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Gadgets March 24, 2008 posted by

Black Nokia N95 8GB clone – anything we can do, they can do better…

Just to show that there’s no hard feelings, Mr Apple, here’s a new Black 8 GB Nokia N95 clone phone on sale in the Philippines for a mere $161.35. Comes with twin cameras (one is 2 megapixel), dual slide out for the music player and keypad, MicroSD, MP3/4 and Bluetooth. I’m sure it’s incredibly well made (I think the caps lock key is broken on their clone Dell laptop too!)  MOST LATEST N95 BLACK 8 GIG CLONE HAS JUST ARRIVED!…

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Mobile Tech March 24, 2008 posted by

SlideIT – new text entry on your mobile phone goes slide happy

SlideIT. New text entry program for mobile phones looks like it could be useful (and fast at 50 wpm). Instead of tapping you slide your words out. Kind of like Clint Eastwood. Without the gun. $40.00  SlideIT is a breakthrough, speedy and intuitive way to write text on touch screen enabled devices. Instead of the current method of tapping each letter on the screen, the user points to the first letter of a word and slides the stylus to the…

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reprise March 23, 2008 posted by

Ferret posts this week

Here’s a quick round-up of Ferrety posts from the past week for anyone who missed them. Enjoy. Taaz – online makeover tools get Web 2.0…er…makeover – Taaz. A new women’s makeover… vCard – the digital business card that thinks it’s a video player – vCard. Er…this is a… USB Lightshow Stick – wave hello to your friends with a light touch – USB LightShow Stick. What has 32… HTC Touch Cruise vs Nokia 6110 Navigator – HTC Touch Cruise GPS…

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Gadgets March 22, 2008 posted by

DigitalRise M600i Mobile Phone Watch – touchscreen, Bluetooth, MP3, 1.3 mp camera…whoooey

DigitalRise M600i Mobile Phone Watch. Take an ordinary photo of it sitting on a desk and it looks normal, does it not? But place it on a wrist and we see the true horror of carry around the mark of the beast. This is a BIG watch. Still, we’re talking a dual band, Bluetooth enabled, 1.3 megapixel camera phone with touchscreen, vibrate, voice and handwriting recognition, video and MP3 audio recording and a TFlash memory card slot supporting up to 2…

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but is it art? March 21, 2008 posted by

Rolleiflex MiniDigi – now with extra pixels

Rolleiflex MiniDigi. The venerable, innovative and definitely quirkily retro DigiMini has had an upgrade to 3 megapixels (5 megapixels interpolated), autofocus and a 1.1 inch TFT viewfinder screen. Moving at light speed this bunch, aren’t they? Maybe by 2015 they’ll have a 7 megapixel version and we’ll all be able to die happy. But hey, snark aside, it’s a lovely little thing. And that cute top down viewfinder and wind up retro shooting action is just sooooo cool. £399.00.  …

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Gadgets March 21, 2008 posted by

XTools – the floating toolkit

XTools. Er…it’s a floating toolkit. Yeah we know what you’re thinking, why on earth would they waste time and money…um…painting them blue. But heck, that’s better than red, right? Oh the floating? Well we reckon they’re really designed for close up repair work on them thar crustaceans. Lobsters and the like. Makes sense when you think about it. Nurse, the needle please. Around $63.99 for the base kit. [Thanks Dan]     Tags: gadget, xtools, floating+toolkit

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huh..? March 21, 2008 posted by

P.I.C.C. – up to 5 times the gas mileage…or your camel back

The P.I.C.C. (or Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter) system is a ‘breakthrough’ in automotive engineering folks. That’s right bring your chairs closer while we describe how our scientific testing has ‘led us to believe’ that the mileage of all personal vehicles will increase to over 100 miles per gallon. Oh we can hear you scoff and chuckle, but you’ll see Mr & Mrs Cynic, you’ll see. Why even now, we’re well on the way to perfecting our Hydro-Assist Fuel Cell which will…

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Awesome March 21, 2008 posted by

Slicethepie – or how to bind the fan and artist ever closer together and make money

Slicethepie. I’ve been banging on about Sellaband for a while now, but I’ve got to say that this effort knocks it out of the park. Again it’s a new style artist label community play, but with some lovely features and significant differences to the Sellaband model. For a start, this bunch don’t take away the artists publishing or copyright (Sellaband take away the publishing rights on every track they help produce). It’s a smallish point, but important. Secondly, the interaction and…

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Bookmark This! March 21, 2008 posted by

Video Flip and Rotate – free video tweaking software quickly and cleanly puts things right

t Video Flip and Rotate. Nice little freeware tool that helps you beat the rotated video blues you get when using those tiny phone or digicam video cameras. It’ll handle the normal .avi and .mpg formats and works fast and cleanly. Small files convert quickly and the file size doesn’t grow hugely (around 24% which is reasonable considering). All in all one of those tools that could turn out indispensable one day. By the way, one new thing I really…

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diy March 20, 2008 posted by

DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Kit – [insert clever Obi-Wan joke here…]

DIY Star Wars Lightsaber Kit. Well if you’re ever going to be a true Star Wars nerd, you’ll need to invest a serious 5 minutes clipping together this lightsaber kit so you can then truthfully say, ‘uh yeah, I built it myself’ while waving it around at the next convention. Makes sense, no? $99.99.  This Saber Kit is just what you need to build your custom saber. One main saber unit with a tri-color blade (flip a switch and choose red, green,…

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Gadgets March 20, 2008 posted by

5-in-1 Gadget Pen – versatile, useful and shiny shiny silver

5–in-1 Gadget Pen. It’s a pen (duh), laser pointer, mini LED flashlight, UV bank note checker and a stylus. Oh and a bit of a geek fashion statement if you ask us, which you didn’t. $11.00.  5 in 1 Gagdet Pen allows you to write conveniently in the dark. It also has a stylus for you to use on PDAs, mobile phones or even to play NDS. It also consists of red laser pointer and bank note checker, too. It is…

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Gadgets March 20, 2008 posted by

11 Button Multimedia Mouse – click, click and then click some more…

11 Button Multimedia Mouse. It’s coming to a pretty pass when your computer mouse has more buttons than your shirt, eh? Apparently there’s Internet, Play, Pause, speed, page this way and that, and one for summoning a pizza. Nah, we lied about that one. But it should be there. Really. $14.99.  Adjust your speed in 1 stick (Speed in 800 / 1200 / 1600 / 2000dpi) – Master most multi-media functons with you mouse – Ergonomics – USB 2.0 /…

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Bookmark This! March 20, 2008 posted by

Vzaar – free video adverts for your eBay listings

Vzaar is a free video player application which you can use to embed videos in your eBay auction listings. It’s an obvious application when you think about it, so should come as no surprise. They’ll need to keep on top of the scalability issues with hosting large numbers of videos, but it’s a decent idea all right. In fact it really sings with some items, like this Eric Clapton guitar. Weird name though, eh (video bazaar?)   Tags: vzaar, video, online+application, ebay

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