d hate to see the ROI on that!

  • JustMe

    You’ll see the ROI… as soon as you buy one of these!

  • Dave
  • Red

    I think you’ll find the ROI will be ‘gimme your cash, lots of it. NOW!’. Oh and Dave, that’s the last link in my original post, but thanks for the thought anyway. :-)

  • Lena

    SED is the easiest way to do FED technology.(there are couple of ways to do it such as; spind, BSD, CNT and SED)
    Canon is leading SED cuz they know how to print.
    by using other ways, screen can be better and much clear than SED.
    You are hungry so Canon’s food seems delicious but sometime, you have to wait for well done food.

  • Red

    Thanks Lena, any pointers to more detailed information on FED? :-)

  • Any HD Buffs out there? CRT still beats the hell out of any/all digital technologies (LCD,DLP,LCOS) in terms of Contrast, Black Level and Greyscale. But they big, ugly, burn-in, and are big, ugly, burn-in…

    This basically brings us back to the CRT technology on the digital front. One “CRT” aka “SED” per pixel. And that’s the deal with these babies… Shweet.


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