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but is it art? March 31, 2008 posted by

Milk – the cool white Danish computer table with pretensions

OK so the Milk Computer Table is sleek, white and very Scandinavian in design. It also comes with an adjustable centre leg to ensure it’s at your perfect height, a nice cable tidy system, an integral trash can and..ahem…what we assume is an optional aquarium. Price as yet unavailable, which we assume means they’re trying to cost up the profit on a slab of white MDF without making it seem too obscene.   Tags: milk, computer+table, office+furniture

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Keychain Universal TV Remote Control – small but perfectly channelized

Keychain Universal TV Remote Control. We’ve seen this type of product before of course, but can’t remember seeing a version with so many jolly useful buttons. And multi-coloured too. This is technology at its finest, peeps, truly it is. £1.96.  Are you worrying about not finding the suitable TV Remote Control when hurry to watch a football game? Magic Mini Universal TV Remote Control KeyChain will solve your problem. Portable, lightweight, and convenient for you to take with your keychain….

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Diary Shower Curtain – grab that inspiration while it’s hot. And wet.

Diary Shower Curtain. One of those ‘now why didn’t I think of that?’ products. And then straight afterwards you go…ah that’s why. Anyway, it’s a shower curtain…look I don’t need to go through all this do I? Good. £12.95.  Just like its papery counterpart the Diary Shower Curtain has a space for every day of the year, but unlike a regular diary you’re unlikely to lose it down the sofa or leave it in the pub – unless you decide to wear it…

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Styleshake – ladies, design and produce your own dress and show off a little

StyleShake is the ultimate custom tailored, DIY dress-making service. Choose your fabric and colours, input your measurements, throw together some components and bingo, your very own designer label fashion statement. Yowsers! The site claims to turn around designs in 10 days, so you can be flaunting quicker than you can say ‘that’ll do nicely’.  The attention to detail and care taken with everything we make is significant. Whenever we can, we use ‘babylock’ stitching for the interior stitching of the…

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Awesome March 31, 2008 posted by

The Music Collection Generator – five tools for creating a great free music collection

The music industry wants to tax us for using our Internet connection? How quaint. Wasn’t there a protest about that sort of thing a while back? Oh yes, ‘no taxation without representation.’ That’s it. Anyhoo, while they’re trying desperately to retrieve a dead and gone business model, teh internets is moving on apace as ever. Here’s a set of tools which are perfect for building (or recreating even) your perfect music collection. First off you’ll need the most excellent Orbit Downloader. This freeware program…

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opinion piece March 31, 2008 posted by

Calls to boycott Amazon over greedy, bully-boy tactics on POD

original picture I’m a fan of the company, so count me stunned that Amazon is about to destroy the print on demand business by forcing writers and publishers to use the expensive Amazon owned BookSurge POD service. Those who don’t will not be able to sell their titles through the Amazon direct service (only via the 2nd tier marketplace). This seems to me to be a disgusting abuse of Amazon’s market position and just plain nasty greedy. Sure people can sell their book elsewhere, but the main…

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reprise March 30, 2008 posted by

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy. Clownsuits – search tools for hard to find files and stuff – Apparently there is now… Mac Pride Pin – say it loud, say it proud… – Mac Pride Pin. Vintage Apple… Network Magic – at last an awesomely easy way to manage your home wireless network – Network Magic is one of those… Pop Songs For Kids – happy clappy fun time…

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Awesome March 29, 2008 posted by

Dean Kamen’s Slingshot water purifier and Stirling generator tech – low cost water and power for the developing world

Dean Kamen has unveiled the latest iteration of his power and water package for the third world. The two components are a water purifier called Slingshot that uses a fraction of the power of alternatives and a Stirling engine based power generator that works on cow dung. The $1500 water purifier will produce 1000 liters of water a day, while the $3,700 generator produces around 1 kW, which is enough to deliver light to a small village. The two products…

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Gadgets March 28, 2008 posted by

Micro Temp Digital Thermometer – keychain sized gizmo helps out with those hot or nots

Micro Temp Digital Thermometer. This keychain sized digital thermometer is designed to give you a fast readout of the temperature of any surface at the push of a button. It’s accurate to within 4.5 degrees F, which should be enough to tell whether your laptop is really about to explode or if it’s just a case of toasty tech in action. $24.95.  By measuring infrared radiation, the MicroTemp thermometer can tell you the temperature of any surface with the touch of a…

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Gadgets March 28, 2008 posted by

Nostalgia Hot Air Popcord Maker – retro tabletop popper for family fun

Nostalgia Hot Air Popcorn Maker. This plastic street corner popcorn maker replica is probably donkey’s years old, but I still love it. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s shiny red, healthy (hot air popper) and produces my fave snack. The only downside is the 15 minute wait between batches, which is seriously too long when there’s major munching to be done. Ah well. $24.99.  A plastic replica of the familiar, old-fashioned, street-corner popcorn stand, this delightful tabletop-size electric popper…

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Persida Lapsac – cute, innovative and useful laptop bag

Persida Lapsac. We don’t do laptop bags on the Ferret any more. Because…well because they’re generally boring. Dull. This one is an exception though. Nice elegant and unobtrusive design, which has padded protection and a conventional shoulder bag motif which is refreshing. Proves it can be done, eh? Bet it’s heavy when fully loaded though! $58.00.  This tote is roomy enough to double as a purse (really, why carry two bags at once?) and is so comfortable it can be worn…

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Weewar & Starcraft – a couple of fun online games for your enjoyment today

Weewar. Cute little turn based strategy game. You get nice little pixel armies to move around, and lots of tools to help you keep up with the gameplay over days of play. I’m not much of a turn based player myself, prefer the RTS style of something like StarCraft FA3 or StarCraft FA5. But hey, it’s Friday. Live and let live, eh? Tags: weewar, online+game, starcraft+flash+action

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DIY $5.00 fisheye lens for your camera – roll your own warped photos on the cheap

DIY $5.00 Fisheye Lens. This clever video tutorial runs through the process of making a cheapo fisheye lens using nothing more than a door peephole security devices, some craft foam and PVC pipe. The results are what you’d expect – the images look like you’re looking through the door at a visitor, but hey, it’s very very inexpensive, OK? You can also make a wide angle version using a different model of the peephole. [Thanks Gerry] Tags: diy+fisheye+lens, gadget, video

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Free Software March 28, 2008 posted by

Smart Shutdown – free instant shut down button for Windows

Smart Shutdown is a freeware Windows utility that lets you shut down your computer with one button click. There’s a bunch of configurations you can set up, including timed close down, reboots and hibernation. Nice one for the toolbox.   The program is based on an easy 1-2-3 interface and has an immense number of shutdown options. It allows you to shut down, log off, reboot, lock, turn off, hibernate, disconnect from the Internet or network, enter standby mode in Windows,…

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