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Gadgets September 20, 2018

ZipStitch – zip your wounds

If you’re an active person, you may get injuries while you’re far, far away from any sort of medical care. Sometimes these require stitches which can be troublesome if the hospital is way out of range. If this is a worry you have, then check out the ZipStitch, the stitches alternative for those times you can’t make it to the ER for care.

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ZipStitch – zip your wounds
Gadgets September 20, 2018

Flexy Paw – get your doggo to sit still for photos

There’s nothing like cute pictures of your pets to really liven up your life. The only problem is that pets, especially dogs, are pretty easily distracted by, well, everything. If you want to get better pictures of your doggo to show off, check out the Flexy Paw, the little attachment that will keep your dog in place so you can snap a photo.

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Flexy Paw – get your doggo to sit still for photos

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