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Keylogger killer

KL-Detector is a freeware program which promises to find out whether your keystrokes are being surreptitiously monitored by a keylogger without your knowledge. It won’t remove a keylogger, just detect it. It’s one of those utilities you hope you’ll never need, but worth keeping a note of just in case, eh? [Check out I Hate Keyloggers too. It’s $30.00 and prevents hardware or software keyloggers from recording your keystrokes by blocking the log file.]

 Use KL-Detector to find out whether your activity is being recorded without your knowledge. It is designed to be able to detect all keyloggers. And it’s free.

 Keylogger killer

Red – who has written posts on The Red Ferret Journal.

  • “prevents hardware or software keyloggers”

    Any software will only be able to detect software keyloggers.
    You’ll have to physically find a hardware keylogger yourself.

  • Red

    Ah, yes I read that. But I was assuming that even if it can’t *detect* the hardware keylogger, it can prevent the log file from being written? Is that wrong?

  • Gerrard

    Guess it isn’t detecting, blocking or anyhow affecting hardware keyloggers. It is really impossible nowadays by software means.

    Donnow how this one works but I’ve seen a similar product – PrivacyKeyboard. It uses protected virtual keyboard techniques to secure sensitive information from hardware keyloggers.

    By the way, liked this app. It seems to detect everything that intercepts information.


  • I’ve used it before, it works quite simply: “It works by scanning your local hard disk for any log file created during the monitoring process. Most keyloggers will eventually save the recorded data into a location in the hard disk. KL-Detector will inform you of such log file.” It takes a bit of work but the results should be clear.

  • Red

    Ah thanks Peter, that gives a bit of a clue. I was wondering whether some hardware keyloggers store their logs on the device itself, but maybe that’s not practical?

  • Yes, hardware keyloggers can store the data on the device itself, but for home users, unless you have strange men from eastern europe asking to put devices on your computer, this shouldn’t be a problem. If one is worried about hardware keyloggers at work, remember that in most countries, your employer has the right to know everything you use your work computer for anyhow.

  • Red

    Thanks for the feedback Gerrard. :-)

  • Peter Is any tools or method to trace Hardware Keylogger.

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