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Basket Buddy and Smoopa are great for bargain hunters, but not for retailers

Rather like using dynamite to fish in a lake, bargain hunting is becoming something of a killer sport, and the writhing creatures on the end of the line are the retailers, struggling to balance lower margins with increased price competition. Of course it’s technology that’s changing the odds in favor of the consumer, and a couple of new mobile apps are pointing the way to the future.

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How Many lets you instantly calculate the true cost of the gadget you’re buying [Daily Freeware]

Here’s the problem. Money. It’s become far too abstract. Not only is it usually dispensed via bits of colored plastic, or transferred from place to place in digital bits and byte, but we have lost sight of the true value of the things we buy. Rather like our governments, we’re divorced from the reality of our spendthrift ways. Well no more.

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announcement April 12, 2012 posted by

The Red Ferret now on Google Currents for iPad, Android tablets, and more…

Google Currents, the tablet and smartphone formatted feed reader app has just gone international, and in celebration The Red Ferret is now published on the Google Currents platform. This means you lucky readers with the money to buy iPads and assorted tablet type toys (and smartphones) will be able to read us in magazine style, with a cool funky layout and everything. The only gripe we’ve got with the app is the fact that the titles aren’t live links, which means…

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