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Bookmark This! November 28, 2017 posted by – check out this resource for Bitcoins

In the last few days, Bitcoin started to hit $10,000 mark in some markets which is an insane financial boom. It’s growing exponentially and shows no signs of stopping. If only we had purchased some in 2010, when there was still time. Anyway, if you have no idea what I’m talking about or you’re curious about how you can get into the game, check out this list of Bitcoin resources.

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Gadgets November 6, 2017 posted by

Mopnado – the cleaner mop alternative

Mops are really gross but they do get floors clean. If you haven’t ditched the classic style for a Swiffer yet, then you’re dedicated but you probably see some room for improvement with how we use the old tools. Are you tried of bending over to wring yours out? Worried that you’re just slushing gross water around? I know I am. If so, then check out the Mopnado, the new spin on wet mopping.

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Mopnado – the cleaner mop alternative