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Gadgets August 25, 2006 posted by


The SafariPod iPod Dock. Hand carved from succulent, renewable tropical woods from Kenya by indigenous skilled craftsmen. Each one different. So who could resist a pitch like that, eh? Prices from $79.99.  Our carvers all work in Ukunda, Kenya, a small town on the tropical Indian Ocean coast. The dozens of men working on SafariPod products all earn better wages than they have ever earned. And, their families have advantages now that they never previously enjoyed. It is the appreciation…

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retro August 25, 2006 posted by

Retro Wooden Music Center.

Leetac Nostalgic Wooden Music Center. Are we missing the point here, or is $49.99 something of a pretty hot bargain price for a retro music center with all the trimmings? Stereo draw loading CD player, 3 speed turntable for all your Supertramp vinyl classics and an AM/FM tuner. Man you must be paying $15.00 for that fancy brass lookin’ dial alone, no?   Your portal to the past! This nostalgic wooden music center features a CD player, function-select turntable and AM/FM tuner, so…

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Free Software August 25, 2006 posted by

Firefox Video Downloader Extension.

Man, you gotta just keep loving Firefox and the developer community doncha? The new Video Downloader Extension puts a button on your Firefox bar which lets you download any YouTube, iFilm, MetaCafe, Google Video or whatever other multimedia material you can find out there, from over 60 different sites. Including MP3, Quicktime etc. It’s an absolutely superb extension, so grab grab grab it. And if you want the icing on the cake, just use SUPER to convert the footage to any other format (to…

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hmm..interesting August 25, 2006 posted by

New Sky TiVO type service coming?

Interesting snippet from a chat I was having with a Sky person the other day. Apparently all new Sky+ HD PVR boxes are being shipped with 300 GB hard disks inside, of which only 160 GB is available to the user. When pressed to suggest why, the spokesperson vaguely but significantly suggested that the Sky service might soon add some kind of TiVo like functionality, where the system automatically recommends and downloads content to the second partition for you based on your…

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announcement August 25, 2006 posted by

Our first T!

Whooo-eee! The Ferret has sold its first T-Shirt. Black. So c’mon Peter, wherever you’re from, send us a photo of you wearing it and we’ll feature it on the gallery for all the world to see. Or put it on yer cat, we’re not proud! Wheeeee!  You have to understand children, it’s not the *selling* of the T-Shirt that counts (let’s face it, we’re never going to out merchandise Disney now, are we?), it’s the fact that someone actually wants…

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Gadgets August 24, 2006 posted by

The Tub Speaker.

The Tub Speaker. Stick your iPod or inferior non-white audio player on the top, plug in and listen to yer music without sticking things in ear holes. $50.00.  Easily enjoy rich-sounding music from your iPod or any MP3 player. All-in-one tub speaker system works via any MP3 player’s 3.5mm aux jack—even your iPod! Simply plug in and two powerful speaker drivers deliver rich audio—easy-to-use volume and power control button. Rubberized feet keep it steady and the design is just plain…

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Reviews August 24, 2006 posted by

The Death of the Dentist’s Drill?

Back in 2002 we reported on a new technology called HealOzone that promised to do away with dentist’s drills. The article in New Scientist reported – A painless ozone gas treatment for tooth decay could replace injections, drilling and fillings, say its inventors at Queen’s University, Belfast. Four years on and the treatment is available worldwide, although it still hasn’t been fully endorsed by the dental authorities. Nevertheless, in the spirit of adventurous blogging, I decided to try it out and see…

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Gadgets August 24, 2006 posted by

R/C Pool CleanerToy.

The Radio Controlled Pool Cleaner Catamaran. How genius is this? A pool cleaner that doubles up as a kid’s toy? Give that marketing man a medal. $139.99.  The Jet Net Remote-Control Pool Skimmer removes all kinds of debris from your swimming pool’s surface, such as leaves and bugs, but this pool net is one you’ll actually enjoy using: This remote-control catamaran does all the work while you skim the pool from up to 100 feet away. Enjoy the sun in your…

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Bizarre August 24, 2006 posted by

The Hitler Cross Restaurant.

The Hitler Cross Restaurant in Mumbai, India comes complete with tasteful photos of the dictator adorning the walls. Words fail… [Via Little Green Footballs]  “I have no sympathy for Adolf Hitler. The name was just chosen because it seemed so radically different from any other restaurant name. I don’t understand why no one has raised objections to at least a dozen such brand names,” 26-year-old managing director Punit Sabhlok said. Furiously rattling off the names of kid’s fashion labels, liquor brands…

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Gadgets August 24, 2006 posted by

It’s a radio, man.

The Authentic Radiomann Kit. Recreate your very own German radio set, complete with vacuum tubes, coils, antenna, capacitors and other super geeky electri-wiz stuff. Receives Medium and Shortwave broadcasts, but don’t hold out too much hope for KTVW 94.7 The Wave, will ya? $119.95.  Unlike other kits, the Radiomann allows hobbyists to assemble an updated version of the original and conduct over 30 educational radio experiments (including Morse Code reception, feedback manipulation, and seeking overseas transmissions) not typically available to radio…

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Mobile Tech August 24, 2006 posted by


AvantiMobile. Least cost routing software for mobile phones which makes sure your calls go through the cheapest route. Of course in this case it’s only their own network, but it’s nice to see this kind of software appear. Hopefully one day soon we’ll get a program that will automatically route calls through any one of a number of cheap services. Worth keeping an eye on this stuff.   Avanti is an advanced service automatically accessed from your mobile phone to…

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Gadgets August 23, 2006 posted by

Photo Frame Watch.

The Digital Photo Frame Watch. Watch, calendar, USB and…ahem…digital photo frame with slide show function. Holds BMP, GIF, JPG, TIFF and PNG. But with 256 KB of flash memory we’re not talking panoramic shots of your vacation are we? More like a couple of snaps of the taxi to the airport. Still, it’s an intriguing idea for kids, no?

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Fun & Games August 23, 2006 posted by

Sudoku Toilet Paper.

Sudoku Toilet Paper. Well it makes absolutely perfect sense, doesn’t it? But at $10.00 a roll, it definitely stays on the bottom of my Xmas list. Oh yes.   The worlds first Sudoku Toilet Roll Paper is now available for toilets in homes and offices. Pull down the roll and start filling in the sudoku puzzles. Easy to play, just complete the grid so each row, each column and each 3 by 3 box contains the numbers 1 to 9. Great…

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cool tech August 23, 2006 posted by

The Odor Recorder.

The Odor Recorder. It may not look like much now, but this machine is probably the first smell recorder in the world. Now close your eyes and imagine a world where we routinely transmit smells from place to place. Where restaurants can send you the smell of their menu while you’re ordering a take-out online. The trick apparently lies in digitizing the components of the smell and recreating them at the other end.  The principle of the odor recorder peroformance is as follows….

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Bookmark This! August 23, 2006 posted by

10 [more] Cool New Web 2.0 Apps.

OK, just to prove how hip we are here at Ferret Towers, herewith a new set of Web 2.0 online apps/services to delight your palates. Bubble, what bubble? Omgili. Search engine for forums. Naff name, genius site. Rminder. Voice & txt reminders to your mobile. Syncs with online calendars too! Neat. LiTha-Paint. Web based drawing service. Can you feel the artist in you? WikiDot. Nicely crafted wiki community site with lots of cool features. Pando. Very cool P2P file sending application…

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