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hardware December 31, 2007 posted by

Zonbu Notebook – hassle free computing goes mobile

Zonbu Notebook. We first featured the Zonbu, zero-maintenance computer earlier this year and now they’ve launched a notebook version. It’s not as cheap as the original micro-machine, but comes with the same ‘instant replacement for life’ scheme, green credentials, automatic data backup onto Amazon S3 and a bunch of useful software loaded on the hard disk. Prices range from $279.00 with a $14.95 monthly comprehensive service plan up to $479.00 all in.  Free replacement Zonbu device. As long as you are a subscriber…

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Rondee – free phone conferencing done with much coolness

Rondee is a very cool new telephone conferencing service which offers a super simple interface and instant conference calls between multiple users. There’s a nice slick scheduling feature which automatically emails the attendees with conference timings, as well as a simple user ID system. It’s unfortunately US only at the moment, but still a great example of the genre.    Rondee was started because existing teleconferencing systems either charge high fees or aren’t easy to use # Besides being free, Rondee…

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Gadgets December 29, 2007 posted by

Zoombak GPS Dog or Car Locator – Assisted GPS to the rescue…

Zoombak GPS Locator. Assisted GPS, 2.5 ounces, 5 day standby battery, water resistant. Different models for cars or dogs provides web and SMS location reports if your asset wanders out of the garage or kennel without you. Cute name, reasonable price. $199.00 for the dog model, $249.99 for car. [Via Gizmag]  Our small, lightweight, water-resistant locator attaches comfortably to your dog’s collar with a durable and secure pouch. You can pinpoint your dog’s location on-demand via, mobile phone or…

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Fun & Games December 28, 2007 posted by

Magic Teaspoon – remember, there is no spoon…

A section of the Magic Teaspoon handle is made of Nitinol (NIckel TItanium Naval Ordnance Laboratory, or shape memory metal) and is set to bend through 90 degrees when placed under a hot tap (or into a cup of tea). Just the thing to amaze the girls and get all that retro Uri Geller love, eh? £23.99/$50.38.  Offer someone this teaspoon to stir their tea – as soon as they dip it into the hot liquid, the spoon bends through 90 degrees!…To…

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Megapixel myth busted at last – more doesn’t mean better…!

The folk at have come out with a pretty coherent argument against buying any compact digital camera over 6 megapixel. The reason? More megapixels don’t necessarily mean better image quality. Of course regular Ferret readers will know this already, but it bears repeating.  Quite a while ago we noticed that the image quality of digital cameras was getting worse instead of better. The reason is that today’s sensors are divided into more and therefore smaller pixels. We want to…

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Gadgets December 25, 2007 posted by

Mix Tape USB drive – retro new classic brings romance into the 20th century…oops

The USB Mix Tape takes the old classic mix cassette to a new level. Just record all your choice tracks onto the supplied 64MB USB stick (1 hour of music see, just like the 60s) and pop it into the handy retro styled cassette case complete with your liner notes and loving words. Clever eh? £19.95.  This 64MB memory stick sits in a cool presentation case that looks just like an ancient cassette. Simply USB the stick into your computer,…

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announcement December 24, 2007 posted by

Reduced posting – something calls us away from our duties…

Fellow earth travellers, we’re going to be on a reduced posting schedule for a few days now. If you’re not sure why, please feel free to switch off your computer, open the front door and sample the seasonal delights of real life. In the meantime please enjoy yourself with this fun games advent calendar [Via Metafilter] Tags: xmas+cheer, happy+holidays

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cool tech December 24, 2007 posted by

Aptera 300 mpg EV gets an outing – we eat a little humble pie

So the Aptera Typ-1 EV vehicle (we hesitate to call it a car) has actually made prototype stage, and with a video? We’re kind of humbled. We’re not eating our hats just yet – because there’s a whole universe between prototype and production (just ask Tesla Motors) – but we’re impressed it’s got this far. Good luck guys. Tags: aptera+typ1, ev, ecological

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reprise December 23, 2007 posted by

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy. AdReady – create and run your very own banner ad campaign quickly and easily – AdReady. The latest in a growing… Hotspot Shield – WiFi security software provides useful anonymous proxy effect too – Hotspot Shield from Anchor Free is… My Red Ferret city – ridiculous thing… – My Mini City, Red Ferret, is now… Remote Controlled Tea Lights – flicker, flicker, snuff,…

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cool tech December 22, 2007 posted by

Micro Stainless Steel Camcorder – 5.4 megapixel and DVD quality footage

The Micro Stainless Steel Digital Camcorder looks a little like a Zippo flame lighter from a distance. Of course we know it’s not, because it won’t set your wood ablaze. It will however take some video footage for you, and store it on an SD memory card. Comes with a built in flash, rechargeable battery and a rather low price. $149.99.  The entire casing is made from very solid stainless steel and feels great in your hand. The screen is a…

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cool tech December 21, 2007 posted by

Cyba-Lite Wind Up Lanterns – free light from muscle power

Cyba-Lite Lantern. Cute collapsible LED lanterns for camping which give you 10 minutes of light for every 1 minute of winding. In case you get tired easily, it will also charge up from a solar panel or cigarette lighter socket in the car. Very lean, very green. £29.99.  This wind-up lantern has 15 LEDs, which do not burn out like traditional bulbs. The unit is designed for easy storage and transport, with the lens section collapsing inside the main body…

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