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Alive Video Wallpaper is the first HD live video wallpaper for Android which doesn’t suck [Freeware]

There’s a bunch of live wallpaper apps out there for Android, which typically come with a variety of different features and formats. Some are little more than animated slide-shows, others deliver pitifully low resolution video or stutter badly in operation. But to date there’s been no real ‘practical’ video wallpaper product which didn’t suck up all your phone’s processing power or battery life.

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Awesome June 22, 2012 posted by

The brilliant Airdroid integrates your smartphone and laptop browser to deliver real awesomeness [Freeware]

The smartphone is starting to push traditional computing aside, simply because a handset is generally more convenient to use than a cumbersome laptop (and let’s not even mention desktop PCs, where are they now?). Of course you can’t do everything with a phone, but you can definitely handle most of the communication tasks, like email and instant messaging (WhatsApp = total awesome!), as well as things like location searching and simple information browsing. But there are times when it would be really useful…

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Awesome June 19, 2012 posted by

10 superb Android apps that will make your smartphone photos sizzle [Freeware]

If you’re one of those who are convinced that smartphone photos are destined to forever remain washed out, blurry, flash destroyed disasters, think again. The latest breed of high resolution phone cameras has spurred on a new generation of apps designed to take advantage of all that lovely power and glory. These free apps promise to banish bad flash day and herald a new dawn of sophisticated DSLR functionality which almost – but not quite – could be mistaken for…

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Mini X Android TV Box converts your television into an Android Smart TV

Right now it’s no good just having yourself a television, it’s got to be a smart one. What that means, of course, varies from person to person. To your old Aunt Agatha it probably means it’s got a fancy remote control. To your geek mate, nothing less than a Dilythium powered 70 inch will do. But for the rest of us mere mortals, ‘smart’ tends to indicate an ability to connect to the Internet in some way.

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Survival Guide makes your smartphone a lifesaver [Freeware]

Never mind the hassles of fighting your way through department store sales day, you never know when things could get really rough. Like, eat or be eaten rough. And when that day comes you’re going to need a friend close by who can stop you doing stupid, and ensure that you have at least a fighting chance of surviving one night without peril.

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Free Software May 11, 2012 posted by

GO Launcher EX completely customises the look and feel of your Android phone [Freeware]

One of the most powerful features of the Android operating system, which many people don’t know, is the fact that you’re not restricted to the user interface that your mobile provider embeds on your handset. Unlike certain other systems…cough…iOS…cough… Android gives you the flexibility to tweak and customise everything from the Home screen to the icons and beyond. Ultimately, of course, you can do away with the stock system and replace it completely with a new version of your choosing, like the…

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Basket Buddy and Smoopa are great for bargain hunters, but not for retailers

Rather like using dynamite to fish in a lake, bargain hunting is becoming something of a killer sport, and the writhing creatures on the end of the line are the retailers, struggling to balance lower margins with increased price competition. Of course it’s technology that’s changing the odds in favor of the consumer, and a couple of new mobile apps are pointing the way to the future.

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Awesome April 13, 2012 posted by

The amazing AfterFocus gives your smartphone gorgeous camera skills [Daily Freeware]

The smartphone camera has come a long long way since the launch of the Nokia 7650 in 2002, which is generally thought to be the first mass market camera phone in the world. Back in those days everyone was astonished at the quality of the photos the phone took, even if actually they were really rather awful. It was a PHONE for goodness sake! [Nokia 7650 image –  Wikimedia]

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announcement April 12, 2012 posted by

The Red Ferret now on Google Currents for iPad, Android tablets, and more…

Google Currents, the tablet and smartphone formatted feed reader app has just gone international, and in celebration The Red Ferret is now published on the Google Currents platform. This means you lucky readers with the money to buy iPads and assorted tablet type toys (and smartphones) will be able to read us in magazine style, with a cool funky layout and everything. The only gripe we’ve got with the app is the fact that the titles aren’t live links, which means…

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World’s first Rate A Politician app may be the democratic answer we’ve been waiting for

Ask a lot of people around the Western world and they’ll tell you loud and long, just how much they dislike politicians, politics and the unhealthy direction the corporate state is moving in. The trouble is that most people feel powerless to change things, and even when there’s a chance to vote, it doesn’t seem to make a difference at all.

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Awesome March 29, 2012 posted by

Maxthon for Android is the smartphone browser you’ve been waiting for [Daily Freeware]

I recently spent time gushing over the new Maxthon 3 desktop web browser in our Firefox alternatives post earlier this month, and the more I use it, the more impressed I get. It’s incredibly fast, uses very little memory (and with zero memory leak) and has a ton of really useful features built in. It also keeps my laptop running around 20 degrees cooler than Firefox, especially with lots of tabs open. Something to do with CPU load I guess.

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